The Project

Ok, here’s the deal. Over the summer, there is going to be a great tournament. A grudge match, if you will, between the best teams of the 1980’s and the best teams of the 1990’s (a time machine will make this possible, work with me ppl).

The entire playoff will be simulated and predicted by the “experts” working on the project (that would be, at the moment, me, Mikster, Manta Ray, defenstrate, and Foppa from Wow…I’ve sent PMs to Booty, Tony, and daMick to see if they wish to join up as well…answer those guys…and all of you, head over to the site we’re coordinating this from please).

However, we are also in need of more staff members…ppl who know the teams we’re using like the back of their hand and are willing to put in some time and effort to write out game summaries and side reports on the series their team is involved in. Here are the teams we still need staff members for (assuming the 3 ppl mentioned above sign on):


1999 Buffalo Sabres

1999 Dallas Stars

any 1990 Ottawa Senators team (you pick)


1980’s Edmonton Oilers

1989 Calgary Flames

1980’s Montreal Canadians

1980’s Philadelphia Flyers (maybe)

1980’s Washington Capitals

1992 Pittsburgh Penguins

1980’s Boston Bruins

Keep in mind that we don’t need a bunch of homers coming on, saying how their team is going to win it all. We need ppl who know their teams strengths AND weaknesses and are willing to accept defeat, upsets, etc.

Post your e-mail, any instant messangers, team, and other contact information her.e