The question of suspension, how long is enough?

The big buzz around the league these days is mostly about the “Bertuzzi hit” going as far as shadowing the trade deadline news. I was listening to Ron Fournier (Montreal, sports radio show host) yesterday and he made some good points about this incident and the league’s standpoint. He said that each and every incident is different and must be treated differently, which is true. Also, whether the police are involved or not, will absolutely not change a thing in years to come. The law was involed on Ciccarelli’s hit, McSorley’s hit, and now Bertuzzi’s hit. Even if the law comes down on Todd, it will not stop the next cheap shot or sucker punch from happening a year or two from now.

I agree with all that up to now. BUT.Hockey IS a violent and fast sport but things like this do not belong and there has to be a way of preventing this ugliness from happenning again or at least, make players think twice before acting, even in the heat of battle.

I’ve always thought that a good way to do this would be to suspend the player WITHOUT PAY for as long as the injured player is out. If Moore does not come back to hockey, well tough luck Todd but I guess that means you too. It’s the best way to make an example of this and it is basically eye for an eye, savage justice for a savage hit.

Honestly, say Todd gets suspended for the rest of the season and playoffs. He comes back next year, makes his millions and puts everything behind him while Moore, a 5-600 000$ player a year, can’t come back to play because of his injuries. Can we call that fair? Is THAT justice? The answer is no.

Furthermore I believe that the suspended player must donate his waved salary to a charitable organization of the injured player’s choice. In this way he could somewhat “redeem” himself and have a clearer conscience, or at least have one.