The Puck Stops theodore is staying with Habs

Incase some of you aren’t aware of the Jose Theodore junk about him leaving the Habs because of his father and half brothers loan sharking incident at a Montreal casino in late June this year. And then being seen in local Montreal newspapers with the Hells Angels biker gang is in reality no harm done correct. Here’s my outlook on this junky rumour and scandal. Ok!When it was first announced that police had arrest Jose Theodore’s father and half brother after being caught loan sharking in Montreal. Rumors and even speculation by Le journal de Montreal started pouring out about the star Habs netminder as if he had been the one who was at fault.

When clearly Jose had no part of this at all.

Then the trade rumors started with a rumour that Jose and Brisebois would go to Colorado for Tanguay and Morris and the rights to Retired goaltender Patrick Roy (Hello the man is retired doesn’t that tell you something???), which was reported by Chris Michaud of the team 990.

Don’t get me wrong but weren’t these the same Avs we traded Patrick Roy to in the 1995-96 season hmmm and what happened that year?

If Habs fans want to be completely satisfied with there team then lets start believing in the team again like we use to now knowing that we atleast have a chance being contenders for the Stanley Cup. Seeing that we now have Bob Gainey as our GM, who has the respect from fans and players of the organization just like Sam Pollack did back in the 60’s late 70’s.

If you have any comments please post them until then I’m out!

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  1. defenestrate says:

    Thank you…….

  2. balls223 says:

    Everything is personal.

    SCTP- “I rode through three states wearing her head as a hat”

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    Furthermore, I can never be affiliated with “SCTP” because I will not let Defenstrate eat corn from my asshole.

  3. OldNord says:

    Don’t wanna sound pretencious but St-Louis have never traded Gretzky to the Rangers.

  4. balls223 says:

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  5. OldNord says:

    Yeah, in the Ace Ventura movies, it’s Carey!

  6. fatsat says:

    That’s right Moron, talent to play in the Juniors.

    Man, you should watch a hockey game some day.

  7. fatsat says:

    You are simply dumb, watch a HABS game some time

  8. fatsat says:

    You don’t live in Montreal …right?

    It shows.

  9. fatsat says:

    Young goaltender, Gainey is rebuilding.

  10. habs_punk says:

    that list is a friggin joke

    roy – retired

    hasek – another year or two left before he decides to retire again

    cujo – couldnt get past the first round, while playing behind one of the best defenses and the best overall team in the league

    kolzig – good, but still old

    khabiboulin – got replaced by grahame in the playoffs

    giguere – had a good playoffs, at least theo played amazing the whole year

    nabokov – maybe….. probly not

    belfour – thats gotta be a joke

    lalime – amazing goalie, played behind one of the best defenses in the league though….

    brodeur – cant say enough bout brodeur

    burke – good, getting up there in years, not overly impressed with burke though

    weekes – another joke, maybe in the future

    thibault – not even gonna go there

    denis – gonna be good, but not as good now, and wont ever be as good as theo

    turco – absolutely amazing!

    cechmanek – got traded for a fourth round draft pick

    roloson – nope

    dunham – another good goalie, again, not great

    vokoun – not a chance

    luongo – love this guy, wouldnt put him above theo though

    hackett – got traded in favour of theo

    not even gonna mention your list of backups you got there in the second bit.

    so, brodeur, and turco. 2 goalies i would take over theo from your list of 26

    theo’s 931 save pct made him only the second goalie in history to post a save pct above 930 (hasek), turco did it last year too.

    montreal’s defense over the past few years has been the absolute worst in the nhl, by far

    you got brisebois as your number 1, you got a problem

  11. habs_punk says:

    well, if no one had shut the wings out as of january, i’d say its a pretty decent acheivement to be the first one

  12. defenestrate says:


  13. Malurous says:

    Oh don’t we all love well argumented comments…

  14. Malurous says:

    You’re talking about Theodore 01-02. I was talking about Theodore 02-03. Those guys outplayed him then, I added Hasek and the possible Lehtonen outside the list though.

    On Belfour: he had one heckuva season, getting all the quality shots he did.

    Kolzig/Burke: I said nothing about age as I was assessing last season, even thought Burke was mostly injured.

    Cechmanek: that’s because of unrealistic media pressure. Clarke could have gotten much for him had he stayed patient.

    Giguere: isn’t it playoffs that count? Theo never got there…

    Vokoun: why not? He’s a lot better than some of the goalies you liked.

    Hackett: yes he did, but outplayed him with the Habs. That’s enough of a reason: we’ve seen him perform better behind the same defense.

    Weekes: stole games behind an erratic team. Not the Theodore 01-02 way, but anyway.

    And like I said in the end, I was being overly harsh here. The “backup list”, Denis, Thibault, perhaps Cujo don’t belong here. But base on last season, the others do.

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