The Predators, Or The Prey?

Unlike The Minnesota Wild, or the Columbus Blue Jackets, The Nashville Predators have not made steps to improve their team since becoming part of the NHL. Things do not seem to be getting any better in the town nicknamed “Smashville”. Nashville fans wont be able to count on their team doing any smashing this year. No notable big off-season moves were made, and when looking at their roster I wondered how this team would make it this year.

Is there a future for this team? Yea I would say there is, in maybe 15, 20 years. Nashville needs solid scorers, men who can play defense, and goaltending. They pretty much need the whole package. We haven’t heard of many young stars coming out of Nashville unlike the Blue Jackets and Wild. Marian Gaborik, and Rick Nash are at least something to build off of. Nashville’s prospects aren’t bad yet they still have to get a young guy who they can build their team with.

The best players consist of David Legwand, Scott Hartnell, and Mike Eaton. There are few players who can score goals and become leaders for this team. How will this change? The Predators will need to see some change in everything from goaltending, to its coaching staff. I would hate to see Nashville as one of the teams who always misses the playoffs. If changes are not seen soon for “Smashville” The Predators may not being doing much hunting this season, but instead being the hunted.

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  1. defenestrate says:


  2. distance7 says:

    Well first off, do more research before you down a team like this. A future in 15 or 20 years? The future is now. Yeah, where exactly do you get off saying changes in goaltending? The Preds have a great young goalie in Tomas Vokoun, and great prospects in Lasek and Finley. They have scoring prospects coming up as well. Watch out for Jordin Tootoo and Scotty Upshall. Dan Hamhuis as well. This team isn’t as bad as you’re saying. They’ll break the 90 point plateau as long as Legwand is healthy. He’s the leader of that team and it was proven last year by them not winning in his absence with a broken collar bone. Legwand had the team, what? within a point of edmonton before he was injured? and they have NO FUTURE? Trotz is a good coach working with what he has, they’ve built young prospects out the wazoo, buddy. It proves you know NOTHING about the team by criticizing the goaltending at all. Criticize it when Vokoun shuts out your favorite team next year.

  3. Lafleur_10 says:

    90 points is a far cry from 74 from last year. I can’t see Nashville breaking that barrier especially since San Jose & Los Angeles had below average seasons last year.

  4. distance7 says:

    If they stay healthy they will. You have to remember that they were without Legwand and Johansson at the end of the year, that caused their slump. Goaltending was steady and that’s always a helper. I’m just saying, watch out for the Preds, they won’t be as bad as everyone seems to think they are.

  5. bruinfan37 says:

    I hate basing people for their articles, but you wrote on something you seem to know nothing about!! Your saying Columbus is better? Or that they have a superstar, which Nashville lacks? Do you not remember that Nashville was in the playoffs, or 2 points out until the last 2 weeks of the season?? Then I don’t think they won a game.

    They have 3 right wingers that will be great players for a while. Orszagh, Scott Walker, and Adam Hall. Not to mention on left wing, Scott Hartnell, who has loads of potential. Ever heard of a guy named Kimmo Timonen? He, like other Predators has one hell of a future in the NHL.

    They need goaltending??????????? Vokoun?? Thats why people are going nuts about Dunham now, and was he not outplaying him for a while??? Hey, is Nashville doesn’t want him, I’ll take him for the Bruins goalie!

    One more person I’ll add, is David Legwand! Yet again, loads of potential, and will only get better!!

    C’mon, do some more research if your going to make an article. Its one thing to just do a summary on a team when you don’t know much about them, but its another when you say they have no future!!

  6. rrudd says:

    if i may attempt to come to mr. skillz’ defense:

    it sounds to me like madskillz99 might be a preds fan who’s just beaten down. i could be wrong.

    yes, the preds have some great prospects who will, no doubt, be very fine players.

    but i don’t think any of them will be a gaborik or a nash. again, i could be wrong.

    it just seems to me that if i were a preds fan, i’d be a little discouraged as well. it does seem like the other young teams are taking slightly greater strides to improve.

    but trotz is a good coach my friend, and vokoun is a good goalie. take heart.

  7. Lafleur_10 says:

    Good Points.

  8. comrie44 says:

    David Legwand will make a great sleeper pick for anyone in a pool this year.

    He was flying until he broke his collarbone.

    Nashville ain’t that bad, they got Vokoun, Timonen, Johansson, Scotty Walker, Adam Hall, not to mention to great prospects in Suter, Hamhuis, Upshall

  9. Enigma says:

    Nashville shouldn’t have been broughten in to the league in the first place, no offense to any predator fans out there but really that city doesn’t deserve a hockey team.

  10. distance7 says:

    Well hopefully “broughten” is a typo. But, well, don’t say anything about Nashville. Why don’t they deserve a team? Hell, take it away from Atlanta, they tried and failed at having a team before, right Calgary?

  11. mikster says:

    Vokoun ain’t THAT young, he is 27 years old. Lasek and Finley have done exactly…….what? Finley is on the verge of becoming a bust. He was even sent to the ECHL, and rarely does a 1st rounder have to do that. Lasak is a career back up goalie, not much there.

    Tootoo may make it, but he does need time to develop in the AHL. Upshall should help, but you can’t expect him to score 25 goals, maybe not even 20. The Preds do not have a strong offense.

    Hamhuis will, rather should, make the team since they lack defensive depth.

    I doubt they will break the 90 point plateau with a young and very inexperienced defense and with a below average offense.

    I think the author’s point is valid, though i’d pick Nashville over the B’Jacks anyday.

    The Wild have Gaborik as their top gun and solid defensemen in Mitchell, Kuba, Schultz…they have the best tandem in the NHL, and the best coach. But, Gaborik makes that team superb, he is their sniper. The Thrashers have Heatley, Kovalchuk, soon Lehtonen will come up. They have two snipers and they should make more noise than the Preds, if anything they have a higher chance of reaching 90 points.

    The Preds lack their sniper…they lack their top notch 1st line threat player.

    With the goaltending, he is wrong. I was, and is, a Vokoun fan when i first saw him play…….3 years ago i think. I like left handed goalies! I think he is solid and he even said that he’s gotten better with Dunham’s help.

    I think they lack the offense, and i don’t think they will pull it off defensively as they did last season. Too many young and inexperienced d-men that will make mistakes, costing mistakes.

  12. Enigma says:

    yea it is, i wasn’t thinking i guess….should be brought in, and yes atlanta doesn’t deserve one either, 5 teams that shouldn’t have one:


    New Jersey (despite have a cup winning team, they still draw poorly)


    Atlanta (not only a bad hockey town, but also a bad sports town, see braves and hawks for example.)

    and florida

  13. cwthrash says:

    I will go on record in saying that Atlanta is a bad sports town. From someone who has lived in and/or around this city for the last quarter century, I can attest to that. Without question, this is very much a fair-weather sports town.

    However, I will disagree with the basics. Hear me out. The reason that the Flames were moved to Calgary was bad management, not lack of support. The owner of the team did not do his job when the team was in Atlanta, it was a nightmare of mis-management. Regrettably, the NHL had to move the team.

    At present, Atlanta has over 4 million residents. More than half of those hail from up north (mostly business reasons). We actually have more fans or potential fans than most Canadian cities (and that is excluding the Georgia-born residents of the city). The actual fan base is quite large and the potential fan base can rival many of the large cities in the US.

    I’m not a fan of what Bettman has done to the league in general, but he is not an idiot. The league saw a very large market that they could take advantage of. In time, they will. To chastise them only four years into such a potentially lucrative venture is just plain moronic.

  14. Johnny_Blaze says:

    Nashville will not make the playoffs this year. There are too many better teams in the west this coming year. Sure, every team has some good players and promising young stars, but it’s hard to say Nashville will do well this year. Vokoun is a solid goaltender, but by no means is he Super Star quality…yet. I believe he will be one day, but not now. Maybe Nashville does have to try to acquire a big name goal scorer to keep pace in the west???

    I agree with what madskillz99 is saying that Nashville has done nothing to really improve themselves this offseason. THEY HAVEN’T. What have they done?


  15. Hyfte says:

    As a Nashville fan I will say you are dead wrong.They will make the playoffs because they stress team chemisty.They are building around there youth and thats the way to go these days.Buy the way they have great goaltending and they have exellent prospects un like your damn leafs.

    PS. and thats coming from a Canadian

  16. GO-HABS-GO says:

    vokoun is the most underated of all the young goaltenders in the NHl today. He’s the kind of the of guy that they should be building around.

  17. GeniushockeyKID says:

    Oh man, for now on whenever someone posts a comment mentioning anything about moving atlanta or saying they don’t deserve a team, you can always expect cwthrash to give this speech. im not trashin you man im just saying its grown to be quite entertaining to read your comebacks.

  18. GeniushockeyKID says:

    oh yeah i was just thinking we should have a predator fan on here like you named cwnash….not really hilarious but i thought it was hehe material…

  19. defenestrate says:

    Uh oh………

  20. revolution says:

    Vokoun is 27, hardly young. Regardless of what the legions of Preds fans seem to think, they can’t have a 90 point season. They let one of their best D in Cale Hulse leave for Phoenix, thereby depleting an already porous defense. Not 15 or 20 years, but they certainly aren’t at the level of the other teams yet. Columbus has actually shown a sort of commitment to winning, signing Todd Marchant et al. Meanwhile, in Nashville the team’s having trouble even maintaining their current payroll. I’m big on Hartnell, but it is true that neither him or Legwand has impressed anyone as much as Nash, Heatley, Kovalchuk or Gaborik. As for Brian Finley, his career is more or less in jeopardy, as Jan Lasak is already regarded higher on the depth chart. The play coming from him is hardly the kind you’d expect from a sixth overall pick.

    The team may be competitive in the long run, but playoff contention this year is probably out of the question due to the inevitable resurgence of L.A. and San Jose. Even more so for the 90 point plateau.

  21. aaron says:

    They did dump all their dead weight (Gilchrest, Skrastins, those other guys who are so bad I don’t even know their names). They’re going with a younger team this year. I think its a good move, personally, but that’s just me. Who saw Minnesota coming last year?

  22. aaron says:

    San Jose? Ha. They’ve scuttled their team beyond recognition.

  23. titans says:


  24. titans says:

    WOW! They suck! Alot!

  25. GeniushockeyKID says:

    oh yeah i was just thinking we should have a predator fan on here like you named cwnash….not really hilarious but i thought it was hehe material…

  26. cwthrash says:

    I actually have other effective arguments about this. Detailed, economic driven, demographic breakdown of this city and several others to prove the point. But this argument gets the point across better.

    Besides, I’m pretty much the only one defending this team. There are a few others, but none who believe in it as much as I do. I’m a man alone on an island here, doing my best to beat back the natives, for close to two years now.

    It ain’t easy, but I accept the challenge. To beat back ignorance on person at a time.

  27. distance7 says:

    Man, that blew my arguement right out of the water. I conceide victory to you, sir.

  28. Enigma says:

    ok so tell me what position do they make it in ? and who are the teams they beat out ?

    i can see Detroit, Dallas, Colorado, St louis, Los Angelas, Vancouver, anaheim and one of Edmonton, Chicago, san jose (underachieved last year, but in my opinion will bounce back) and Phoenix for the 8th seed.

  29. Enigma says:

    oh and Minnesota,

    P.s. you may be canadian but you’re still a nashville fan, could be some biast there.

  30. Madskillz99 says:


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