The Price is Right, Bob!

It appears that the Montreal Canadiens have made their final roster cuts and they are:

Staying with the Habs:
Goaltender Carey Price…well I’m speachless!

Others notables include:
Mikhail Grabovski
Kyle Chipchura

Sent Down to Hamilton:

Jaroslav Halak
Maxim Lapierre
Ryan O’Bryne

Opinions on this decision are welcomed( I assume there will be a lot)

2 Responses to The Price is Right, Bob!

  1. Stubbs25ca says:

    Well i for one am very excited about this move. It shows that Gainey is still in controll of this organization is looking out for the best intrest of the team. I also like the move for several other reasons, The first being ok lets say he goes down to the minors and at the end of the year Huet demands a large contract .. what do we do then who do we have . well you might say Halak well last time i checked he dont have that much nhl experience either and i for one do not feel comfortable with Halak as the starter and Price as the backup next year and even if price starts next year and beats halak and danis for the starting job assuming huet is gone then thats not a whole lot of experience and that kind of scares me . I love the fact that Gainey personally made the move this shows Price that this is his team and he is the goalie for the future but you have to prove it . so far Gainey is giving him every chance in the world to succed and if does grab the bull by the horns then wonderfull and if he isnt quit ready then Huet can do the job. all one can ask for in life is a fair shot and somebody to belive in him and if Gainey belives in this kid and the habs players do, and after what i say at the WJC and the AHl playoffs there is no reason to belive this guy wont be the next big things in teh bleu blanc et rouge .. buckle up hab fans im getting goose bumbs thinking about this year .

  2. habsgod says:

    let the price show begin!!he's here!!he's ariived!!the habs next superstar goalie!!welcome carey!!!

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