The proper leaf team to make the playoffs

Since Eklund has announced a possible pickup of Calder it has had me thinking of how the leafs should look for 2007-2008.

This is what the leafs have to do. Since there is no hope of resigning Peca to the leafs again we must sign kyle Calder since Detroit does not want him, because he will play wonders with Mark Bell and hopefully each pull a 50 point season. Also I hope the Leafs sign Blake so he can come to Toronto and help us make the playoffs the way he helped The NYI do it last year. In order to do this we might have to drop some defense off our cap but that does not mean McCabe (because he is not getting traded) The line ups will be like this:

Blake- Sundin- Tucker

White- Gill
(hopefully we don’t have to trade someone like Coli or White, but if it comes down to it we should in order to provide a stronger offensive team)


This will be a playoff team even though the anti-leaf fans will believe otherwise. I hope you guys enter your thoughts on this and whether it should look different.

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  1. m4gician says:

    Eklund is an idiot, nothing more than a guy who follows JFJ around with a camera and a drooling tongue.

    Seriously, Peca would still play for us, but free agency hasn't started yet, and although you'd love to have a team full of allstars (ya I wish JFJ pulled Datsyuk and Zetterberg out of Detroit for draft picks + kubina) I really do,

    be optimistic, don't post "what we should do" threads, because as a real die hard leafs fan this should be used for RUMORS not freakin opinions of every fan, otherwise there's no point to have this site.

    In regards to what you "think" should happen, sounds fun, but why not go all the way and get briere, and drury. Seriously if Eklund knew anything then he would've said anything about Toskala or Vokun. Come on the NHL is just like the stock market, whenever there's a 'leak' it's most of the time intentional.         

  2. beefjerky says:

    I'm pretty sure he did say something about Toskala a few hours before it went down, but it was in the Globe 😉

    Calder wouldn't be a bad pickup if he came fairly cheap, Jason Blake isn't worth what he is going to get though.
  3. the_next_agent says:

    JFJ will make a few big splashes this summer his job depends on it, if the Leafs are worse than 6th in the East he will be fired so he has to do really good this summer.  I say get rid of McCabe hes not worth 7.1million this year but some team may think he is, find that team and get a defencive defencman in return, i hope its Witt from the islanders, if JFJ cant get Witt then get the #1 pick in 08.  So if we dont get Witt then go after Boynton in Pheonix he would be a great fit with the Leafs.  Then in the free agent market get Calder and Kariya.  Our lineup would be crazy good.

    Kariya             Tucker                 Bell            Anropov
    Sundin            Wellwood             Stajan        Pohl     
    Steen              Kilger                  Calder        Ponikarovsky
    Kaberla           Witt/Boynton        Gill
    Kubina            Colaiacovo           White         Raycroft

  4. MR40 says:

    I hate the Leafs. This is also a good list of player, and in unlike a lot of Leaf ideas this is one looks reasonable, and could actully happen. Yeah you have tons of money, but you have to make sure the player you want wants to play for you.

    I think that team could finish 7th or 6th in the East (but the East is much weaker then the West) but that team wouldn't frighten anyone, and they wouldn't make it past the 2nd round.

  5. wielerj says:

    people people mccabe isn't going anywhere.  we're stuck with him.  deal with it.  he's really not that bad.  yeah we overpaid.  we'll deal with it.  unless mccabe asks for a trade we're stuck with him.  as for blake, rumor has it that he's already turned down a 3 yr/ 10 million dollar contract from snow's wang… if that's the case, be real… that's ridiculous.  on one hand you say get rid of mccabe and on the other you say go overpay for piece of crap like blake.  this guy has had one good year and it coincidentally happens to be a contract year for him?  that story is as old as blake himself.  player is mediocre.  player plays for multiple years.  player barely produces mediocre stats.  player has contract year.  player plays well beyond his means.  leafs sign player.  player comes to toronto.  plays as good is he is capable of playing (which oftentimes is mediocre) and player gets hounded for being overpaid and mediocre.  let's get with it.  if you're going to overpay, put your money in the right bank.  sign smyth.  nobody else will do.  that's all.  that's it.

  6. andrizle says:

    in order for the leafs to do well this year they need to go after the following players:

    Kariya, Marleau, Witt, Boynton, Hejduk, Zubrus

    getting rid of McCabe or Kubina would be a bonus!

  7. TimmyHoHo says:

    learn to spell…

    also, quit writing crap.
  8. m4gician says:

    Kariya maybe. But we can we give up for the rest? We don't have trade bait.     

  9. TimmyHoHo says:

    Yeah, Marleau and Hejduk are really "available."

    Hey, I know!  Let's trade a 7th rounder for Sakic and Wolski.  Then we can trade Pohl for Pronger and Getzlaf.  Then we can trade Kilger and Woz for Phaneuf and Regher.  Then we can sign Smyth, Kariya, Bertuzzi, Hannan and Shannahan in free agency.  Then we will trade the surplus guys for 2008 and 2009 first rounders.  Awesome!
    I didn't know it would be so easy.  You should be a GM!
  10. sportsfan777 says:

    I agree with the first person to post a comment: Eklund is an idiot. What is it, he's only right I think 2% of the time from what I've heard. All trade rumors these days are pure speculation. Nonetheless, Calder would be a good fit no doubt, but not entirely what they need. They only have so much money, and it needs to be spent wisely.

  11. anjello66 says:

    first of all I have added to the team is Blake and Clader, so I don't know why that is such a big deal dealing with all stars. First of all Blake is a very possible acquistion for the leafs and they need an extra person since blake will not cost as much as Smyth who the leafs are looking at too than Calder is a possibility. So I don't know why you are going all crazy. Its kind of extreme the immaturaity you provide this website with such bashing. Basically you need to relax.

  12. GoLeafs13 says:

    or we could get crosby for gill and ovechkin for poni.

  13. dizon says:

    you mean ovechkin AND crosby for poni

  14. senators101 says:

    Not only will you sign all those players, they'll all be willing to play for a discount – 1 mil each.

  15. lukeleim says:

    Hal Gill, John Pohl, Ben Ondrus and the Leafs' 3rd round pick of 2008 to the Vancouver Canucks for Matt Cooke and Michael Grabner

    Alexander Steen and Andy Wozniewski to the Philadelphia Flyers for Braydon Coburn and Steve Downie

    sign Alyn McCauley 800,000, A.J. Thelen 600,000 and Ryan Smyth 6 million

    Alexei Ponikarovsky – Mats Sundin – Nik Antropov
    Ryan Smyth – Kyle Wellwood – Darcy Tucker
    Mark Bell – Matt Stajan – Matt Cooke
    Chad Kilger – Alyn McCauley – Boyd Devereaux
    Kris Newbury – Wade Belak
    Prospects: Jiri Tlusty, Steve Downie, Michael Grabner, Jeremy Williams, Robbie Earl, Nikolai Kulemin, Brent Aubin

    Tomas Kaberle – Pavel Kubina
    Carlo Colaiacovo – Bryan McCabe
    Braydon Coburn – Ian White
    Staffan Kronwall – Jay Harrison
    Prospects: Anton Stralman, Dmitri Vorobiev, Phil Oreskovic, A.J. Thelen

    Vesa Toskala
    Andrew Raycroft
    Prospects: Justin Pogge

  16. TheSource2659 says:

    I have heard a many a rumor from a few good sources that the Leafs are looking to bring back McCauley so that they can somewhat replace Peca at a cheaper price. The Leafs are in no way a major contender for Smyth and allthough I'm quite sure Ferguson will try but fail. The Leafs have stated today that they will not be giving him a new contract until the end of next season pending the Leafs finish this coming season. Ferguson will pull a panic move and sign someone who he feels will fill the gaps he'll more than likely trade some cap space away and sign Briere or Gomez to some ridiculous deal and leave the Leafs in a bind come next offseason and the Leafs will be up shit creek without a paddle and no money. Now I'm not saying the Leafs will land Briere but I guarantee they overpay for someone (CAN WE ALL SAY PAUL KARIYA) he is a great player and deserves everything he gets but he is getting past his prime and will be knowhere near worth the money JFJ will pay him this coming Sunday. Which I'm guessing after the McCauley signing assuming thats the way the Leafs go Kariya will get around 5.5 mill a season over the next 3 to 4 seasons. we know fergusons track record and I have a strong feeling this is what will happen come Sunday. 







    I really hope the Leafs do sign Kariya because he is one of my favorite player but please JFJ dont screw us and overpay.

    The Source.

  17. superman1914 says:

    Does any of you leaf fans know or are aware that, you ONLY have 3-4 $$$ (Mil) to spare for any trade or UFA players, you guys keep mentioning these big names like you have a lot of cap space.

    toooooo funny

    and please don't say you will trade Kubina,because who in hell wants crappy players you guys have in your roster

  18. Seanbond14 says:

    I agree with the last guy! we only have 4 million to play with. If the cap hits 50mill then the leafs have a bit more cash. Fact of the matter is JFJ will do something incredibly stupid over the next few days. There is a lot of speculation over KAYRIA coming to town. Fine by me if we can get him for cheap.
    We all should lay off Mccabe, get used to it folks were stuck with his lazy defensive ass for 4 more years. I can see stajan/steen or coli/ white being moved so build us some cap space.  I can assure you  tho, its kayria or some washed up 35yrold  who wants way to much money and we will end up buying him out.

    Part of me hope fergie screws up, then we will be rid of him!

  19. anjello66 says:

    first of all we have a min of 4.5 million if the cap does not go up and up to 7 if it gets the 5% boost, so get your facts straight

  20. Peca4PM says:

    The lasy 2 comments are clearly by people with very little knowl;edge who dont conduct their own reasearch and just listen to other. th Leafs payroll is about 42 mil. The cap is likely 49. Thats 7 mil. Either you dont know hockey or your math is extremely poor.

  21. sikboy21 says:

    Lemme see…

    Bell's on the first line.  Gamache is dressed.  Kilger is benched.  Battaglia's gone.  Pohl's gone. Belak's gone.

    I dunno about all that.  Bell is not a first-liner.  We already have too many centers – we don't need McCauley. Gamache might not even crack the line-up. 
    Battaglia might not get a new contract.  I think they'll sign him only if they don't get high priced talent.

    Kilger (your benched dude),  Pohl (the forgotten dude) and Battaglia (the other forgotten dude) all got more points last year than Bell (your first-line dude.)

    This is our line-up if nobody new gets picked up:

    Antro       Sundin    Poni
    Tucker     Welly      Steen
    Battaglia  Bell         Kilger
    Stajan      Pohl       Devereaux

    Kaberle  Kubina
    McCabe  Cola
    Gill        White

    bench:  Belak, Gamache, Woz

    Try to stay inside the lines a bit. Those lines may move around (a lot) but these are the players we have.

  22. KingCanada says:

    The Source, u know why nobody believes u with ur stories about having links in the NHL world?  Its becose we can tell ur making things up bro, ur like HTR's Eklund!  McCauley has a contract till 08/09 with the Kings.  Theres the hole in ur story, nice attempt at starting a rumor, try harder next time..

    PS Kariya is only 31 years old, sign him to a 3-5 year contract and hes still in his prime, who ever said over 30 is past their prime??

  23. KingCanada says:

    You vastly undervalue McCauley, hes worth at least 1 to 1.5 million…that is if he was a UFA.  Matter of fact he has another 2 years left on his contract with the Kings at 2 million a season.  Hes a great defensive forward.

    IMO everyone over values Coburn, i dont think hes that great of a prospect and was more suited for the old NHL, i dont see him being much better then a 4th or 5th defencemen.  With that said, we already have plenty of those in our system, dont need another.

  24. KingCanada says:

    omg…you DONT move players who make less then a million to create cap space!  Not to mention the only good/scarce young players the organisation has.  You move a million to multi million dollar player.  Colaiacovo is the only one to make over a million, and it aint by much.

  25. KingCanada says:

    respect bro, totally agree, these last few posts dont seem to know wat their talking about

  26. TheSource2659 says:

    Alyn McCauley was actually put on waivers as Dean Lombardi has already stated that he has no interest in bringing back McCauley.

    And I havnet been on here in a while because of the draft and the upcoming free agent frenzy day here at TSN. I'll be very busy that day keeping up with stuff and getting to know where everyone is going I dont know if you notice but you always see Darren Dreger and Bob MCKenzie with those Blackberrys looking at text messages I'm one of those guys sending them.

  27. JuicemaN says:

    who gives a sh!t about spelling, it's a damn rumors page not a spelling contest.

    You people who come on here to make fun of people's spelling on a hockey site? Go to if you're so interested in spelling, don't waste our time with BS posts that are only used to put people down.

    This is a HOCKEY RUMORS website, not a dumb ass spelling website.

    Grow up and stick to the subject that is hockey.

    All he was doing was posting what he thought the leafs should do.

  28. mojo19 says:

    Good call Juiceman. TimmyHoHo only comes on here to critisize anyway's. He doesn't know much about hockey so he's an english teacher instead.

  29. KingCanada says:

    im sure u are buddy, and i overtook queen Elizabeth as the top royalty of Canada..

  30. JuicemaN says:

    I hear ya mojo19, he's got no valid points to express so he's gotta just harp on someone for something.

    He's not alone in this, there's a few people on this site that do that….they've got nothing better to do.

  31. brott says:

    Trade sundin to  the ducks for whoever there last pick was. then do the same for every other player we have.

    our team woulda be all rookies from the 07 draft. all 7th rounders. Get the frist pick overall the next 10 years. be sure to tradwe those picks for 7th rounders to come!

  32. TheSource2659 says:

    Wow Mature response you must be an idiot american or just a stupid Canadian who thinks he is king shit you aint nothng and you will continue to be nothing.

  33. lukeleim says:

    McCauley's contract was bought out 2 weeks ago.

  34. lukeleim says:

    Kariya – Sundin – Steen
    Bell – Wellwood – Tucker
    Ponikarovsky – McCauley – Antropov
    Kilger – Stajan – Devereaux
    Pohl – Gamache – Belak

    Kaberle – Kubina
    Colaiacovo – McCabe
    Gill – white
    Kronwall – Harrison – Wozniewski


  35. brott says:

    Sources just in that the leafs are close to signing Rookie John Brott to a 10 year 8  million contract!  Oh wait thats my video game! My Bad!

  36. mojo19 says:

    Good looking line up, JFJ is big on Steen I think, but according to Steve Simmons he was shopping Stajan @ the draft.

    And yeah McCauley would be a good pick up, I agree with you, I think he'd get up around a mil, maybe a bit less.

  37. mojo19 says:

    Hahaha, yeah, the cap's going up to 48-52 range superman1914. The leafs will have like 7 mil or more to spend at least. Is it still toooooooo funny?

  38. gregpb says:

    Best bet the Leafs have is to pray Kariya will take a 3 year deal at 15 million. Keep the roster you have now with the addition of Kariya.

    Kariya              Sundin         Tucker
    Ponikarovsky    Wellwood      Antropov
    Bell                  Stajan          Steen

    Kilger               Pohl             Devereaux

    Kaberle          Kubina

    Coliacovo       McCabe

    Gill                White

    Toskala (65 games)

    Raycrfot (17 games)

  39. getzlaf15 says:

    I agree on your season plan for the leafs, but I'd just like to tweat it a bit. Take a look:

    BLAKE        SUNDIN           TUCKER
    BELL          WELLWOOD     CALDER
    PONI.        STEEN              ANTROPOV
    KILGER      STAJAN            POHL     
    TLUSTY         —                DEVEREAUX

    COLI.         MCCABE
    GILL           WHITE


    If the Leafs sign LW BLAKE to a $3 M deal and RW CALDER to a $2.9 M deal their payroll should hit around $44 M and that would leave them $5 M to sign a player or two. That's if the salary caps hits $49 M.

    Their first line has good leadership and scoring whiched they lacked.

    Their second line has some new good faces and has WELLWOOD moving back to his proven position. Also BELL and CALDER played great together in CHICAGO.

    Their third line is young and big with PONI., STEEN, ANTROPOV.

    Their fourth line can forecheck and also played very well defensively.

    For their Defense they do have 2 overpayed players in KUBINA and MCCABE but we do have great depth. We can really get the job done offensively and defensively.

    Their goaltending is stellar. Look for them to split the games. Advice to Ferguson: If one of your goalies is on a hot streak, keep starting him but not as frequent as he did with RAYCROFT last season.

    I don't know about you but I really like how this team is looking. Their only flaw is a top notch GM, someone like Brian Burke or Darcy Regier.


  40. TheSource2659 says:

    Ok you win your lines are better.

  41. superman1914 says:

    I probably been watching hockey much longer than you, and please don't be bias but realistic, so the cap is confirmed at $50.3 so that leaves you guys around 6-7 mil keep in mind that you need a gap for trade dead line it's not hard just use your calculater

  42. mojo19 says:

    That's a good looking line up too. If not Kariya then Jason Blake for somewhere around 4-4.5 mil per season.

  43. mojo19 says:

    Sorry to tell you but Jason Blake turned down more than $3 mil a season from NYI already. He's likely to get over $4 mil somewhere.

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