The mistakes, and the jack pots of the leafs

I wanted to bring to everyones attention, the deadly mistakes the leafs management has made over the years. First i would like to point out Luca Cereda, where did this clown go? Martin Havlat was drafted 2 spots after him, that was a mistake. Nik Antropov was another one, Alex Tanguay was drafted 2 spots after Antropov. And(this one kills me)trading Brad Boyes, and Alyn McCauley for Owen “injury magnet” Nolan. Brad Boyes was 4-5 in rookie scoring this year! And last but not least, lets not forget about the Brian Leetch trade, Jarkko Imonnen one of NYR’s top prospects could have been a leaf by now, on our 1-2 lines, if it wasn’t for that trade, and lets not forget about maxim kondratiev, yep another rip off.

Honourable mentions: signing Gill, Antropov, Belak, and Ondrus. And Aquiring Andrew Raycroft, JFJ could have traded Rask for a winger for Sundin.

Now for the Jack Pots. Drafting Nikolai Kulemin, Matt Stajan, Alexander Steen, Justin Pogge, Robbie Earl, Jiri Tlusty, Phil Oreskovic, Kyle Wellwood, and Tomas Kaberle. Signing Pavel Kubina, Michael Peca, and was great. If you have anymore please tell me.

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  1. wingedim says:

    How about Kenny Johnson to bring back Wendel?

  2. Peca94 says:

    “this clown” has had heart problems like Pilar only worse, u fkin moron. He definatly had talent and its not managements fault he got sick. Ur a tool.

  3. Peca94 says:

    and how the hell is oreskovic a jackpot he will never play a game in the NHL he is slow and he takes tooo many penalties. Some of the other choices are also questionable. This was a dumb and useless post, thanx for nuthing jack@ss

  4. Peca94 says:

    P.S there were at least a handfull of other teams and GM’s that overlooked Havlat and Tanguay so why don’t u just complain about every other team as well, and the leafs are getting what they pay for in Ondrus he makes less than a mill so i dont see that as a horrible mistake, and furthermore Raycroft has yet to play a game as a leaf so how can u pass judgement on him now? Wouldnt u look like an even bigger idiot if he won 35+ games or even the Vezina….stranger things have happened…Kubina as a jackpot?? Kubina is getting the jackpot $5 Million?!?! are you kidding me i like this guy too but he hasn’t shown his value anymore than Raycroft and he gets payed $3 Million more……..AND FINALLY kulemin, pogge, earl, and tlusty could end-up being busts so i wouldnt declare them as joackpots so soon, sure they look good but so did alexander daigle…then again u probably werent born when Daigle was drafted.

    I do agree with the boyes/mccauley for nolan trade though…that was disgraceful then again hindsite is 20/20

  5. wingedim says:

    somebody’s cat piss in their cheerios this morning?

  6. GoalJudge says:

    First of all, you must be young. So we won’t overabuse you for the ignorance of youth.

    I am a leafs fan, and I hate having to defend them. Especially when I slag them myself. So it is a little extreme for me to defend them.

    The one MAJOR thing you are overlooking is this;

    Prior to the lockout and new CBA the LEAFS had the largest warchest in the NHL. An whose spending habits were only outdone by Detroit and Rangers. They let this talent go because if they didn’t draft a breakout star, then they could deal or buy a veteran.

    Making yet again another cup run.

    LEAFS fans always criticize the team for making this deal or that. Or not making this deal or that, usually ones which are only rumour from places like this from somebodies over-eager mind on a “whip-it” frenzy.

    I’ll not deny they have squandered talent, or made some bad moves, but then there are two things to say to that.

    1) Hindsight is 20/20. Nolan didn’t look so bad in his first game in blue and white, and everyone was on the wagon, instantly.

    2) The St. John’s Leafs were on the EAST coast in NEWFOUNDLAND. NEWFOUNDLAND!!! Think about it, a team puts its developing players into a city 2000km away. That’s a very watchful eye.

    Why? Cuz it didn’t matter. Prospects have always been trade bait to the leafs. As they are for most teams that make cup runs, or try to stay at top levels of competition. Memo to you folks, that’s how it was done. Most cup winners and contenders are laden with VETs. Yes every once in a while you have a young rising club that makes it all the way, but the VET teams are more consistant. For all the youth movement folks out there, look at Carolina’s average age and ice time for VETS during the playoffs.

    2B) You didn’t complain when the LEAFS were making deep runs in the playoffs.

    The Leetch deal, as bad as it may seem now, did two things. It brought a top line premier 1 d-man to a team that hadn’t had one for a long time. Leetch was very good for us until the last game. Everyone thought he was great until the give-away.

    The only thing that was wasted on Leetch was not retaining him afterwords. (for those who say he is a bust on Boston, guess what, the whole team was, not one guy). Leetch has been the premier puck-moving defensemen that everyteam now craves. And he has done it for years. He is the mold. And when he signs with a team this year, he will again produce to silence critics. He may likely sign on a lower echelon team, but will be trade bait come playoff time, and he will contribute. Leetch as a number 3-4 is still amazing, especially for teams that role lines, which everyone is now the craze about.

    You all didn’t sound so crazy when Quinn did it successfully for 6 years. But lord do you remember it falling apart in the 7th, mostly due to injuries, and scape-goating.

    Looking forward, some of those trades will hurt us. Yes, we will have to go through a transition, same with most teams on a cup run in 03-04. But over analyzing trades of yester-year is not that bad. And none, I mean none, of those trades compare to blunders like the Thornton trade or others. So get over it.

  7. buds8 says:

    I disagree with everything you have said with the exception of the Nolan trade.

    However, I bet you, like most Leafs fans at the time (Including myself), had a pure hard-on when news broke that Nolan was a Leaf.

    I agree 100% with the hindsight is 20/20 comment!

  8. GoalJudge says:

    Side note: (since I pressed ok, instead of preview).

    As for leafs squandering talent, yes it sucks.

    But that happens on all teams who role 3-4 lines.

    You might get depth, and you may have stars. But no superstars.

    Rare is the individual that can put up amazing numbers with deminished ice time. The previoulsy netioned HAVLAT being one of them, and one of my favourite players. If he is healthy.

    So for true fans of hockey or people that think they have hockey knowledge, look at the ICE TIME some of these young guys are geting now versus previously. Shooting gives you the best chance to score. Ovechkin, who shot the most last year shows you that. But you have to be on the Ice to do it.

    We know the past. Focus on the present.

    The bandwagon is over there. True team fans are over here.

    Good night and God Bless.

  9. mojo19 says:

    Yeah, yeah. We all know the leafs have been for the most part terrible at the draft over the years, except when they get lucky in the fifth round where they got wellwood and kaberle.

  10. the_word says:

    Deadly mistakes? Name me the best players in this draft who will flourish in their pro careers who were drafted after the top ten picks. Oh thats right you can’t, no one can. As for the trades, giving away youth didn’t matter for MLSE in the pre salary cap NHL, obviously it’ll take some time to adjust.

  11. Aetherial says:

    As others have pointed out, it is tough to judge the Leafs trades in the pre-cap era.

    What I find particularly galling is the way that the Leafs’ fans carticize them now for the Leetch and Nolan trades, and yet, at the time, they were screaming for the Leafs to DO SOMETHING. They were also all excited about BOTH trades.

    Now they look back and criticize. Give me a break.

    Some of those draft picks you listed may never play a game in the NHL. You cannot possibly say they were great decisions at this point.

    Kondratiev is back in Russia I think. Immmonen is not a top prospect in any organization. The Nolan trade DID hurt though.

  12. phat_cat says:

    4th pick in 97 was traded to the islanders…..pick ended up being Roberto Luongo

    Kenny Jonsson 12th in 93……Deadmarsh goes 14, Koivu 21, and Bertuzzi 23

    Scott Thornton #3 in the 89 draft…….gone

    Keith Carney #96 in 89……gone

    Dani Markov #223 in 95…….gone

    Petr Svoboda #35 in 98……gone

  13. wingedim says:

    Kenny Jonsson was a good pick…they just traded him away to bring back Wendel. Which was too bad, as he was just starting to become the stud D-man we needed.

  14. Alozo07 says:

    ya we had 2 picks in that first round and both were wasted if we drafted koivu and bert we would b cup champs for a long time. But we dont really know if players went to other teams that they may have have changed for the better . . . or worse

  15. Alozo07 says:

    how about 1994 draft round 2 ELIAS!!!! taken 2 spots after the leafs pick look it up.

  16. BilboB says:

    Luca Cerada was a very bright talent that had open heart surgery and had an artificial heart valve installed to correct a congenital heart defect. Serious stuff and not the fault of management.

    Yes the Leaf brass has made some bone-head moves over the years. So has every team.

    Could they and should they have done a better job? Yup.

  17. thatleafsguy says:

    The “clown” you are reffering to had to have open heart surgery, you idiot.

  18. 92-93 says:

    top 3 mistakes made in the last few years by the leafs:

    3) Brian Leetch trade. not really a bad trade but losing Immonen is going to hurt down the line. plus, the leafs needed a defensive defenseman but got an offensive D-guy, hmm… sound familiar.

    2) In a few seasons this one will be far and away the #1 worst move – signing Kubina and Gill – neither of which the leafs needed. they need different kinds of defensemen but not these two guys.

    1) Owen Nolan trade – i hated it then, and i hate it now.

  19. 92-93 says:

    oh, and drafting antropov? get over it.

    as for the jackpots, the leafs management have done a great job getting good guys at low rounds – and i have a feeling that Jeremy Williams is going to be a very good player.

  20. 92-93 says:

    a lot of these guys are going to do the same damn thing when it comes to kubina and gill.

    a lot of people love these two UFA signings. and i dont think Immonen is that bad of a prospect at all. i expect to see him up with the Rangers in the next couple of seasons.

  21. mojo19 says:

    Thats the fake Petr Svoboda, but yeah.

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