The Real Cap Situation!

People have been saying that the Leafs only have 1.8 million left in cap room well they are wrong!

I did the math and it turns out the Buds have about $4,100,000 in cap room.

You see people have been looking at the 7.6 million dollar salary for Sundin and the 7.15 million dollar salary for McCabe and have been adding that total to the cap, but only the average is counted against the cap!

So here are the salaries for the 2006/07:


Antropov, Nik: $1,007,000

Aubin, J.S: $589,000

Belak, Wade: $675,000

Coliacovo, Carlo: $901,740

Gill, Hall: $2,050,000

Kaberle, Tomas: $4,250,000

Kilger, Chad: $1,200,000

Kronwall, Staffan: $612,000

Kubina, Pavel: $5,000,000

McCabe, Bryan: $5,700,000

Ondrus, Ben: $450,000

O’Neill, Jeff: $1,500,000

Peca, Mike: $2,500,000

Pohl, John: $450,000

Ponikarovsky, Alex: $725,000

Raycroft, Andrew: $1,800,000

Steen, Alexander: $770,180

Sundin, Mats: $6,800,000

Tucker, Darcy: $1,596,000

Tellqvist, Mikael: $589,000

Wellwood, Kyle: $800,000

Total Salary: $39,964,920

Cap Room: $4,035,080

If the Leafs were to re-sign Matt Stajan for $800,000 they would have about $3,235,080 in

salary cap room.

If JFJ wants to keep around 1.5 million dollars in cap room open and still sign Anson Carter here is a good strategy:

In the new NHL, GM’s are offering players a long term contract in exchange for taking a paycut, so maybe JFJ can offer Carter a 3-year/6 million dollar deal which would leave the Leafs with $1,235,080 in cap room!

There is the Leafs cap situation and a way for the Leafs to sign Carter!