The Most We Could Get For McCabe And Who We Should Sign in the Off-Season

These rumors about Bryan McCabe, although seem unlikely, could very well happen. People on this website are saying that the Leafs would just get a draft pick and a prospect but other teams could not afford him unless we take at least 2 million from them. Perhaps a trade could look something like this:

Witt, Dubie

New York:

Hunter, Okposo

New York:
McCabe, White

or something along the lines of that

After that they will free up enough cap room to get someone like Kariya or Forsberg(maybe). I would like to get Smyth but he is too old(younger than Kariya but will ask for far more) and the Leafs have enough heart with Tucker and Sundin and such to last a life time. Kariya would help with the shootout and also add a bit of flash which with out Wellwood and Kaberle we would have none of. Kariya would do a good job at making sure that his linemates can get a good shot. He can get 40 goals if he can stay healthy and get 85 points easy. Forsberg can get 80 points but that is a big if when it comes to staying healthy. Although Forsberg is a natural centre he could play on the wing and get Sundin the puck easy. They would both ask for about 4.5 mil. This would leave a very good amount of money if they did the McCabe trade. If we got Witt for McCabe the lines would look like this.


The Second Trade would look like this


The forward lines for the second trade would look something like this:
Kariya or Forsberg-Sundin-Tucker

The forwards of the first trade would be:

Kariya or Forsberg-Sundin-Tucker

This would make us a playoff team easily and with Forsberg they could get far in the playoffs.


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  1. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I'd want Witt. I like him.

  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:


  3. FarFromFreedom says:

    That No Trade Clause Is A Major Issue. Chances Are McCabe Wont Wave It Cuz He Wants To Be Here So Does His Family .. Even If He WOULD Wave It To The Islanders .. Chances Are They Wouldnt Take The Offer When They Could Get Redden Instead.

  4. KingCanada says:

    ID LOVE to see McCabe/White for Okposo/Hunter but itll never happen, Okposo is NYI's ONLY good forward prospect so they wont get rid of him, not to mention McCabe's NMC.  I dont think it would be bad to trade White, hes good and cheap but is a little small as a defencemen, we have other good prospects waiting that would be better suited for our team IMO.

  5. leafmeister says:

    Yeah but the Islanders are good at forward and horrible at defence. McCabe can quarter-back the power-play and has a bomb of a shot to finish it. White is an excellent mobile defencemen who I like but he will probably get lost in the midst of Torontos excellant defencive core. Okposo is a stereo-typical Leaf hard a work horse role player and same deal with Hunter. Even if that is a total rip-off with the Islanders, you never know.

  6. sikboy21 says:

    I don't think that you could get Dubie and Witt for McCabe even if there wasn't a NMC and McCabe's salary was partially covered by the Leafs. NYI is stuck with Yashin's buy-out for a very long time.  They have to save money, not waste it.
    Besides, They're in love with Dubie.

    Thanks for not destroying the team as it is – I'm really tired of people ripping everything apart and just imagining up lopsided trades for their favourite players.

    I figure the bottom line is:  Toronto needs two things.

    1)What Toronto always needs is someone to play off Sundin.  Kariya or Forsberg could do that but I'd rather go a bit younger. 

    2) The biggest problem Toronto had last year was golatending.  We need to give a goalie who has something to prove a chance to spook Rayzer.  Aebischer is an example – he's branded a dog.  Throw David a $1M contract and give him 30-40 games.  Raycroft is not an endurance goalie, he burned out something ugly last year.  A reasonable backup goalie who could steal his job, may puch Raycroft a bit. That backup needs to handle a bit of the load tho.

    We have no spots to fill on D and we have plenty of guys who can play second line. 

  7. sikboy21 says:

    Also:  I don't like Tucker on Sundin's wing.  He DOES NOT get the puck to Sundin.  His specialty is getting close to the net on the PP – that's pretty much how he gets his points.  He doesn't pass well and he does recover the puck well. He will not help Sundin.  Sundin would help him, of course, but Sundin would help anyone on the team.

    First Line:  UFA, Sundin, Poni  (Poni gets the puck out of the corners and would compliment a nice first line duo)

    Tucker should play with Wellwood – remember all those perfect passes?

  8. leafmeister says:

    Tucker could get the puck from Kariya and Sundin. Without Tucker on that line a team like Ottawa could throw out a line of Neil, Schaefer, and Fisher and that line would be comepletly shut down. With Tucker he gives back the hits that the rest of the line takes and could drop the gloves to defend one of them. Poni could do the same but he doesnt have the flair that Tucker has. More importantly than Tucker playing with Wellwood is Antro playing with Poni. Wellwood and Tucks can be on the same powerplay.

  9. sikboy21 says:

    I wasn't that impressed with the Antro-Poni duo. Don't get me wrong – I like both of them, I just don't think they need to be together as they're both non-pest grinders.  I'm also very unimpressed with Tucker.  He may get the goals on the PP and "fire up the team" but he's a liability at even strength and in the box too often.  I was upset that they gave him such a long contract – he's the new Domi… just selling jerseys

  10. leafmeister says:

    Tucker still adds heart, hitting and scoring to the line-up which at least for hitting the Leafs had a serious lack of. Poni and Antropov can do well with out each other but they are at their very best when moving the puck low in the the offensive zone. If you put one of them with two softies like Steen and Wellwood he would have no one to cycle with. Put him with Poni he can work down low, get it to Wellwood and get open. One last word about Tucker….. if Sundin were to retire right now who would you put as captain? Bryan McCabe no I hope you would put Darcy in charge.

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