The NHLPA's proposition

By pushing for a hard salary cap and completly refusing the NHLPA’s proposition for a new CBA, the owners have shot themselves in the foot… again.

Recently the players association submitted a proposal to the league in regards to a new CBA. The deal allowed for an immediate 5% pay cut, a 850 000$ limit on entry level contracts, including bonus’, and revenue sharing. The owners refused, once again demanding a hard salary cap, which is reported to be around 35 million dollars.

Yet, to me, the deal sounds pretty good. No sense in letting things drag out further, come to a compromise in regards to the other disagreements and take the deal. The league has other buisness to attend to, such as obtaining a new US television deal, increasing attendance and improving the game’s sagging entertainement value.

The only thing the owners would need to do is add high team and player salary caps to ensure that wages don’t go to the heavens like in baseball. A 12 million dollar limit for individual players and a 90 million dollar cap for teams.

In spite of sometimes ridiculous salary demands, the owners and managers are the ones to blame for this mess. They’re the ones who players inordinate amounts of money for second class players such as Bobby Holik, Darius Kasparitis, Patrice Brisebois and others, after all.