The thing about the Olympic hockey team…

I really am getting tired of people making excuses for Canada’s Olympic team. The better team won, the better hockey country? No. The better team, yes. The team was filled with what a guy on the radio called “FOGs” friends of Gretzky’s.

Iginla, terrible this year, terrible tournament, St Louis, the same. Doan surprised me, he still didn’t belong, I gotta say the same about McCabe, Richards, Luongo, Turco (yes I know, he didn’t play), and a few other guys.

Big Bertuzzi fan, I really hate Steve Moore, and figure he had it comming, my belief? You don’t pick a guy who’s having a rough season. He really wasn’t even very good in 2003-2004, I love the guy, and really, the dumb penalty… you can’t blame just that, we would’ve lost anyways.













*Replaced my Dan Boyle.

You should note that unlike before, when 4 of the top 13 Canadian scorers made the team, 8 of them, I left out Savard, Marleau, Richards, Crosby, and Horcoff. I really haven’t seen enough of Horcoff to put him there. Crosby, he’s a brat, imagine how conceeded he’d get if he was a member of the Canadian hockey team, that was a key problem with Eric Lindros, he made the team a bunch of times when he was a teen, it takes a good level of class to deal with that kind of thing. Richards, something I don’t like about him, plain and simple. Marleau… meh, Savard, I’d like to see how he performs without Kovalchuck, or Hossa.

Some may critisize Cheechoo’s selection, because he’s only played well with Thornton, well the two things are, Thornton, and many other capable centres would be there, and he scored 28 goals the year before without him, so he can’t be that bad.

Again, there are alot of guys who didn’t get any consideration, Arnott, having a great year, Bergeron, Stillman, Recchi, Sullivan. I’m surprised Morrow was picked for the World Cup, and not considered this year, he’s a much better player then last year, having a much better year, I’d take him over Kris Draper.

Lets consider this, Kris Draper has 4 goals, and 16 points in 56 games and is a minus one. Brendan Morrow, 18 goals, 50 points, 56 games, and is a plus seventeen.

And career wise, Brendan Morrow is still far superior, Draper, in 780 games, has 112 goals, and 252 points, and is a plus 77, Morrow in 428 games has 254 points, including 115 goals, and a plus 85 rating.

The list of 81 was done wrong, when I do this kind of thing for fantasy international tournaments, I evaluate every player with a real career. Then make my picks. That’s a few hundred players, I know, but I don’t do my homework, and all my friends live far away, so it’s cool.

Gretzky did a good thing with the 2002 team, I really like how he took chances on Fleury, Lindros, Yzerman, and Lemeiux. This year he took chances on guys like St Louis, who’ve had one good year ever.

But eh, maybe 2010 will be different.


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