The Predators, Or The Prey?

Unlike The Minnesota Wild, or the Columbus Blue Jackets, The Nashville Predators have not made steps to improve their team since becoming part of the NHL. Things do not seem to be getting any better in the town nicknamed “Smashville”. Nashville fans wont be able to count on their team doing any smashing this year. No notable big off-season moves were made, and when looking at their roster I wondered how this team would make it this year.

Is there a future for this team? Yea I would say there is, in maybe 15, 20 years. Nashville needs solid scorers, men who can play defense, and goaltending. They pretty much need the whole package. We haven’t heard of many young stars coming out of Nashville unlike the Blue Jackets and Wild. Marian Gaborik, and Rick Nash are at least something to build off of. Nashville’s prospects aren’t bad yet they still have to get a young guy who they can build their team with.

The best players consist of David Legwand, Scott Hartnell, and Mike Eaton. There are few players who can score goals and become leaders for this team. How will this change? The Predators will need to see some change in everything from goaltending, to its coaching staff. I would hate to see Nashville as one of the teams who always misses the playoffs. If changes are not seen soon for “Smashville” The Predators may not being doing much hunting this season, but instead being the hunted.