The most Probable Leaf Moves

Ok, here we go. I almost consider my self an expert on the Leaves, so I’m gonna give you my take on the moves that will be made in the following weeks.

You can forget about moving McCabe Kubina and Kaberle( Why would you wanna move kabby anyways?). So here are players that have good chances of being moved.

Gill – perhaps to a younger team such as the pens or tharshers for a 2nd pick or teer 2 prospect.

Kilger- To detriot who is in dire need of a solid 3rd line player that can skate and hit everything, you’d get the same return for kilger as you would for Gill. Although Chad may not be moved because of personal reasons.

Antropov- I could see many suiters for Nic. But non fit as well as the aves flames and Stars. You could get a prospect and a 2nd pick for Antropov.

And lastly

Mats Sundin- Who ever is out of the foppa running, will look to Sundin ie. detriot, dallas calgary san jose and possibly vancouver. I could not see mats going to dallas, because of there playoff disapointment year after year. But perhaps to a canadian team for a nice package.

This is how I see the leafs going down in the next few weeks. Hope you enjoyed leaf fans!..see u on the wagon next september!..lmao

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  1. niagara_leafsfan says:

    Hal Gill is the only really good guy the leafs have as far as a stay at home defenceman is concerned…and he isn't that expensive…of course Kubina or McCabe has to go, if it is possible. I am also not against re-signing Sundin till the Leafs have a bonafide leader to replace him. Where else would you get a guy as good as him for 5 mil per season? I seriously hope the Leafs loose enough games to finish last and draft Steven Stamkos 🙂

  2. Bleeding_Blue says:

    i agree with everything but i think u gotta get rid of at least one if not two high contract players come deadline time.
    Also,just thought it was funny how u said u consider yourself an expert on the "leaves", c'mon lol, anyways go leafs go on deadline day.

  3. arigold says:

    Detroit isn't in dire need of anyone.

  4. Armstrong67 says:

    Nice comments!  Many people still belive Sundin is a top leader, but only in points, not player motivation, the prime role of a captain.

    Even Fletcher, before last night, seemed satisfied with the Leafs, his phrase, "we've gotten 5 points in the last 5 games"", is disappointing.  That winning percentage from the start of the season would give them 82 points.  I hope this doesn't leave Fletcher thinking about keeping this core intact!

  5. blake19 says:

    your right the wings aren't in dire need of any1, but i think they'd like to add some like kilger

  6. daface says:

    I am willing to bet the leafs make little to no moves! I am a die hard leaf fan who would love nothing more than for them to rebuild but with the NTC handed out by JFJ this is the team were stuck with for a few years! On the bright side it will get better. I cant get any worse!

  7. leemon says:

       It does'nt surprise me that guys like Tucker are still under the illusion that they can still make the play-offs,after his comments following last nights game against the Habs.Further more
    I've watched these guys for years and there country club style of play has brought this team down.We've basicaly had this same team for the last 4 to 5 years,and they still think that there a team that can challenge for a play-off spot and more.
     So the fact remains is that they won't waive the NTC's because they're comfortible they're counrty club atmosphere .There is no hunger except from our young guys.I mean honestly , if they put there G.M. caps on would they keep them(I think not!).Removing them selves so the team can move forward is the only thing left to do. if not We're just going to be talking about the same thing s over and over  again.
     So that means our young guys like steen ,stajan ,antropv will have to go for not near as much so that they (Tucker McCabe,Kaberle,Sundin )can keep collecting there pay checks for doing absolutely nothing.
     It should also be noted that kubina does not have a NTC .Ive read in the media lately that he has one ,When in fact they also wrote that he did not have one early in the year.That it is his high salary that is keeping him here ,in which case he might as well have one. 
     Lastly I respect Sundins desire to remain a leaf ,but unless he's content to miss the playoffs year after year He should waive his NTC so the fans can have something to look forward to.

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