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Ok, here’s the deal. Over the summer, there is going to be a great tournament. A grudge match, if you will, between the best teams of the 1980’s and the best teams of the 1990’s (a time machine will make this possible, work with me ppl).

The entire playoff will be simulated and predicted by the “experts” working on the project (that would be, at the moment, me, Mikster, Manta Ray, defenstrate, and Foppa from Wow…I’ve sent PMs to Booty, Tony, and daMick to see if they wish to join up as well…answer those guys…and all of you, head over to the site we’re coordinating this from please).

However, we are also in need of more staff members…ppl who know the teams we’re using like the back of their hand and are willing to put in some time and effort to write out game summaries and side reports on the series their team is involved in. Here are the teams we still need staff members for (assuming the 3 ppl mentioned above sign on):


1999 Buffalo Sabres

1999 Dallas Stars

any 1990 Ottawa Senators team (you pick)


1980’s Edmonton Oilers

1989 Calgary Flames

1980’s Montreal Canadians

1980’s Philadelphia Flyers (maybe)

1980’s Washington Capitals

1992 Pittsburgh Penguins

1980’s Boston Bruins

Keep in mind that we don’t need a bunch of homers coming on, saying how their team is going to win it all. We need ppl who know their teams strengths AND weaknesses and are willing to accept defeat, upsets, etc.

Post your e-mail, any instant messangers, team, and other contact information her.e

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  1. starsgirl25 says:

    i can do the stars, i wouldn’t mind some help from the other stars fans too, hey we can all work together, and i promise it won’t go under my name and look like i did all the stuff or knew it all.

    if u stars fans want to help me u can 🙂

    email– ask me thru the private messages please

    aim– JoeNieuRocks (yes i like joe nieuwendyk)

  2. Hockeyman93 says:

    just curious here, but what exactly makes someone an “expert”? and how could you prove that they know more about a team than someone else on the site?

  3. aaron says:

    Um, I was using the word “expert” kinda sarcastically. It’ll basically be from my experience with different ppl on the site, and the recommendations of other staff members.

    Basically, I want someone who knows the team really well, including some of the side issues like chemistry, injury tendency, playoff heroes, etc, and who will be able to give an accurate and HONEST opinion of how that team would perform in the tournament and in their current matchup. They should also be willing to write some game summaries, whether their team wins or loses and the like.

    I still haven’t gotten all the details worked out…some of it will depend on how much time and effort the staff members will be willing to put into this.

  4. Kashin says:

    One team that there should be up there in my opinion is the Blackhawks in 1992. If you look at some of the guys they had they were amazing until the cup. They also had a pretty good back up goalie. I would replace it with Ottawa.

    Out of all these teams I would see Calgary or 89 or 86 was the most unique of these teams. Just watching tapes of Macinnis in his prime. A player like that today would lead his team to the cup by himself.

  5. aaron says:

    I thought about them…but they’re kinda in the 80’s/90’s void like the Penguins. Maybe I’ll replace Washington w/ them, that’s still up for debate. Either way, they’re basically just a warmup round for the Devils.

    I’ve never actually seen an old Calgary video…all Classic ever plays are the Oilers, Bruins, and Isles. I definately need someone who knows the 80’s *really* well on the team, b/c I’m pretty clueless as far as they go, other than I can tell the goalies were awful technically (bigger pads my ass) and the defense didn’t know what they were doing. Oh, and the scorers were pretty good. Had that guy named Gretzky or somethin’, he wasn’t too shabby.

    Anyway, these things aren’t set in stone.

  6. pantherboy says:

    I don’t follow. Are you talking about playoff teams, or all-season teams too? If so, why is ’96 Wings, ’96 Av’s, ’94 Rangers on there? Those were some great teams. Maybe I just don’t follow, I don’t know.

  7. aaron says:

    Each dynasty gets one team. Those 3 teams you just mentioned already are covered by ppl already signed onto the project (though we’re probably taking ’98 Wings and ’01 Avs…Cup winning teams over regular season champs, and both Avs fans I’ve talked to say 01 was better).

  8. aaron says:

    Clarification: to clear up some confusion, there are more teams than just this. They’re just already covered.

    We’re also using the 1998 Wings, the 2001 Avs, the 2000 Devils, the 1980’s Islanders, the 1994 Rangers, and the 1997 Flyers. We just *probably* have all those teams covered by current members of the project.

    The matchups right now (these are just things I threw together quickly and are subject to change) go as follows:

    #1 New Jersey Devils vs #8 Washington Capitals

    #2 New York Islanders vs #7 Buffalo Sabres

    #3 Colorado Avalanche vs #6 Philadelphia Flyers

    #4 Calgary Flames vs #5 New York Rangers

    #1 Edmonton Oilers vs #8 Ottawa Senators

    #2 Detroit Red Wings vs #7 Boston Bruins

    #3 Pittsburgh Penguins vs #6 Philadelphia Flyers

    #4 Dallas Stars vs #5 Montreal Canadians

    Those are, of course, probably going to change. I like some of it, like the matchup of Pittsburgh vs. Philly, and also Stevens vs. Stevens w/ Jersey/Caps. I’m thinking of arbitrarily rearranging things so Messier and Roy can face themselves too.

    Just some more info for you guys to check out.

  9. aaron says:

    Project members: since no one seems to be going to the site I set aside for this, we might as well just hold our planning here. So comment on my matchups above, seedings, whatever. Here, let me copy/paste the topic I made there detailing some key issues we have to address here.

    Other ppl, feel free to weigh in on this process too.

    Upsets are particularly interesting. We obviously shouldn’t have the higher seed win every matchup…that would take the fun out of it. But I also don’t think a team like the Isles, Oilers, Devils, Red Wings, etc should lose in the first round. So how should we handle this touchy issue?

    Next, injuries. It would be unrealistic to have an injury free hockey tournament. How should we handle this issue?

    Also, duplicates. Obviously, we have guys like Mark Messier who play for both the 94 Rangers and 80’s Oilers, or some other combination. I don’t see any real way to eliminate that, and it could make for some interesting side stories and the like.

    Finally, storylines. I want to make this tournament be like actually watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Have some actual stuff to talk about. Rivalries, connections, individual game summaries, heroes coming from nowhere, multiple overtimes, nasty hits, weird goals, etc. Obviously, this would be a lot of work to flesh out…part of the reason I want to expand the staff quite a bit to help w/ each series.

    One more issue: time frame. Should we do this realtime? i.e. have games every other day for each series, run it out for full two months a tourney like this takes? Or simplify it, cut out some of the side stories to get this done w/i a month, speed it up. I’d like to do it full out, but that may be difficult for some ppl to make that type of time committment (or most ppl). I’d like to get one or more ppl for each series to spread the workload out a bit, if we do the extended version.

    All issues I’m just tossing out there, getting your take on them. None of this is set in stone, obviously.

  10. Kashin says:

    Roy 86 (the unexperienced rookie) vs. Roy 01 (greatest goalie ever).

  11. CaptainModano says:

    Hey I’ll help out with that, no prob…. followed the team a lot that year, I’m sure I could dig up some good facts that’ll help in the game logs.

  12. JStatic87 says:

    I think the 97 Wings should be on there for one reason alone, Vladimir Konstantinov. He brought on a huge physical presence that the Wings still have not found. The 98 Wings replaced him with Dmitri Mironov……..not exactly Vlad the Impaler.

    Mike Vernon was also more steady than Chris Osgood was in the 98 playoffs. The Wings would stand a better chance with the 97 team.

  13. Hockeyguy9 says:

    I love this idea

    this has the potential to be really good

    id love to help out

    i know the redwings real well

    so if you guys need anything just let me know

    email me @

    MSN :

    ICQ : 148504835

    So if u guys need anything let me know!



  14. Hockeyguy9 says:

    Their 97 team is the team that started their march to 3 stanley cups!!!

    so i definately agree that the 97 team should be on there!

    Mcarty’s goal vs. Philly was something i’ll never forget!!!


  15. cwthrash says:

    Even though hockey wasn’t even on the radar screen here in the south during the 80s, I followed the 89 Flames as close as I could. No internet or press coverage made it a bit hard (was lucky if the Atlanta paper even had scores much less news).

    But since I am from the south, apparently I don’t have any real knowledge of the game. At least that’s the sense I get quite often. Seems as though a few people here believe I have such knowledge, but most don’t.

    Pardon my hostility over such a trivial matter, especially one that I normally brush off. Been a bad month (year, millenium, whatever works).

  16. ProngerBlues44 says:

    I know that this is probably an unneeded comment due to my team’s constant suckiness (if thats a word), I am a Blues expert from any team in their history. If you guys add Blues from any year I would be glad to help you out.

    Plus I followed the ’99 playoffs very closely, and if you need anyone for the 99 Stars or Sabres I can probably get pretty in depth with those teams. I still have some finals games from that year on tape too, so I could always go analyze those and get even deeper.

    Sorry I couldnt be of more help.

    ~Jeff P.

    AIM: ProngerBlues44

  17. MantaRay says:

    Has the Mikster already picked the 2002 Rangers to beat everyone else yet?

  18. Kashin says:

    The Rangers from the 1998-2002 season so far is an ongoing dynasty. With such greats as Nedved, Dvorak, Malakhov, Kaparminus and Eric Lindros to put all the pieces together for another great offseason worth of golf. I would choose the Senators of 1993 to win it all.

  19. aaron says:

    You’re in. I wasn’t even expecting to find an 89 Flames fan, and you were recommended anyway by…either Manta or defenstrate, can’t remember which.

    Anyway, glad to add you to the team. I’ll PM you w/ more info.

  20. aaron says:

    Ok, Tony hasn’t replied, so you’re on. If you want 97, you got it. I would have taken that team too, except I’m much more comfortable w/ the 98 team (I had just barely gotten into hockey in 97).

    I added you to my contact list on MSN. I’m I look forward to working with you.

  21. aaron says:

    Yeah, I couldn’t find a way to fit the Blues in there. Every year, they’re just a little too far back to justify a spot. I think we got the Stars covered, but if you could help out w/ the Sabres, that would be great. I’m going to hold out to see if someone who is actually a close Sabres fan applies, but if not, you’re in for that team.

  22. aaron says:

    I’m expecting a few more Stars fans to apply, but you’re on top of the list at the moment at least.

  23. aaron says:

    Alright, everyone who’s signed up, we’ll use this thread even after it drops out of the main articles, ok? It’ll be easier that way.

  24. Kashin says:

    If you need help with the 80s Isles I can help out with it. I might be busy and I wont be able to put in a ton of time. Maybe only once or twice a week. If you need more then one person with it, I know you have a person already to do it, but i guess i can do it. I know the team pretty well even though I wasnt born yet.

  25. DaAvs says:

    You can give me the 96 Avs if they’re on there or the 2001 Avs. I can tell you down to where they set themselves up definsively.

  26. aaron says:

    We’ve got two Avs fans currently signed on, but I’ll keep you in mind as a reference source and possibly a backup writer.

  27. aaron says:

    Defenstrate grew up watching them, but they’re an important team and we could use two perspectives for sure (as well as a backup writer if one or the other of you can’t write them all, which I’m sure will happen at some point or another). Consider yourself in.

  28. ProngerBlues44 says:

    Yea no problem but if no one pops up I would be glad to help.

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