The question of suspension, how long is enough?

The big buzz around the league these days is mostly about the “Bertuzzi hit” going as far as shadowing the trade deadline news. I was listening to Ron Fournier (Montreal, sports radio show host) yesterday and he made some good points about this incident and the league’s standpoint. He said that each and every incident is different and must be treated differently, which is true. Also, whether the police are involved or not, will absolutely not change a thing in years to come. The law was involed on Ciccarelli’s hit, McSorley’s hit, and now Bertuzzi’s hit. Even if the law comes down on Todd, it will not stop the next cheap shot or sucker punch from happening a year or two from now.

I agree with all that up to now. BUT.Hockey IS a violent and fast sport but things like this do not belong and there has to be a way of preventing this ugliness from happenning again or at least, make players think twice before acting, even in the heat of battle.

I’ve always thought that a good way to do this would be to suspend the player WITHOUT PAY for as long as the injured player is out. If Moore does not come back to hockey, well tough luck Todd but I guess that means you too. It’s the best way to make an example of this and it is basically eye for an eye, savage justice for a savage hit.

Honestly, say Todd gets suspended for the rest of the season and playoffs. He comes back next year, makes his millions and puts everything behind him while Moore, a 5-600 000$ player a year, can’t come back to play because of his injuries. Can we call that fair? Is THAT justice? The answer is no.

Furthermore I believe that the suspended player must donate his waved salary to a charitable organization of the injured player’s choice. In this way he could somewhat “redeem” himself and have a clearer conscience, or at least have one.

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  1. cgolding says:

    said someone was going to “make him eat his lunch.” they didn’t use words like “bounty” which semantically carry much more weight in this type of situation.

    i also don’t think that anyone has any problem with vancouver going after moore… but there are ways to go about it, and ways not to go about it. that wasn’t the way to go about it.

    nevermind the bullox,


  2. Aetherial says:

    Some of you *****ing idiots make me laugh.

    Moore’s hit on Naslund was NOT cheap. Sorry, he was trying to finish a check… if Naslund’s face was not waist level… it would not have been an injury. It was a pretty f*ckign minor injury (comparatively) anyway.

    Most importantly what you idiots fail to recognize is that it was part of the NORMAL COURSE of the hockey game. It was a check, it was not a fliying elbow, a sucker-punch, a sting swinging, a deliberate attempt to blow out a knee or whatever.

    What Bertuzzi did cannot be compared. That was an assault, plain and simple. It was with INTENT and it caused SERIOUS injury. That is NOT part of what is expected as part of a hockey game.

    So first you morons look at the Naslund hit like it was something extraordinary and vicious… funny, the NHL didn’t see it that way? Funny, I didn’t see Domi or Belak out there breaking someone’s neck because the damaged the eyes of Nolan or Tucker.. those were WAY WAY worse than what Naslund incurred. So quit your candy-ass whining about the hit on Naslund. It WAS part of the game.

    What Bertuzzi did was cowardly, vicious, and caused serious injury. Are you even remotely aware of how close he came to paralyzing Moore or KILLING him.

    To compare the two, or justify this in any way is the biggest idiocy I have ever seen here.

    OH yeah, I also like some medical experts here who can state for certain that the guys neck broke when Bertuzzi *accidentally* fell on him… do you people ever listen to yourselves. You are *****ing jokes.

  3. nelsog says:

    It is an injustice. More proof that the NHL is only interested in the consequence of said actions. Moore falls on the ice diffeetly-3 game suspension. All the comments from analysts aout how this suspesion should be tough so as to discourage actions like this later nave come to naught. It became aother way for the media to portray how badly the NHL is doing in American states and exploit this as oe of the reasons. Will this dissaude players from acting just like Bertuzzi? No, the fact that they will reevaluate his suspension before next season is proof that they want to see how Moore recuperates. The intent is the true question hear that the NHL has skated around. They simple stuck Bertuzzi out to be crucified by the media ad then stuck the spear in at the end. Now that Bertuzzi is suspended does this mea that every dangerous play will cause a lengthy suspension? No, it sends the message that you can give out cheapshot but make sure the guy only goes out for a week or take out somebody’s knee thus giving you a week or two suspension at most.


  4. PurpleHelmet says:

    HEY DG———-FU!

  5. PurpleHelmet says:

    Actually my old friend, it does not work in the cases of f.u.c.k., t.i.t.s., c.u.n.t., s.h.i.t., c.o.c.k., p.u.s.s.y., a.s.s.h.o.l.e., c.u.m.

  6. Lanche says:

    i cant believe there r so many Stupid people out there who dont get what u just said

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