The most loved and hated players in the NHL

This is something big I’ve decided to organize. Who are the most loved, and hated players in hockey.So this is what you do, you PM me you’re top five for whichever one you’re entering, the most loved, and most hated. Do it like mine here.

1. Daniel Alfredson, Ottawa Senators

-Arrogant, rude, and doesn’t back up his cup promises, I’ve hated him since the Darcy Tucker cheapshot in 2002

2. Domonik Hasek, Ottawa Senators

-I don’t like the Curtis Joseph stunt in 2003, and then he blamed the situation on Joseph, he is just a very unclassy fellow, and I don’t like him.

3. Zdeno Chara, Ottawa Senators

-Big, dumb, stupid goon defenseman, why isn’t he playing centre for the Toronto Raptors?

4. Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins

-What a little brat, I heard a rumor that the Penguins were going to move to Toronto, and was scared… I don’t want that trash anywhere near here.

5. Alex Kovalev, Montreal Canadiens

-DIVER! Cheap shot on Tucker! I hate him! What an arrogant tard! Overpayed shit! I’ve never seen a player other then Ribeiro go down so easy! DIVER!

Just an example, I wouldn’t start an argument over my picks, as I think part of the fun is people’s unwarranted reasons.

I’ll try to get all of the PMs in on one article, with your name next to it of course, then people will post their vote for top ten, with number 1 getting ten points, and number 10 getting one point and the rest well you get the picture.

This should be fun, but because half the site is Leaf fans, and the rest is Leaf haters, so Domi and Tucker got a real shot at both. lol.


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  1. JannettyTheRocker says:

    I called Steve Moore a ‘nobody’ as far as NHL players go, because really, nobody would have ever heard of him if it wasn’t for the Todd Bertuzzi incident. That’s all. He obviously did something special with his life (made the NHL), but I just mean’t as far as NHL players go, he’s a ‘nobody’.


  2. lagsetsfire says:

    i would have Darcy Tucker on my list. now matter how good You can play getting almost killed every time You get hit and then not missing shift is dirtier to me then a dirty hit. when tucker isn’t laying on his back he plays hard, but his dives have gotten to the point where the flyers announcers make fun of him

  3. ranger_fan says:

    I salute you for being a Hawk fan… I didn’t know any existed.

  4. nyrules11 says:

    DAMNNNNNNNNNN 13….. i knew you were young but I didnt think that young

  5. rooney says:

    player i hate:

    domi–cheap shot artist (leafs in general there are a bunch of cheap players that cry)

    roenick (doesnt shut up


    rangers and flyers


  6. Marky2Fresh says:

    I bet you voted for the Liberals.

  7. Marky2Fresh says:

    “2. Darcy Tucker (whiniest puke of all time, hated him in Montreal even)”

    Tucker played for the Habs?

  8. Marky2Fresh says:

    Joe Thornton is my fav player.

  9. captainjoefish says:

    i hate:

    Mike Ribeiro is by far my most hated player he should not be in the nhl and is a disgrace to the sport

    this is hockey not hollywood he is a great actor and is oscar material

    but seriously he is horrible he looks stupid out their faking everything if you touch him he is down on the ice

    i would be embarrassed to be a montreal fan just because he is on the team

    some of my Favorites have to be Tim Thomas, Aaron Downey, randy robitaille, Hannu Toivonen, and antii laaksonen

  10. captainjoefish says:

    you are right atlanta may have the most divers the bruins game vs. atlanta was a joke i think the refs right when they saw a thrasher on the ice no matter what it was a penalty

    ribeiro is another hated guy i only wish they let boynton and ribeiro go at it he is a little baby

    they really have to start calling diving penalties i have seen one called and that is it

  11. Rico420 says:

    Funny thing is each one of the guy’s we hate is a guy you’d love to have on your team!

    For me my all time favourite guy to hate was Dirty Dale Hunter, you absolutely hated the guy if you’re a Habs fan (because he played for the Nords) and of course the famous hit on Pierre Turgeon caused many people to recoil in disgust.

    Tyson Nash used to be the best aggravating jerk in the NHL but I’d say Avery runs away with it this year..though there will always be a special spot in my heart for the shaved ape that is Tie Domi.

  12. SJ_Sharks_Fan_19 says:

    Crosby isnt hated you moron people just dislike his antics at the refs theres a BIG difference only 2 people that i can see so far on here have crosby on their list. the only true hated plater is Todd Bertuzzi out of any NHL player!

  13. SJ_Sharks_Fan_19 says:

    Loved in no particular order

    1. Joe Thornton – Amazing Passer and great all around player

    2. Patrick Marleau – Been my favourite player for a long time now

    3. Martin Brodeur – Great Goalie and already has 3 cups and a Gold Medal always pulls through when the team needs him most

    4. Sergei Zubov – Awesome defencemen one of my favourites since i was little

    5. Sidney Crosby – Great all around talent 82 points as an 18 year old simply amazing.

    6. Rick Nash – I love watching this kid play he plays with so much intensity, great attitude, and he gives 110% every night

    Most Hated

    1. Alexander Ovechkin – any player who basically spits in the coaches face has no respect from me dont care how spectacular he is. Imo hes a team cancer in the making.

    2. Todd Bertuzzi – not much to say here

    3. Derian Hatcher – hated this guy ever since he came into the league

    4. Jeremy Roenick – Too Much of a loud Mouth

    5. Ilya Kovalchuk – Just dont like him never have never will.

  14. FLAMESOWNU says:

    what did simon do or say to grier?

  15. FLAMESOWNU says:

    Iginla had 1 good year…over rated are u kidding me. is the real reason because he single-handedly knocked out your sad wings last playoffs.

  16. unknownminion says:

    As opposed to the greatest unborn player.

  17. unknownminion says:


  18. SabresFan220 says:

    Seeing Danny Briere getting called for diving really bugs me. Some of the calls have been crap, but he is such a better player than that. A player with his talent and skill shouldn’t need to dive. He’s developed a temper this season, I’m wondering where it came from. Briere just needs to relax and play his game and he’ll help the team win.

    Tim Thomas has been one of the biggest goaltenders this year. Whatever playing in Europe did for Tim Thomas I’m willing to bet it did the same thing for Brian Cambell. I see a strong end of season push.

  19. Jenkinstein says:

    OK, I am a sens fan, but my selections may not show it, and I’m gonna try for people other’s havent mentioned yet. Here are my top ten for each:


    1. Patrick Marleau (SJ): Grit and skill in one package

    2. Alyn McCauley (SJ): Former 67’s captain, plays with heart, determination, and you know he loves the game.

    3. Mark Bell (CHI): Another skilled 67’s alumni, trues his best on a shallow chicago team (especially now that Arnason is gone)

    4. Peter Schaefer (OTT): Amazing along the boards, passing and deking, a pleasure to watch. Ottawa must resign him!

    5. Zach Parise (NJD): Never gives up on anything, awesome forechecker, great scoring touch.

    6. Mike Fisher (OTT): Most underrated player in the game, probly would have hit 25 goals this years if he hadnt been hurt.

    7. Gary Roberts (FLA): The only reason Toronto beat the Sens for all those years other then their goalies. You see the difference in Toronto now that he’s gone.

    8. Marek Zidlicky (NAS): Love his offensive abilities

    9. Pavel Datsyuk (DET): Great deking and exciting rushes at all times when he’s on the ice.

    10. Wade Redden (OTT): Great point man, and awesome passing from his own end. Another one Ottawa must resign.


    1. Alexei Yashin (NYI): Only because of his holdout on Ottawa for that one year, and never showed up in the playoffs, even when on the Isles.

    2. Alexei Kovalev (MON): Talented, but incredibly selfish, never passes it unless there’s no other option.

    3. Martin Havlat (OTT): Got what he deserved against Montreal in November, hopefully it will smarten him up and there’ll be no more shenanigans or hot dogging.

    4. Wade Belak (TOR): No talent whatsoever, cheap shot artist, and can’t even fight. Should be expelled from the league forever.

    5. Mike Ribeiro (MON): All the reasons listed by others already.

    6. Andy Sutton (ATL): Another cheap shot artist no one notices, but he hurts people often, and enjoys it.

    7. Darcy Tucker (TOR): He’s funny to watch, but I have no respect for him after that game in 2003 when he charged the Senators bench. Funny, but stupid and annoying.

    8. Todd Bertuzzi (VAN): Again, for all the reasons already mentioned by others.

    9. Jeremy Roenick (LA): For the last time…SHUT THE ***** UP!!!!!

    10. Bryan Smolinski (OTT): Most overrated player in the NHL, never does anything noticeable and is slow to react when he has the puck.

  20. jpmac says:

    I agree with you 100%

  21. Flyers70 says:

    Good topic. Since I’m a Flyers fan, I’ll attempt to keep my “favorite” players list to Non-Flyers.

    Favorites (Non-Flyers):

    1.) Joe Sakic: Smooth playmaking center has done it for years and years. I’m glad he never signed with the Rangers when he had the chance.

    2.) Rod Brind’Amour: Even though I wouldn’t take the trade back, because we got Primeau for him, I will always enjoy Brind’Amour’s hard working game.

    3.) Alexander Ovechkin: A bit of a showman. Plays hard and looks like he’s having fun, which makes him fun to watch.

    4.) Jason Blake: Tough, fast, and gritty. He’d look good in Orange and Black.

    5.) Mats Sundin: The European captain on Canada’s team, he’s all class and smooth as silk. I hope Toronto fans realize what they have in Sundin, before he retires or gets traded to a contending team.

    Honorable Mention: Steve Yzerman….Changed his game from high scoring pretty boy (I’m old enough to remember his pretty boy days) to dynamic, gritty two-way Cup winning center. A true great. He’s not higher on the list, because he’s not who he was before and I don’t get to see him play that often.


    1.) Darius Kasparaitus: From the Lindros concussions to the low hit on Gagne, this guy does nothing but run players and accepts no accountability for it. At least Denis Gauthier drops the gloves once in a while. Big time weasel.

    2.) Darcy Tucker: This goes back to his days in TB…when he continued to sucker punch a bloody Dan Lacroix while another TB player held him. He dives, he whines, he won’t fight or play hard on the road and he’s got just enough skill that you have to worry about him. While not as big a weasel as Kaspar, he physically resembles a rodent.

    3.) Jaromir Jagr: Jagr is immensely talented, but is the antithesis of a tough minded hockey player…and the toughness of hockey is why I enjoy the sport in the first place. He will only play hard on his own terms and can easily be neutralized through physical play.

    4.) Martin Brodeur: There is nothing negative I can say about his game. I don’t like him because he’s probably the biggest reason the Flyers didn’t win a Cup in the past 10 or so years.

    5.) Sidney Crosby: Rumors out of Pittsburgh are that he doesn’t listen to veteran leadership, which is not an endearing quality in an 18 year old hockey player. He needs to stop whining, crying, and diving on the ice and simply play. He’s a great player who is going to be better, but there is a bit of a chippy edge to his game which will encourage lesser players to take shots at him (Eric Lindros went through this as a young player, but he was big and strong enough to handle himself).

    Honorable Mention: Tie Domi…I don’t dislike Tie so much as I admire he’s fashioned a career out of being the consummate cement head.

  22. muckies says:

    you say Smolinski is the most overrated player in the NHL, that’s great – but who rates him highly???

    You say you love the Sens, but two of you top ten most hated players in the entire league come from your favorite team, out of over 600 players, 2 are Senators….your a bandwagon guy.

  23. Gretzkin says:

    There’s actually nothing really wrong with diving.

    It’s only when you get caught that it looks bad.

    There’s nothing wrong with Daniel Briere

  24. my_sphincter says:

    He is one of my favorites. IMO he deserves the Norris.

  25. nonhl2005 says:

    What the HE double hockeysticks does being on a magazine cover have to do with anything, let alone a rag mag such as that. That things is 2 places above The Star and just below O.

    My list, as I stated, was made up of whiners and cheapshots, ‘Sid the Sissy’ falls under the first category and from the comments by others I am not alone in that thinking. The boy/man has all the talent in the world and *****es about most things that don’t go his way. Granted he may one day lead this league the way Mario did, but until he stops the whinning he’ll just be another Lindros.

  26. Kashin says:

    I dont hate him personally. I respect him a ton. Its just for whatever reason I just root agaisnt him.

  27. paul_dc10 says:

    oh i hope im not to late for the loved players anyways

    1. Trevor Linden

    2. Steve Yzerman

    3. BUrnaby Joe (Sakic if you dont know)

    4. Ryan Smyth

    5. Jarome Iginla

  28. kicksave856 says:

    Maybe she skated within 6 feet of the crease.

  29. kicksave856 says:

    Just to be fair, I’m a Flyers fan and since they are asking you to list “your” most hated players I’m pretty sure my list would be littered with Devils and Rangers with the occasional common-sense Matthew Barnaby thrown in for good measure.

  30. kicksave856 says:

    “While not as big a weasel as Kaspar, he physically resembles a rodent.”


  31. afanofthelakings says:







  32. cecilturtle says:

    Dennis Potvin has been retired for like 20 years already? They still yell out, “Potvin Sucks” every Rangers game. Cant get much more hated than that!

    Also Dale Hunter should be on the list, the hit on Turgon after the winning goal in the playoffs was a disgrace of sportmenship! But Hunter should be on the list regardless of Turgon incedent because of all the other cheep stuff he did through out his career.

    Ken Linsmen need to be on the list as well. Anyone who played as long as he played with the nickname, “The Rat!” needs to be on the list!

  33. Jenkinstein says:

    I’m a bandwagon fan?! Look dude, I just call em as I see em, and given the sens are the team I watch the most, there’s bound to be one or two of them on the list. Not every player on the team is a god/icon, as you seem to believe they are. I love the team, love their development system and the bulk of the players they’ve had (I can still name the whole roster for the 92-93 team: Norm Maciver, Sylvain Turgeon, Brad Shaw, Jamie Baker, Mark Lamb, Mike Peluso, Peter Sidorkewicz, Jody Hull, Darcy Loewen, Daniel Bertiaume, Mark Freer, Neil Brady, etc.) and I’ve been a die hard fan of theirs since that year. The reason those two players are on there (you also fail to mention three of my top ten are senators) is because a) Havlat is arrogant, cheap, and has no respect for other players in the league based on what I’ve seen. Smolinski is on there because he came to Ottawa with all these expectations put on him to be a high scoring second line centre, and he didnt deliver. He often takes too long to make up his mind on what to do with the puck, and either blows a scoring chance, or wastes a powerplay. He’s frustrating to watch, and that’s why he’s on the list.

  34. guinsfan4life says:

    Most hated:

    1. Mats Sudin- Not as much for anything he has done, but for what he hasn’t done.

    2. Illya Kovalchuk- I had no problem with him until he pointed at Crosby after he scored a power play goal. Granted, Crosby does what he does, but you don’t take it to a whole other level. Also his whole illegal stick adventure. Makes you wonder how many goals of his are actually scored within the rules.

    3. Daniel Allfredsson- Again, didn’t mind him until he tried speaking about Crosby. If it was Gretzky or Lemieux making these comments, it would be one thing, but for this soft bastard to say anything when he hasn’t won anything and more than likely never will…

    4. Recchi/LeClair- Two veterans the pens acquired who completely did not act their age and do what they were instructed to do. Recchi wanted to be “the man” and with Sid coming in a major personality clash occured. In the papers Recchi kept talking about how he supported Crosby and at the same time went behind his back. Same with LeClair. Two veterans who clearly are not able to realize the game is not about them anymore, it is about the talented youth in the league.

    5. Jaromir Jagr: I absolutely loved this guy until I heard he was on his cell phone in game 7 of the OT intermission in the Eastern conference semi’s against the Sabres a few years back. Just a crybaby when things don’t go well and an opportunist when they do. I’m glad to see him have a good year, but it will only be a matter of time before he starts whining. The only way for him to be happy is when you surround him with people he wants to be with.

    Loved People:

    1. Mario Lemieux- Nuff said.

    2. Sid the Kid- he has alot of maturing to do and that will come with time, but I can’t not but like his determination, desire and drive to be the best.

    3. Darius Kasparaitis/Ulfie Samuelsson-when he played he was great. One of those players you hated to play against, but loved to have on your team.

    4. The person that fires Craig Patrick or decides not to renew his contract/IOC

  35. FlamingHomer says:

    I thought for sure Jarkko Ruutu would be on everyone’s most hated list at least twice. Maybe the difficult spelling scared everyone off.

  36. toyuu says:

    anyone remember about the glen heatley crash he sould be there

  37. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    you are a leaf fan and you hate 4 senator players


    Tucker is the king of cheapshots

  38. tahataha says:

    dont get me wrong i *****1ng hate Crosby, but he is only 18 years old. u have to get some devils up there.

    oh yea i cant stand Tucker, every since he gave Kapanen the hit in the playoffs.

  39. Maximus says:

    If I was an NHL hockey player, I much rather be hated than loved. Great players, in their prime, always seem to anger fans of every other team. Gretzky was hated, Lemieux was disliked, Potvin is still villianized. If you are hated by the opposition you are doing something right. I see that pattern with the players people hat and love. They hate players that their team goes against.

  40. nlnl says:


    1) Avery (took it to far with his team)

    2) Marchment ( intentially injures players)

    3) Domi ( elbow on neidermeyer in 2001)

    4) Boughner ( does exactly same as bertuzzi incident except no one jumps on boughner, he gets no suspension chechoo is not injured)

    5) Hasek ( cujo incident in detroit)

    6) new jersey’s GM ( signs mogilny for to much so punishes mogilny for his own mistake while mogilny is 10 games from 1000)

    7) Moore ( has been milking the incident for a year now, sue’s bertuzzi twice for 19 million once in BC once in Ontario within a week, same week bertuzzi is off in italy for olympics. After giving naslund ( the leading scorer at that time) 10+ stitches, concusion, bone chips in elbow is given the opportunity to apologize in person to naslund the next day, after bertuzzi incident does not give bertuzzi any chance phone or anything to apologize, even though bertuzzi was not charged for the CRACKED vertebrae. Moore will never be able to play another game of hockey because of how many times hes sued bertuzzi, the timing of the times hes sued, the ridiculas amount hes sued ( not to mention his parents suing for millions ) hes just taken it to far, you stil see articles on bertuzzi’s punch but you dont see articles on moore’s injuries to date, how come he hasnt come forward to tell the press how hes doing….hes milking it)


    1) Sakic ( class act)

    2) Linden (class act)

    3) Yzerman ( one of the greatest leaders of all time)

    4) koivu ( fought cancer and comes back to lead the montreal canadians)

    5) Lemieux ( fights through cancer, back injuries still shows to be dominant in the game on his return)

    6) Bertuzzi ( good guy in person, cant catch a break after 41 games of going into an arena hearing nothing but booing ( as if they fans have never made a mistake) turns on the television, reads the paper on how hes a thug, lazy, but is still able to keep his cool and almost pull out a point a game season )

    For people to put bertuzzi ahead of Marty McSorley who swung his stick at a player in the head for no apparent reason, Brad May who slashed a player in the head, Tie Domi for throwing an elbow to Niedermeyer hard enough to knock him out in playoffs, niedermeyer for hitting worrell in the head with his stick even maurice richard attacked a referee.

    Swinging your stick at someones head is far more worse then a gloved punch to the head especially as an instigating move.

    you have to also get the facts on the bertuzzi incident correct he did not break moore’s neck, moore’s neck was not broken to begin with it was a fractured vertebrae and bertuzzi’s gloved punch ( all he was charged with) did not create the broken vertebrae.

  41. benjistern says:

    I am a HUGE, and I mean HUGE Leaf fan. If you saw my house, not just my room you would know Im a Leaf Fan. But Im not one of those annoying Leaf Fans that say…”this is the year” or a Leaf Fan thinks every player on the Leafs rock”

    Here are my two lists.

    Most Loved:

    Bobby Orr – (If were allowed to use retired players) Bobby Orr is my idol. Im also and defensman and I just love his style of play.

    Tomas Kaberle – Look at Bobby Orr

    Steve Yzerman – Great player, big heart, and juge passion for the game.

    Jaromir Jagr – Jagr is a great player, not alot of people notice his talent.

    Patrick Roy – Ever since I saw Roy in the ’93 and ’96 Cup Finals I’ve loved him.

    Jason Spezza – I love his moves and dekes.

    Alexander Ovechkin – I love his wicked shot.

    Most Hated:

    Daniel Alfreddson – I just hate hisa attitude, rude, arrogant. I’d hate Alfreddson no matter what team he was on.

    Jeremy Roenick – He’s a cry baby. He complains about everything and hes rude.

    José Theodore -Just don’t like him

    Sean Avery – A really bad idol for kids, racist, rude…

    Aki Berg – He’s such a bad player. I hear hes going back to Finland for good. =D

  42. saku_rulz says:

    most hated :

    1-sean avery : 3rd liner who keeps on talking saying stupid things….

    2-jason arnott: he told(apparently) a journalist that he had a tremendous year this season because he had to work harder because he will sign a new contract at the end of the season(UFA)…

    3-bryan marchment : useful but he is cheap and goes to injure players…nhl doesn’t need him

    4-eric lindros : he’s a baby and his career went as he deserved it…spent more time on IR than on the ice and we heard about him more with his stupid comments than his playing on the ice….

    5-bobby holik/marty lapointe : 2 guys who signed as UFA a couple yrs ago with NYR and Boston respectively just for the cash(45M/5yrs and 20M/4yrs) and didn’t do anything since then…..

    honorable mentions :

    -kasparaitis(obvious choice although i would take him in my team netime),

    -cujo(never won anything but still got the big $$$),

    -theo(im a habs fan…enough said)

    most loved :

    1-Saku koivu : went through cancer, made team finland what they are today (with selanne’s help),

    was first goal scorer midway through his rookie season before he got a knee injury(thx to amonte), has always given his 100% (in his case you could make it 110%)…has played through knee, ankle, hip injuries, made average players around him look like goal scorers(savage, rucinsky,zednik)…

    he is the n.1 centerman in the league who has played with the worst players ever(juha lind, jim campbell, …) and he never had a decent team to help him.

    last 2 times he was in playoffs, he was leading goal scorer of the league for the first 2 rounds.

    2-sakic/yzerman : it’s clear why they’re here.

    3-shanahan/linden : they’re the reason why the lockout stopped…

    4- jeremy roenick : so funny…who the hell dances for the fans except for him? always thinks of the fans…..not afraid to say what he thinks…to improve the league!

    5- paul kariya : he is a community guy…always has been for his whole career…everywhere he was allowed to express himself he was a winner(look at nashville this season)

    honorable mentions :

    -cristobal huet : so simple guy who every night is here to do his job….got the attitude of a winner

    -ovechkin/kovalchuk/nash : these guys will make the game exciting for as long as they play it

    -marty brodeur : will top roy for the best goaltender ever….plus he has class!

  43. paul_dc10 says:

    biggest hit ever and it was clean

  44. MagnumPI says:

    Most Loved

    1) DARCY TUCKER!!!

    2) Jason Arnott

    3) Mats Sundin

    4) Andrew Raycroft

    5) Dwayne Roloson

  45. Flykovy says:

    Most Loved

    1. Pavel bure

    2. Ilya kovalchuk

    3. Rick nash

    4. MArtin Brodeur

    5. Marian Hossa

    Most hated

    1. Alfredsson

    2. Heatley

    3. aki berg

    4. allison

    5. ronieck

  46. leafsmarlies says:

    i don’t jump out of my seat to often for a hit, but when Tucker layed that hit on kapanen i nearly landed on the coffee table. To bad they lost the series about 5 mins later.

  47. Uncleben says:

    Mats Sundin
    Daze (I don't know why… just like his heart)

    AKI BERG!!!
    D Hatcher

  48. slyyo says:

    Most Loved Toronto Plaayers

    1.Dougy Gilmore
    2.Wendal Clark
    3. Johnny Bauer
    4.Dave Keon
    5. Darcy Tucker

    Most HATED

    2. SUNDIN (he deserved to mentioned twice)
    3. McCabe
    4. Raycroft
    5. JFJ (not a player but we will mke a exception)

  49. slyyo says:

    Most Loved Toronto Plaayers
    1.Dougy Gilmore
    2.Wendal Clark
    3. Johnny Bauer
    4.Dave Keon
    5. Darcy Tucker

    Most HATED
    2. SUNDIN (he deserved to mentioned twice)
    3. McCabe
    4. Raycroft
    5. JFJ (not a player but we will mke a exception)

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