The NEW York Rangers; What is on the Horizon?

Well last season was almost perfect, except Mr. Sather still remains in the office. But this offseason, there is a lot that can be talked about with this team.Last season we saw some overpriced underachievers get traded for a hell of a lot more than they were worth. The Rangers hold the 6th and the first round pick of the Maple Leafs which will be about 25th, plus five 2nd round picks, depending if the youngster brought over from Vancouver opts to sign, Umberger.

With all of the picks the Rangers have aquired, and the great looking prospects, will the Rangers move up to the #1 overall pick?

I have put a bit of thought into this.

-Washington is going to pick Ovechkin if they keep the #1 overall pick.

-The amount of money that the Caps will have to pay Russia to get him over to the NHL will be huge. Remember the fuss they gave when Zherdev came over? That will be nothing.

-Washington is almost out of money.

-Dolan wants only the best…on paper, and by judging by his scouting report, Ovechkin is.

-Sather will be fired if he upsets Dolan

-A lot to offer Washington in terms of picks, prospects

I think that the odds of the Rangers getting Ovechkin are better than slim. Also looking at recent 6th overalls:

Daniel Tkaczuk ’97

Rico Fata ’98

Brian Finley ’99

Well, Lets just say they haven’t turned into anything much. Finley could be an exception but it is too early to tell. Daniel is a bust and I saw Rico in the Mighty Ducks playing Luis Mendoza.

Also New York landed a couple of busts in Brendl (4th overall) and Malhotra (7th overall). So getting a pick that seems to be a sure superstar would be very nice.

Moving on…

Goalies, what will Glen do?

Right now there is an injured kid Blackburn,

LaBarbra who is doing great in the AHL but not too good in the NHL,

Dunham’s contract is up, as is

McLennan’s and I would love to see

Henrik Lundqvist play in Hartford before I say he is ready. Valiquette looked good, then awful late in the season.

So I think they could use a goalie, Dunham is a backup, Blackburn needs to see the minors, I just don’t see them great at the most important position. Bring back the Beezer or Richter! (sarcasm)

As far as skaters, I think the Rangers are fine. Young and hungry. I see no reason to make changes unless it is Holik leaving. Pavel Bure is now a free agent, he will probably retire or sign with Dallas to be with Val. Thank you Mess, enjoy retirement, please.

And finally the coaching situation. I like Renney, but I think that Jacques Martin, or Joel Quenneville are much better options. Also Eddy Johnston, if he would like to coach Jagr again. Jaromir had great success with him. Also would love to see Moose as an assistant, with Graves, and/or Beukeboom. (wishfull thinking; probably not best for team) Sather, no more Islander Alumni PLEASE!

Anyway your thoughts?

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