The Pens trading Malkin. Good or bad idea???

I know there are some who want to lay the blame for the Pens playoff failure on Geno’s shoulders, but overall the team played the wrong system against the Habs and it cost them. Now come the rumors that Malkin could be had for the right price. I for one would put him out there to see what offers come in, and I will propose a couple for you to comment on, good or bad. I will try and maintain the salary cap, but if I put a wrong cap hit for a player, please let me know.

Malkin + rights to Ben Lovejoy for E. Johnson or A.Pieterangelo , David Backus , and the 14th pick in this year’s draft. The Pens get a backline to help with the loss of Gonchar, a solid winger to play with Sid, and a pick that could be possibly package with their 20th pick to move up. St.Louis gets a superstar forward they’ve been lacking. Salary wise, I believe this would save the Pens about 3 mil, but either D-man will be getting a new contract, so that money would be tied up.

Los Angeles
Malkin for Jack Johnson and Brayden Schenn. Another D-man (Crosby’s buddy I believe) and a solid forward prospect. Kings get their superstar forward they want. Salary wise, Pens would save maybe 4.5 mil, which could be used to lure Kovalchuk, who is also on the Kings radar.

Malkin for James Neal , Scott Glennie, the 11th pick in this years draft and a future 1st rounder. Crosby gets a winger, Glennie would move up to the top of the winger prospects for the Pens, and mutliple 1st rounders to help Shero strengthen the team. Dallas gets its new face of the franchise in Malkin. Salary wise, the Pens make out 5mil +, which can be used for free agent D-men. I think the Stars are somewhat under the cap, so this might not be as bad.

The only thing with trading a player like Malkin is you never get in return what you gave up. He is a proven superstar, and when given the reins to be #1, he takes it. But with the salary cap, your window is a short time, and the Pens could use this type of trade to solidify their team for years down the road. Any and all comments welcome, good or bad.

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  1. hockeylegend488 says:

    now adays most teams are at the cap or will  be, you gotta make yourself the best you can ,and its hard to play 3 centers at once .i think 30 mil is tied up between crosby malkin stall and fleury. Malkins a great player, would compliment any team, but be honest this is cids team, he and stall will always be in the shadow and for the best of there careers they be better off dealt. stall with heart and 2 way make him a bargain ,especially with his physical and 2 way presence. Some teams pay alot more for that kinda guy around. I think any trade would work provided same cap returns and they get gonchar straightened out. I still think alot of them oilers trades made perfect sence.

    To pittsburgh
    Hemsky,a cheap defenseman Smid mabye and a third line center cause thats what they need mabye cogliano and throw in a second round pick

    edmonton Malkin

    now befor you say wont work, the same trade was accepted for heatly, and sure he wanted to be dealt but his salary was1.5 mil less, and hemsky is for the money one of best wingers availible ide say.

    I also think the leafs should try and get him for kessel, shenn,kaberle mabye try and get a pick out of the pens too

  2. Redwings3019 says:

    Im kind of getting tired of these Malkin trade talks that involve teams that make no sense.

    First Im going to admit Im biased and my value of Malkin isnt as high as others (and most likely his true value…Im sorry but atleast Ill admit it) These dont seem too bad…

    To start St. Louis isnt even going to look for a young center. With Berglund, Oshie and Eller they have no reason to do this. Malkin is better but why add to an already filled position and why trade away their future defence at the same time? St. Louis could use their 14th overall to fill their lack of prospects on the wings and in net (I believe they have 1-2 for each spot) The projected draft has forwards and the number 1 goalie listed here.
    St. Louis could possibly be losing Mason as of July 1st, I havent heard anything about contract talks. As far as I know Johnson hasnt even signed a new contract so it would just be the rights to him and thats going to be probably in the 4-5 mil range for a new contract, Pietrangelo is another 3.2 (w/ bonus) and Backes is 2.5. Pitsburgh would need to let some of their RFA/UFAs go or make another trade if they want this done, while filling their other spots (this trade makes the list shorter though…). To be honest the value for me is too much (with Johnson signed…). Johnson and Pietrangelo are going to be among the best defencemen in the league one day so I dont think St. Louis would be willing to move that for another center. I could see one of these players plus one of their centers but from what I saw Oshie looks too good to be moved. Hard to say because St. Louis really doesnt have that next star but Oshie sure looks like he could be…

    Los Angeles wont do this for one reason and thats Anze Kopitar. They have that superstar forward in him (I think he could be as good as Malkin) I think they would rather have Staal so they could get that second line center. The value is better in this trade Jack Johnson is expendable in LA since Doughty showed his skills but I still think they would like him as the counter-balance to Doughty's style. LA is sticking with Kopitar as their number 1 guy so trading for a number 1 doesnt make sense thats why I think Staal would be the smart choice for a trade with LA.

    Dallas has a self-imposed salary cap, both on overall cap and per player. Ive been told this so Im not sure what it is per player or for the overall (Richards is 7.8 so Malkin's 8.7 (?) is pushing it probably). Malkin with Eriksson would be a sick line to see play. Dallas loses all their current cap but basically have all the key contracts signed or could be signed by the cap freed up by the UFAs. They dont seem to have that next franchise player behind Modano (Eriksson is good but Malkin is more of a franchise player) Problem is that self-imposed cap and if they are willing to spend some money than I think they would rather go for Kovalchuk than trade away prospects/picks for an equal impact player. A big issue with this trade is, as far as I know, Neal hasnt signed with Dallas so it is again just rights to a player, the value is off in this trade.

    Its hard to imagin a trade for Malkin with teams that have a large cap because Kovalchuk is either going to be an UFA or his rights will cost less than getting Malkin.

    If Pitsburgh is willing to trade a center than Staal is the better choice because theyll get what they need and I think more teams would be willing to talk (which gives better options). Staal wont get as much as Malkin but teams would like that (they get that first/second line center star but its not going to cost an arm and a leg, just the arm) Plus than Pitsburgh keeps Malkin and Crosby and have that top 3/6 winger. Pitsburgh needs to either move Staal to the wing or trade him, thats their best option.

  3. broc says:

    Uhh, didn't Shero just say any rumors of Malkin being traded were bullshit?

  4. hockey_lover says:

    The Caps should also try to trade Ovechkin for Nash and Vermette.

    So .. much … dumbassery.

  5. rc21pa says:

    I'm gonna answer with a short statement here.


    We tried this before with trading Jagr and feel flat on our faces and really not in the mood to see history repeat itself here.

    Any team in the west have to give.
    2011 and 2012 (maybe even a third) first rounders and two to three roster players to make this work.  two would have to be a top two winger and proven and a top four d-man with shutdown abilities.

  6. pensrulebonesy87 says:

    hey all…
    it has been a while since someone has posted something here. So i figured i would try to get the ball rolling. Now one thing to note is that Malkin is a great second line center to Crosby. However, the kid is ready to be the top dog on a team. Now with this kovulchuk situation one thing comes to my mind. Parise, now many people think that malkin is better then parise and that is arguable. but it should be noted that parise is arguably the best north american winger in the nhl, and he could suit crosby very well in the future of this team. another thing is that Staal is ready to be a second line center, and when bilsma does elect to move malkin up with crosby malkin always wants the puck on his stick when crosby is clearly the go to guy. Parise and Crosby would both benefit from a deal like this.
    The pens have made two key aquisitions which could make this work in my opinion. With the two big D-men signings and with Lovejoy ready to go, maybe it is time for pittsburgh to move letang with malkin. Now this is a lot of salary for New jersey to take on but look at it in there eyes. Malkin and kovulchuk have chemistry, and the team would like to have a puck moving defencemen. Also both Parise and Kovulchuk play left wing. This will probably never happen but think about it. Makes complete sense for both teams. Now what would pitts need to get back to make this deal work? good question i know haha.
    How about Malkin and Letang (12.3 mil)
    Parise, Elias, white (12.125 mil)

    Now Newjersey and Elias have expressed interest in kaberle, so it is good to note that the devils really want a puck moving defencemen. Pittsburgh got Martin to fill the void of gonchar.

    Pens new lines
    Parise-Crosby-Guerin (hopefully)



    this trade would give pitts about 3 mil to resign guerin and Lovejoy. which would easily work for this team

    this is again a dream in my opinion. Parise can score 50 goals plus with crosby. and he can penalty kill like no other… the PP would be
    martin – agog

    and the PK would be
    Parise-Staal (by far best in the nhl)

    this team would be in a better position in my opinion with this deal. its time for malkin to go, with good players coming back unlike jagr. Parise is a 90+ point player. and crosby could get him to malkin numbers. or better, it would be the best tandem in the nhl. better then ovechkins top line.

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