The proper leaf team to make the playoffs

Since Eklund has announced a possible pickup of Calder it has had me thinking of how the leafs should look for 2007-2008.

This is what the leafs have to do. Since there is no hope of resigning Peca to the leafs again we must sign kyle Calder since Detroit does not want him, because he will play wonders with Mark Bell and hopefully each pull a 50 point season. Also I hope the Leafs sign Blake so he can come to Toronto and help us make the playoffs the way he helped The NYI do it last year. In order to do this we might have to drop some defense off our cap but that does not mean McCabe (because he is not getting traded) The line ups will be like this:

Blake- Sundin- Tucker

White- Gill
(hopefully we don’t have to trade someone like Coli or White, but if it comes down to it we should in order to provide a stronger offensive team)


This will be a playoff team even though the anti-leaf fans will believe otherwise. I hope you guys enter your thoughts on this and whether it should look different.