The Post-Burke Era

I haven’t written an article in a long time, but here we go. With all the talks about the CBA and how it will affect teams and the league, why just talk about some hockey, especially the Canucks. Vancouver surely has grown well as a team from the Quinn ERA, losing and not making any money, to a team full of talent and selling out most games. However I feel the need to talk about some things. Now that Brian Burke has come and gone building a very good team for Dave Nonis to play with, Nonis has alot of things in which he has to think what is best for the team, now I have heard the Kariya and Niedermayer rumors, and as a Nucks fan I would obviously love this, but just because Burke is gone it doesn’t mean that the team concept changes, both Kariya and Niedermayer, would have 2 take low salaries to come to this team, because of the CBA, and Vancouver tries to avoid, those big free agents contracts.

which brings me to the Bertuzzi contract why is a guy who had one breakthrough year given 8 mill. when everyone knows that the CBA is coming soon ? Naslund is the teams captain and scoring leader and makes less then Bertuzzi now that’s just messed up. Vancouver will soon have alot of problems with that contract once the CBA hits.

We will now look at th Nucks U.F.A list that Vancouver will have to look at for this season Magnus Arvedson, Mike Keane, Maritin Rucinsky, Johan Hedberg, Marc Bergevin, now out of this small group of players i would only re-sign Rucinsky, because i know what he is capable of still doing, he would be a solid 3rd liner and a 2nd liner as well if needed. with auld in the fold Hedberg is no longer needed, beause Cloutier does not want 2 loose his job 2 a kid, keane provides leadership, but so does naslund, bertuzzi, linden, and jovocop. Now looking through the rest of the free agents i really do believe that the Nucks should go after on defense i woudl have to say Joel Bouchard, Bob Bougher with a pay cut, Sean Hill wit a pay cut, Curtis Leschyshyn with a small pay cut, Sean O’donnel pay cut, Zhitnik (won’t happen) but would be nice to see, Matichuk pay cut, and Dan Mcgillis, now obviously I mean in no way to get all of them, but one of them would add to an already good defence. Forwards would be Kariya (lol), Selanne with a huge pay cut, Glen Murray and Grant Marshall, ( I know that they are all big names but with the new CBA you never no, but i know its highly doubtful)

Now on to the Future, this is not something the Canucks are usually known for, the sedins aren’t looking that well, Umberger is with Philly, Fedorov is sounding like a head case. However Ryan Kelser is looking like a solid player, and Brandon Reid should be playing, he is just way to good of a player, and play hard. Looking at this years draft mock draft is showing the Nucks going after Lukas Kaspar, which he is an ok player, but might not have the offensive ability and areas that hey need, someone like Andrew Ladd is who they should go after, but Ladd WILL NOT fall that low for the Nucks to draft him, so in saying that I would like to see the Nucks go after a centre or winger, as defensively the Nucks seem alright for a little while. Guys like Robbie Shremp, and Kyle Chipchura, Alexander Radulov, and Lauri Korpikoski are what the Nucks should try and go for.

That’s just my opinion, I leave with saying that I know that people will go after my article, but hey at least its not about the Leafs, and each time I named a big name player I was realistic and said that I doubt it.

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