The Leafs Roster/Salary situation next season

I don’t know exactly where people get the idea that the Leafs have 20-25 million to throw around on free agents. I have taken a look at their situation, made a few reasonable guesses, and assessed their salary and what they likely have to spend. IN some cases, I am not positive about salaries or whether the player is under contract (Kronwall, Tellqvist?). My estimates on re-signings may be a bit high or low, but OVERALL, this should give a pretty accurate picture:

I have made the following assumptions/predictions about salaries and who will go/stay:

Belfour will be bought out (around 2 million)

Belak will not play, but is under contract for .665

Domi will retire or not play, but is under contract for 1.25

Kilger will be brought back, but will cost more like .750 than .45, and would be worth it, given his play this year. He is big, fast, plays hard and chips in some points. He is a good “supporting-cast / roleplayer” guy.

Lindros will be signed again, same type of contract, for 1.5 because that will be about his market value, still.

O’neill, Khavanov, Tucker, Ponikarovsky, Domi are under contract and will not be traded in the off-season and will therefore be on the team. (Assuming Domi doesn’t retire)

Wilm, Berg, Belak, Allison, Richardson, Antropov will not be re-signed (hopefully)

They will re-sign Stajan, Wellwood, Colaiacovo for about .85 each (Stajan and Colaiacovo make over .8 now)

They will re-sign Tellqvist for .5 (not sure if he is still under contract)

So our roster/budget will look something like this:

3.915 for players who won’t be playing (Belak, Belfour, Domi)

— New Goalie

.5 Tellqvist (under contract?)

4.25 Kaberle

1.25 Khavanov

.85 Colaiacovo

.45 one of Kronvall/Harrison/Wozniewski

.45 one of Kronvall/Harrison/Wozniewski

— #1 D-man

— #3/4 D-man

6.84 Sundin

1.596 Tucker

1.5 O’Neill

.7 Ponikarovsky

.75 Kilger

.72018 Steen

1.5 Lindros

.80 Stajan

.80 Wellwood

— Forward

— Forward

— Forward

So they have about 26.9 million tied up, give or take a couple million depending on signing amounts for Tellqvist(?), Stajan, Colaiacovo, Wellwood.

With that money, they need a New goalie, either a starter or a back up for Tellqvist, a number 1 D-man, 3 forwards

Assuming the cap goes to 42 million, and leaving room for injuries, and acquisitions, I would say they have around 11-13 million to spend on 6 players

I am guessing they re-sign McCabe (Ugh) at about 4.8… now they have about 6-8 million for 5 players.

THAT is why I am not hopeful that they can re-load through free agency this off-season. THAT is why this delusion that the Leafs have 20 million to go sign big-name free agents is ridiculous.

The Leafs will not be a playoff team next year either. The following year, they may have a LOT of money to spend, when they won’t be paying 3 million+ for people to sit, and won’t be paying almost 7 million for Sundin, 1.5 for an under-producing O’Neill.