The Mats Effect

Mats Sundin has been one of the best players in the NHL this season. He’s 5th in points, 12th in goals, and 18th in plus minus.

Its clear that this is a guy giving 110% every night…probably because he want to win the cup.

Problem is, he plays on a team satisfied with 50%For years I have always said the Leafs shouldn’t trade Mats Sundin. He’s the cornerstone of the franchise. And I still believe that if he left, the Leafs would fall apart.

So whats changed? Well now falling apart doesn’t look so bad. Last year the Leafs gave 100% most nights, kept the puck in front of them, and controlled the play. Now they never give 100%, can’t play 60 minutes, and rarely control the play…

Listening to Sundin talking to the media after the Boston game was like having your heart ripped out. He scored a fantastic goal, and played a fantastic game. But his team let him down.

The Leafs are already falling apart. Nobody on the team has UFA status next season, so nobody’s putting in that extra effort. Except for Sundin.

Sundin deserves to play on a team playing like he is. Fighting for playoff positioning, giving 110% every night. And the Leafs can’t offer that.

This puts the Leafs in 2 positions. Trade Sundin now to a contender, or let Sundin sign with another team in the Offseason. The latter being more likely.

Either way, its time for the Sundin Era to end in Toronto. The Leafs need a few years to rebuild, and Sundin needs a few chances to win the cup.

The best options for Sundin, in my oppinion, are Dallas, St. Louis, and Minnesota.

There he gets a good shot at winning the cup.

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  1. GoLeafs13 says:

    they are a lot like the habs, short european fags.

  2. GoLeafs13 says:

    r u *****ing stupid. leetch for all of that.  leetch is even older than the leafs organization.

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