The Love Guru Trailer!

Here’s the link for the new trailer for Mike Myers new movie “The Love Guru” (featuring the Toronto Maple Leafs):

The movie hasn’t been getting very good reviews, but to be honest, I’m still gunna catch it in theatres opening day. It stars Myers, Verne Troyer, Jessica Alba, and Justin Timberlake. Myers plays a “Love Guru” who is hired by the Leafs to get their star player to get back with his wife before the Stanley Cup finals.

Any thoughts about the movie?

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  1. HABSSTAR says:

    I hope it doesn't suck as much as the Leafs!

  2. arigold says:

    Myers is unreal, this movie is going to be amazing. 

  3. leafy says:

    If there's any justice in this world, this is going to sweep the Oscars in '09.  But the people who do the voting don't know squat about good movies.

  4. 08-09 says:

    my projected draft order:
    1) Stamkos, 2) Doughty, 3) Pieterangelo 4) Bogosian, 5) Beach, 6) Filatov 7) Schenn (leafs could really sure use Bogosian or Schenn), 8) Hodgson, 9) Wilson, 10) Boedeker, Boychuck, or Myers

    With 8 games left, the leafs must drop like a stone – away from the Oilers, Hawks, Caps, Panthers,  Blue Jackets – and towards the dismal duo of the Blues, Thrashers, Isles, Lightning and Kings. Again, i dont think that TB or LA will catch Toronto, but if the leafs finish 27th or 28th overall, the potential is still there to win the lottery, pick 2nd, 3rd, or at worst – 4th or 5th overall – and either trade up or draft a stud blueliner:
    @ buff – loss
    @ Ott – loss
    Boston – loss
    @ Boston – loss
    Montreal – win
    Buff – loss in OT
    Ott – loss
    @ montreal – loss in OT
    For a record of 34-36-12, 80 pts, 13th in the East and 27th overall (probably ahead of the Kings, Lightning and one of the Isles, Thrashers, or Blues).

    Again, as leaf fans, we'll be hoping that the Sabres and Bruins – battling for their playoff lives, will beat toronto in regulation each of the 5 times they play Toronto. Heck, even if the Habs or Sens beat the Leafs, they'd be doing the Toronto franchise a favour in terms of the long-term. That will go a LONG way in ensuring the Leafs getting a #1 blueliner or, potentially, a superstar forward.

    12. Washington    75     36     31     8      80
    11. Edm/Ana        74     37     32     5      79
    10. Fld/Nash         74    35     31     8       78
    9. Phoenix           74     36     33     5       77
    8. Chicago           74     35     32     7       77
    7. Columbus        74     33     30    11      77
    6. Toronto        74     33    31    10     76
    5. St. Louis          73     30     32     11    71
    4. NY Islanders    74     32     35      7     71
    3. Atlanta            76     31     37      8     70
    2. Tampa Bay      73     29     36      8     66
    1. Los Angeles     74     28     40      6     62

  5. 08-09 says:

    As far away as the leafs are from the top-5, the St. Louis Blues seem to be the most likely candidate to catch in terms of the leafs dropping into the top-5.

    Atlanta is sinking like a stone and could catch TB or even LA for that #1 or #2 spot. they are out of reach.

    The Isles appear to be tanking and without DiPietro, even this Nolan-coached squad looks like they'll be out of reach of the Leafs. That is why the Leafs victory was so costly to the Buds getting into the top-5 (the other scenario which looked promising heading into the third period was the Isles being one point back of the Buds).

    So with those four teams out of reach, the Blues, who have struggled lately, look like the team to catch simply because they have more games left (9) and because they ARE a better team than the previously mentioned 4 teams.

    If the leafs were to select today, they'd probably select 6th overall, be out of the lottery for Stamkos, but could either trade up for a higher pick or draft a guy like Luke Schenn, who i repeat is EXACTLY the kind of player the Leafs need in their organization. other options include Hodgson or Wilson (i think Beach and Filatov are too risky at this point).

    The Blue Jackets, Hawks, Coyotes, Panthers, Oilers, and Caps are all playing OK or very well so if the leafs could lose the bulk of their remaining games, they'd definitely get a top-6 pick and could hopefully 'catch' the Blues.

    Tonight we're hoping:
    the Blues beat the Sens
    the Panthers beat the Canes
    the Oilers beat the Canucks
    and Phoenix and LA go to OT.

  6. 08-09 says:

    oh, and if there are some positives about the leafs play since the deadline:

    – Kubina is raising his value as a tradeable commodity, he might not get a good return, but he IS tradeable.

    – Toskala is definitely #1 goalie material, we know that now. Now, either the leafs keep him for the next two years or he becomes a tradeable commodity as well (Edmonton a possible destination?)

    – Alex Steen has stepped up with the increased ice time he has been given. he may not be a first line player but he is proving to be a solid two-way forward who can contribute and is cheap. He is certainly not untradeable but he is proving his worth. Now the leafs just have to sign Stajan to a similar (but lesser) contract.

    – Kaberle hits 50 pts again this year. mr. consistency is now a point away from 400 pts for his career. Another vet to build around.

    – Coliacovo – despite his injuries – has certainly shown that he is a top-4 or a VERY good 3rd tier defenceman. Perhaps Kronvall gets the call tonight. He, along with Stralman, Coliacovo, and Kaberle should be the key players for the leafs on defence next season (along with a couple of other harder-nosed d-men: McLaren (in a possible trade with San Jose for Kubina?), Commodore? Jason Smith?).

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