The Monthy BJ's

Well after a few people saying how they loved Weekly BJ’s, I’ve decided to write a monthly version of the Columbus Blue Jackets. Come trade deadline, GM Doug MacLean might be busy unloading the couple of names he has.Doug MacLean was the head coach at the start of the season, but after a really bad start, he stepped down and named Gerard Gallant interm head coach.

The BJ’s still do not have it right, and are most likely losing money. We have already seen Daryl Sydor moved, and it might be time that others are moved too.

Among the BJ’s to attract attention come trade are:

Captain Luke Richardson(D) Almost every team is lacking that strong defensive defenseman. He could really go anywhere.

Assistant captain Geoff Sanderson(LW) Geoff is starting to age. If Columbus doesn’t trade him, I fear his value will keep getting lower each day. He is still a very good LW with great leadership abilities. I think any team that wants a better chance in the playoffs will inquire about Geoff.

Andrew Cassels(C) I originally thought Detroit would want him with Feds gone. And if they are unable to trade for Robert Lang, I see no reason why they wouldn’t want Andrew Cassels.

Todd Marchant(C) A good center who was signed in the offseason. He has not fit in too well for the BJ’s. He can kill penalties and be a good PP center.

Jody Shelley(LW) Teams that want grit and toughness. John Muckler in my opinion needs an enforcer. I doubt Rob Ray is good enough.


The future does look good for the BJ’s.

-Goalie Marc Denis has been very good in net.

-Also Pascal Leclaire should be a very good goalie in the future.

-Last years #1 overall selection Rick Nash is tied in the goals with Goals.

-Nikolai Zherdev is looking great on the wing.

-And finally Rostislav Klesla is also turning out to be a future allstart defenseman.

*RIP Trevor Ettinger* BJ’s prospect who died in the summer

11 Responses to The Monthy BJ's

  1. dkball7 says:

    I want a BJ, but I don’t want to be too attatched to one, all of their contracts are crazy!!!

  2. bamboo says:

    I think the BJ’s everyone was referring to wasn’t hockey players. some of the guys on this site might have been referring to the players and some might have been referring to weekly BJ’s from the players.

  3. kidhenry1 says:

    Richardson could go to the Flyers or the Sabres. It’s all about what they’re willing to give up for an old defenseman.

  4. MantaRay says:

    Make no mistake, Columbus is a money-maker.

    They have one of the best sell-out rates in the NHL and have made Columbus Ohio a hockey hot bed…without a fielding a quality team.

    They have the second best team in term of scouted prospects and some of the Deals Maclean has made in the past few months are only going to make them better.

    Columbus is another case of UFA’s just being an absolute failure in terms of helping Columbus become a winner. Sanderson, Cassels, etc.

    Vyborny, Nash and Denis and the kids have proved to be the real deal. The future for the Jackets is a bright one.

  5. CechmanekForVezina says:

    You mean back to the Flyers, like every other player.

  6. Kashin says:

    One thing on shelly to Ottowa. Ottowa has a lot of depth and each postion they fill with an enforcer they have to replace one of their good players. They also have Chris Neil. If they get Varada back they might not Neil either.

    Sanderson has to go and there are teams who would like him for a playoff run.

    The BJs have a lot of raw talent. only now they showing up. Leclaire will be there as soon as next year. Denis will be an insurance backup and then he will be traded. Zherdev was a good pick but he still has a way to go. I think once all the contreversy settles about him he will be better. The hardest NHL position to develop is defense. Klesla is an example of that. Nash…. We all know about nash.

  7. Habfanforever says:

    There’s also Dan Fritsche who will probably play by next year. The future of the organization lies on him, Nash, Zherdev, Denis, Leclaire and Klesla

  8. wingedim says:

    I think LeClaire is going to be in Syracuse for a couple of more years. He’s done okay when he’s been called up, but like a defenceman, goalies take a long time to develop as well. He will be an excellent goaltender when his day comes, but they tried last year with him as back up and it didn’t work out all that well. (Okay so Freddie didn’t really pan out either)

    Zherdev will be fine, but I have a feeling he’s headed back to Russia for a spell though.

    As for the older guys, Sandy and Cass have both had off years. They can still be very potent and are great leaders for this young team. Marchant will be fine next year. Shelly, he’s Columbus’ Domi…he’s not going anywhere.

  9. FanoftheGame says:

    …tied in the LEAGUE with most goals sorry for the typo.

    Also has any one actually watched Leclaire. For Syracuse he has like a 3.0 GAA and a really bad win/loss. Is it him or Syracuse?

  10. gman says:

    The Bluejackets shouldn’t have struggled as much as they have this year, they had a decent team coming out of training camp. Too bad they’re in a pretty good division. I thought they had a pretty good defense when they acquired Sydor, as they already had Lachance, Richardson, Spacek and Klesla. I think the problem was coaching. Doug MacLean should have named a coach at the start of the season instead of continuing in both roles. But now the best thing for them to do is get rid of all the high-salary players before the CBA runs out as they have some nice prospects in the system.


  11. OldNord says:

    No way that Leclaire will be the starter next year, he will back up Denis and play the quarter of the games not more. Why pushing Denis aside? He’s valuable to his team, Leclaire will take some experience at his side as a back-up, for now…

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