The Pens trading Malkin. Good or bad idea???

I know there are some who want to lay the blame for the Pens playoff failure on Geno’s shoulders, but overall the team played the wrong system against the Habs and it cost them. Now come the rumors that Malkin could be had for the right price. I for one would put him out there to see what offers come in, and I will propose a couple for you to comment on, good or bad. I will try and maintain the salary cap, but if I put a wrong cap hit for a player, please let me know.

Malkin + rights to Ben Lovejoy for E. Johnson or A.Pieterangelo , David Backus , and the 14th pick in this year’s draft. The Pens get a backline to help with the loss of Gonchar, a solid winger to play with Sid, and a pick that could be possibly package with their 20th pick to move up. St.Louis gets a superstar forward they’ve been lacking. Salary wise, I believe this would save the Pens about 3 mil, but either D-man will be getting a new contract, so that money would be tied up.

Los Angeles
Malkin for Jack Johnson and Brayden Schenn. Another D-man (Crosby’s buddy I believe) and a solid forward prospect. Kings get their superstar forward they want. Salary wise, Pens would save maybe 4.5 mil, which could be used to lure Kovalchuk, who is also on the Kings radar.

Malkin for James Neal , Scott Glennie, the 11th pick in this years draft and a future 1st rounder. Crosby gets a winger, Glennie would move up to the top of the winger prospects for the Pens, and mutliple 1st rounders to help Shero strengthen the team. Dallas gets its new face of the franchise in Malkin. Salary wise, the Pens make out 5mil +, which can be used for free agent D-men. I think the Stars are somewhat under the cap, so this might not be as bad.

The only thing with trading a player like Malkin is you never get in return what you gave up. He is a proven superstar, and when given the reins to be #1, he takes it. But with the salary cap, your window is a short time, and the Pens could use this type of trade to solidify their team for years down the road. Any and all comments welcome, good or bad.