The Prez situation

So all this talk about the Leafs looking for an experienced hocky man to run the hockey side of MLSE. heres a rundown of the 3 main candidates, plus my surprise pick, pay attention Peddie and Tanenbaum.

Scotty Bowman- Basically the perfect man for the job. Experienced, Elderly, Winning Attitude. The one problem is that he has zero interest. Unless they can entice him with something other than money i don’t see this happening.

Craig Patrick- Frankly is not much of an improvement than what we have. He did win the Miracle on ice as Ass.Gm and was integral for the Penguins cup runs but has not been very successful as of late, and does not seem like the top tier guy the leafs want.

John Muckler- He must have an interest at getting back at his old team. No better place to do it then TO. Experienced has won previousely, has good eye for talent. Is from Ontario. Seems like good fit, just one question. He didin’t communicate well with Jaques Martin, Murray or apparently Melnyk in Ottawa. Coincidence?

Mt personal favourite: Bobby Clarke.

Experience, has passion, funny to say but he would have less pressure b/c Gm takes criticism rarely prez, and he would be out of the media more than when he was a GM. He has great eye for draft and with pogge coming up, his one issue of not being able to find a goalie may already be solved for him??

Thoughts?? Any other candidates??

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  1. MogilnyFan1990 says:

    good points…  i wouldn't want craig to run things for the leafs though.. 

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