The Natural Born Leaders.

The Natural Born Leaders.

Since North-American hockey is now living playoff
time, how about ranking the top team leaders.
The guys who matters in there own hands and lead
the team to the promised land.
Now I will start by list my top 3 leaders, readers
of this list should know, that since my +25 age
I haven’t seen players like Jean Beliveau, Toe Blake…
ever play and I like to make my own judgment, so here
we go:

3.Patrick Roy

Four Stanley cups, 247 games, 151 wins, 23 so and
three Conn Smythe trophy’s. Hey remember in 1986 during
he´s rookie season when he lead his team to a Stanley Cup
and won himself The Conn Smythe? Or Do you remember 1993
when Roy was the wall of then clear underdog Habs.
Winning another Cup and a Conn Smythe. Or in 1996
when he was “abandoned” to Colorado, where he again
won the Cup and the Conn Smythe.
Roy was a player who played to win, since he would not
accept defeat.

2.Steve Yzerman

If someone ever needed an explanation for the phase
“lead by example” you should show that person the picture
of Stevie Y. I mean when talking about Stevie, the first
thing you remember is “isn’t this the guy who played with
a one frickin leg in the 2002 and won the Stanley Cup?”

The one thing that makes Stevie the leader that he is
the fact, that he loves playing hockey.

1.Mark Messier

Won his last Stanley Cup 1994 as the captain of
Rangers, now that’s ten years ago, right?
Now during those ten years Mess hasn´t had alot
of success, since he has missed the playoffs
seven times in a row. But that doesn’t take away
the fact that he won 6 rings during his career and
scored 109 playoff goals.

Messier has always been a leader, some one that
the team veterans and the younger players trust.
In 1994 Mark Messier was the player who scored
the Stanley Cup winning goal for the Rangers.

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