The Real Cap Situation!

People have been saying that the Leafs only have 1.8 million left in cap room well they are wrong!

I did the math and it turns out the Buds have about $4,100,000 in cap room.

You see people have been looking at the 7.6 million dollar salary for Sundin and the 7.15 million dollar salary for McCabe and have been adding that total to the cap, but only the average is counted against the cap!

So here are the salaries for the 2006/07:


Antropov, Nik: $1,007,000

Aubin, J.S: $589,000

Belak, Wade: $675,000

Coliacovo, Carlo: $901,740

Gill, Hall: $2,050,000

Kaberle, Tomas: $4,250,000

Kilger, Chad: $1,200,000

Kronwall, Staffan: $612,000

Kubina, Pavel: $5,000,000

McCabe, Bryan: $5,700,000

Ondrus, Ben: $450,000

O’Neill, Jeff: $1,500,000

Peca, Mike: $2,500,000

Pohl, John: $450,000

Ponikarovsky, Alex: $725,000

Raycroft, Andrew: $1,800,000

Steen, Alexander: $770,180

Sundin, Mats: $6,800,000

Tucker, Darcy: $1,596,000

Tellqvist, Mikael: $589,000

Wellwood, Kyle: $800,000

Total Salary: $39,964,920

Cap Room: $4,035,080

If the Leafs were to re-sign Matt Stajan for $800,000 they would have about $3,235,080 in

salary cap room.

If JFJ wants to keep around 1.5 million dollars in cap room open and still sign Anson Carter here is a good strategy:

In the new NHL, GM’s are offering players a long term contract in exchange for taking a paycut, so maybe JFJ can offer Carter a 3-year/6 million dollar deal which would leave the Leafs with $1,235,080 in cap room!

There is the Leafs cap situation and a way for the Leafs to sign Carter!

30 Responses to The Real Cap Situation!

  1. goleafsgo1231 says:

    Raycroft should be at 2 million since the average is being used

  2. Matt20 says:

    your a fool, he wants at least 2 mil in extra cap space, this post is a waste of time

  3. TMLFNATK says:

    What about the buy outs of Domi and Belfour? They will count against the cap as well.


  4. Aetherial says:

    Raycroft counts more against the cap.

    Kilger counts less against the cap

    I believe Gill will count a little more against the cap.

    Belfour and Domi buyouts are ALL against the cap this year.

    Therefore, what the media is reporting, around 1.8 million left, is likely correct.

    … and the Leafs are done with free agents. They may be able to unload a couple spare parts, but I am betting they will be for minor leaguers or picks if they get even that.

  5. ricky99 says:

    What about buying out Belfour and Domi, i don’t see their figures in there anywhere. There is no way the leafs have that much cap space left, maybe a little over a million at most is left.

  6. the_word says:

    Doesn’t Allison have some bonuses that count against the cap as well

  7. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Reasons why your math is wrong…

    Final roster consists of 23 players you have 21,

    you’re missing Domi’s and Belfours buyout costs, plus the half million of Alisons Bonuses that counts against this years cap (which I recently found out) and the following players have the wrong salaries:






    When all the math is done properly there is about 1 million left

  8. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Yep, a little over half a million

  9. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Anyone worrying about space at the deadline is retarded. You can go ten percent over at the deadline.

  10. leafmealone says:

    Hey Paul

    Just remember that you have to take the Domi and Belfour buyouts into consideration. Those figures (approx. $2.3 million) go against their cap also…


  11. the_word says:

    Belfour is 750 K this year and next, Domi is something like 750 K that makes 1.5, then you have Allison’s 500 K (even after he’s gone, he can still manage to hurt this team).

    This is why the Domi buyout didn’t make sense to me, you have to bring in someone to replace him at the league minimum. Why not just keep and give him 4 mins a game and let him retire at the end of the year.

  12. Farva says:

    Not to mention that a team wont pay for the full season salary, only what portion of it is left at that time.

  13. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    YOU IDIOT YOU CAN”T GO 10% OVER THE CAP AT ANY POINT DURING THE SEASON… only in the offseason, like what jersey is doing.

  14. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    talent, he wasn’t bought out because of cap room, he was bought out so a talented player could take his place. i liked domi’s two year deal at the time, but the new nhl wasnt his game.

  15. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    ps leafy, i explained more in your inbox

  16. kingofspain says:

    you forgot about the buyout of belfour and the release of domi.


  17. Nevyn says:

    Can we please pre-screen some of these cap space “articles”.

    Too many clueless people with calculators jumping to poor conclusions and forgetting things. I read the HEADLINE of this and already knew what I’d read – a summary forgetting the domi and belfour cap hits.

  18. Leafsgreatestfan says:

    Kilgers average salary is $750,000 and yes, you are an idiot

  19. Leafsgreatestfan says:

    What about the hit we have to take for buying out Domi and Belfour you didnt count that. And I would have to say, you are an idiot

  20. leafhater says:


  21. scout says:

    what about money tied up with Domi and Belfour

  22. Leafsgreatestfan says:

    your a God damn idiot as well arnt ya?!

  23. Francis10 says:

    Why will he be fired?

  24. Francis10 says:

    There is no 10% buffer. What is 10% of 44 mil? $.4 million. You can not exceed the cap by 4.4 million this year. What you might be thinking is that the average team has about 10% of their pauroll drop because of injuries and healthy scrathes. Salary cap is based on the salary earned on a per game basis. If Sundin is hurt in the 1st game and is out for the rest of the season, they get to replace him with a player or players with salaries that equal to his. This is the only way to makes sense out of what you are saying.

  25. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    He’s talking about the rule saying that yu can go over the cab by 10%, but he doesn’t understand that that only applies to the OFFSEASON, and by october 4, you have to be at 44 for the reast of the season. Leafy’s not that bight.

  26. Toonces99 says:

    Talk about a post that is a waste of time…you actually took time to write that crap…do you think that you are the only one that has heard that and JFJ wants about 2 million wiggle room…

    Give the person some credit for trying to clarify the roster total….Fool

  27. Toonces99 says:

    I thought that they decided to post those monies against last years cap….? Anyone know.

  28. Toonces99 says:

    Domi’s role seemed to deminish as the season went on…the buyout was a good idea, they could not replace him with a minor leaguer that may be able to pot more than 3-4 goals…this is just my opinion.

  29. Aetherial says:

    They do not owe Allison money against the cap. They were enough under last year to cover whatever bonuses he earned.

    Domi, they owe the full 1,25 THIS year.

  30. MarshSr says:

    Real Cap Issues are as follows:

    Buy-outs are spread over 2x the remaining term of the contract. In Domi’s case, 2/3rds of his final year will count 50% in 2006/7 & 50% in 2007/8. Same applies in Belfour’s case, except there is no reduction to 2/3rds.

    All salaries/signing bonuses are averaged over the life of the contract. In McCabe’s case, his average is 5.75mil, even though he’s receiving a sizeable signing bonus this year.

    Also, only roster players count towards the salary cap. The Leafs have 3 goalies under contract, but only 2 will ever be on the active roster.

    Bottom Line: Ferguson & the Leafs are well aware of there Cap ‘Room’. Don’t expect anymore signings of any type. If anything, JFJ will trade players which will be Cap neutral.

    Do expect JFJ to make a trade or 2, and also add a modest player at the trade dead-line, if the Leafs are in the hunt!

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