The Price is wrong?????

The Canadiens season starts in about a month and surprisingly the biggest question for the Habs right now is in net. Instead, this time it’s not about if Price can handle the pressure once again, as its now if he will ever sign with the club. Rumors have began to swirl that Price is demanding a lot of money from the club since he’s their only goaltender.

The Canadiens are in an odd position as they traded away Halak, before Price was signed, and now left with him to be the starting goaltender. Great news for Price is he has all the leverage in the matter, as Montreal is desperate to fill the void, and needs to keep the guy they stated they wanted. The bad news for Montreal is this could be another nail in a franchise with an already heavily tied salary cap. The Habs would have 30 million dollars tied in players for the 11-12 season, sounds good right??? Now the worse news, that would be a total of 9 players tied to the cap and a bunch of roster spots to fill. Also, key player Markov is one of the free agents.

So if Price demands Halak money, or gets even more??? Is the Halak trade really that worth it???

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  1. lafleur10 says:

    price isn't demandinghalak money,they have apparently agreed on a deal now it's the length price wants a 3 yr deal the canadiens are offering 2

     here's the link:

  2. TheLeafNation91 says:

    It's quite nteresting though, because most players would take the shorter deal to prove their worth more money…

    Is Price unsure of his own future?

  3. HABSSTAR says:

    What's even more interesting is how badly you and several other Leafs (as well as other teams') fans are wishing for there to be a problem. 

  4. DannyLeafs says:

    Personally I don't get it either. The story is only talked about because of the Halak trade. Realistically, most teams haven't signed their most coveted RFA's yet. Ryan, Neal, Stewart, Niemi, etc. are all still unsigned. Arbitration plays a role. I know Price doesn't have arbitration rights, but Niemi's arbitration result could impact what Price expects. No matter the result, it's not really going to be a big issue. Montreal has about 4.5 million in cap space with 21 players already under contract. There is plenty of room for Price. The worst case scenario is Montreal ends up overpaying by about a half million a year over a two or three year term. Not the end of the world. I think he will be looking for somwhere in the neighborhood of 2.5 to 3 million.

  5. albertateams says:

    I think they still should have signed Price before Halak was traded it would have helped in the negotiations if nothing else.

  6. TheLeafNation91 says:

    CSN Washington seems to agree with me and not what you said about both sides being close, and this is dated July 26th

  7. DannyLeafs says:

    I agree about that. I am by no means endorsing Gautier's handling of the situation. Personally I think he has done very little right thus far as the Habs GM. I was just stating that I don't think there is any need to panic about Price not being signed yet. I don't think he will end up commanding so much that the Habs will be unable to sign him, or in a terrible cap situation because of it. The Halak situation was handled horribly, I just don't think that the damage is irreversible.

  8. HABSSTAR says:

    Yeah, you're pretty much bang on.  I'm not upset about them trading Halak, I just wonder what the rush was.  It could have been used as leverage in negotiating with Price and his agent.  But again, it's not the end of the world.  Then again, who knows, maybe having Halak around would have hindered the process.  Price may have been looking at it as "I'm not signing sh*it, until I know where I stand in the goaltending rotation". 

    As well, I like Gauthier's move of getting Sergei K out.  I don't even care what he got back for him, I'm just glad he's not in Montreal anymore.  He has lots of talent but it was obvious that he was never going to accomplish anything in Montreal.  Maybe going to Nashville will help his head. 

  9. HABSSTAR says:

    Oh ok, debate over then! CSN Washington is speculating on the situation therefore their word is gold.  Besides, there would be no reason at all, absolutely none,  that anything/anyone in Washington having to do with hockey would have an axe to grind with the Canadiens…nope none.  Looks like we have Auld as our #1 this year.

    Oh well, we'll tank, and pick first overall!  Yippee! 

  10. mon167 says:

    If Price is making any demands its Gauthier's fault…I mean say what you want but Price is able to make demands…now that they traded away the other goalie and theres nothing in the system so..

  11. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Come on. The Washington media is making up hab controversies because of the Caps first round exit at the hands of the habs? Come on. Thats a stretch. Contract issues are not new, but I don't remember a "holdout" in years, so don't bet on that happening.

  12. HABSSTAR says:

    Only slightly more so than referencing any media out of DC for hockey matters. 

  13. leafit2me says:

    I just don't like the way young unproven commodities like Price, Sweatt and a few others have that sense of entitlement to the extent that they hold their teams hostage looking for a better deal that they clearly have not earned. I don't think these guys understand the team concept, its all about "I want it all, and I want it now" for them. I hope Luke Schenn doesn't pull this BS next year.

    I always maintained that Price should have been the one traded. Look at Halak, signed a deal w/ the Blues weeks ago. No fuss No muss!

  14. TimTheBone says:

    ok well the way i see it….. if im Price or Halak…. why would i sign a contract knowing that Montreal management are planning to trade one of us…. I wait and see what the management decides and see who they put their faith into…. If im Price or Halak I only sign on the dotted line once i know that I'm the starter!…. So no to me its not an option to sign a guy before someone is traded….

    Now… please tell me HOW Price has any leverage in this situation…..He's an RFA with no arbitration rights, (even if he did, he wouldn't justify being paid a penny more than halak, which wouoldnt be the end of the world here in MTL), he won't become UFA, and if he doesnt eventually sign he'll have to sit out… unless someone throws an offer sheet at him for 5 million or higher… that would be a ridiculous move for any GM and MTL has the space to match anything cheaper……….

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, again please tell me how Price has ANY leverage in this situation…. All thats happening now is the two parties are stuck on terms (obviously) which most likely boils down to the dollar amount…  it's most likely price is asking for 3 to 3.5 and MTL probably doesnt want to pay him more than 2.5 given that there's 4.7 in cap space with the current roster (eller included) and MTL would like that 2-3 million in space to work in minor leaguers and/or injury and/or possible future trades….

    Next offseason is a big time for us Habs fans.,… With Hamrlik, AK47, and possibly Gill coming off the books for good that frees up 11 million is space…. Gorges will get a raise probably from 3-4 million….  and then selects from the bottom 6 will be bropught back…. Boyd Lapierre Pyatt are all RFA and Darche a UFA…. Boyd and Pyatt most likely will be back, and Lapierre may as well be back….. Darche most likely is gone and some better skilled depth will be signed or brought up from the emerging minor leaguers….

    It'll be interesting to see next offseason…. it could be a big one for us especially with the coming field of UFAs…….

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