The MOVE that impressed you the most

There should be more greatest plays videos available, i mean there’s tons of Cherry goon stuff out there so why not sell something more spectacular?

Personnally i’m much more impressed by a intuitive decke than a big hit & would take dazzling goals over dazed goons anyday!What is the move that in your mind’s eyes was the best ever & why? (add some juice in your stories like context etc…)

Mine is one of Mario’s many weird sometimes hard to explain goals:

In the 1990 All-Star game #66 scored using his wrong hand, he went to the net during a competition, at the last moment he decided to play with one hand, his wrong hand, he switched his hockey to his left hand and put the puck in the net while the goalie didn’t have a clue as to what happened. He turned right (left of goalie) but scored with his left hand to the right side of the goalie!

Gretz who was watching him at that time was in jaw-dropping awe at having witnessed such an innovative subtile move.

So what is your bext move? Lots of them are made each year, sometimes by marginal players & as i try to remember some you might refresh our memories or share classics with us in your own words.