The NY Rangers .. The Bermuda Triangle of Hockey

Are the NY Rangers the Bermuda Triangle of Hockey? It seems talented players go there never to be seen or heard from again.
They signed their franchise center away from one of their rivals and touted him to be one of the vital missing pieces to the puzzle. To date, said franchise center has missed more games in his first 2 months as a Ranger than he missed in 6 YEARS as a NJ Devil. Coincidence or conspiracy? You decide. To top it off, the crack medical staff in NY took a few weeks before properly diagnosing the injury, 2 partial ligament tears. When asked when Holik would be able to play again the crack medical staff could only give a time frame of anywhere from 5 days to next year. The NYR have now been rumored to be looking for reputable psychics to join their medical staff as the psychics have more credibility and can give a more accurate injury recovery time.

We won’t even touch Mr. “Is someone’s phone ringing?” Richter. It took the crack Rangers staff being made a laughing stock to finally publicly diagnose him with a concussion. I mean, how many days can you, with a straight face, walk up to the press and say “Yea, he has bad headaches and he’s woozy, but it’s not a concussion.”

The other signing this year, Darius “2nd worst +/- in the league” Kasparitus. The man who was going stabilize the Rangers blueline. What else is there to say but that the rangers pissed away another boatload of money. Something tells me that the Avalanche knew what they were doing when they didn’t resign him.

Also missing are Sathers Saviors from last year. In other words last year’s “missing pieces for the cup run” Eric Lindros and Pavel Bure. If found, please return them to the NYR as they’ve been looking for those 2 since the beginning of the year. Pavel has fewer goals than Mark Messier and Lindros with only 2 goals has 1/3rd the goals of linemate Rem Murry (that’s right Rem freaking Murray). Lindros with 8 points on the year and Bure with 11 points on the year (Bure with no points in 8 games) have been out played by a 40 year old man and a nobody.

Bure and Lindros are point a game players who just haven’t gotten it done in NY this year. Both are mired in the LONGEST SLUMPS of their careers, at the same time! Not to mention that they go on a winning streak as soon as their “savior” coach is suspended and lose again when he’s back behind the bench.

What in the name of Rocket Richard is going on here! No wonder Hitch***** couldn’t decline NY’s coaching offer fast enough and bolted for division rival Philadelphia.