The most Probable Leaf Moves

Ok, here we go. I almost consider my self an expert on the Leaves, so I’m gonna give you my take on the moves that will be made in the following weeks.

You can forget about moving McCabe Kubina and Kaberle( Why would you wanna move kabby anyways?). So here are players that have good chances of being moved.

Gill – perhaps to a younger team such as the pens or tharshers for a 2nd pick or teer 2 prospect.

Kilger- To detriot who is in dire need of a solid 3rd line player that can skate and hit everything, you’d get the same return for kilger as you would for Gill. Although Chad may not be moved because of personal reasons.

Antropov- I could see many suiters for Nic. But non fit as well as the aves flames and Stars. You could get a prospect and a 2nd pick for Antropov.

And lastly

Mats Sundin- Who ever is out of the foppa running, will look to Sundin ie. detriot, dallas calgary san jose and possibly vancouver. I could not see mats going to dallas, because of there playoff disapointment year after year. But perhaps to a canadian team for a nice package.

This is how I see the leafs going down in the next few weeks. Hope you enjoyed leaf fans!..see u on the wagon next september!..lmao