The thing about the Olympic hockey team…

I really am getting tired of people making excuses for Canada’s Olympic team. The better team won, the better hockey country? No. The better team, yes. The team was filled with what a guy on the radio called “FOGs” friends of Gretzky’s.

Iginla, terrible this year, terrible tournament, St Louis, the same. Doan surprised me, he still didn’t belong, I gotta say the same about McCabe, Richards, Luongo, Turco (yes I know, he didn’t play), and a few other guys.

Big Bertuzzi fan, I really hate Steve Moore, and figure he had it comming, my belief? You don’t pick a guy who’s having a rough season. He really wasn’t even very good in 2003-2004, I love the guy, and really, the dumb penalty… you can’t blame just that, we would’ve lost anyways.













*Replaced my Dan Boyle.

You should note that unlike before, when 4 of the top 13 Canadian scorers made the team, 8 of them, I left out Savard, Marleau, Richards, Crosby, and Horcoff. I really haven’t seen enough of Horcoff to put him there. Crosby, he’s a brat, imagine how conceeded he’d get if he was a member of the Canadian hockey team, that was a key problem with Eric Lindros, he made the team a bunch of times when he was a teen, it takes a good level of class to deal with that kind of thing. Richards, something I don’t like about him, plain and simple. Marleau… meh, Savard, I’d like to see how he performs without Kovalchuck, or Hossa.

Some may critisize Cheechoo’s selection, because he’s only played well with Thornton, well the two things are, Thornton, and many other capable centres would be there, and he scored 28 goals the year before without him, so he can’t be that bad.

Again, there are alot of guys who didn’t get any consideration, Arnott, having a great year, Bergeron, Stillman, Recchi, Sullivan. I’m surprised Morrow was picked for the World Cup, and not considered this year, he’s a much better player then last year, having a much better year, I’d take him over Kris Draper.

Lets consider this, Kris Draper has 4 goals, and 16 points in 56 games and is a minus one. Brendan Morrow, 18 goals, 50 points, 56 games, and is a plus seventeen.

And career wise, Brendan Morrow is still far superior, Draper, in 780 games, has 112 goals, and 252 points, and is a plus 77, Morrow in 428 games has 254 points, including 115 goals, and a plus 85 rating.

The list of 81 was done wrong, when I do this kind of thing for fantasy international tournaments, I evaluate every player with a real career. Then make my picks. That’s a few hundred players, I know, but I don’t do my homework, and all my friends live far away, so it’s cool.

Gretzky did a good thing with the 2002 team, I really like how he took chances on Fleury, Lindros, Yzerman, and Lemeiux. This year he took chances on guys like St Louis, who’ve had one good year ever.

But eh, maybe 2010 will be different.


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  1. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    The biggest mistake Bertuzzi made is waiting so long to do it. If he had killed him right then and there it wouldn’t have been as bad, but it stopped being about the Naslund thing when he did in a 9-1 deficit.

    I’m calling out Iginla, because everyones already dealt with calling out Bertuzzi, and Pronger. This was a team effort, and the discussion would be mainly pointed towards what Bertuzzi did and didn’t do if I talked more about Bertuzzi. I want to point out the names of guys no ones really talked about now.

    Bertuzzi ain’t really an Olympic player. He’s big, and slow. World Cup? Yes, but the Olympic needs speed guys like Kariya, Spezza, and Staal.

  2. wingerxxx says:

    That is just sick.

  3. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Actually, the list was off the top of my head.

    Lennon was a pot head who could sing.

    Pierre Trudeau made it so illegal immigrants could get into the country.

    Gretzky played hockey, and ruined hockey Canada.

    Ken Dryden… people think he’s good at everything but he was only a succesfull author or politician because he was a succesfull hockey player.

    Princess Di married a rich guy.

    There were quite a few Democrats who would have done the exact same things as JFK.

    David Suzuki just tries to appear smart by saying that we’re destroying the earth, when it’s proven that 98% of greenhouse gasses are NOT made made, and the world would only go down about 0.1 degree after Kyoto.

    Che Guevera is there because no one actually knew what he did, and yet they still loved him.

    Nelson Mandella pisses me off, because he’s a random Bush basher. He once compared George Bush to Hitler by saying that the President was putting us into a second Holochaust.

    Seth McFarlane… Family guy is the absolute stupidest show I’ve ever seen.

  4. letsgooilers says:

    I hearby give the reward for stupidest quote of the week.

    *pins a big ribbon on leafy.

    Tell me, how do you feel, acting like a douche and all?

  5. letsgooilers says:

    So, you think it was approprieate for Todd Bertuzzi to punch Steve Moore in the back of the head like a wimp? If Bert wanted to fight him fine, fight him, don’t *****ing punch him in the back of the head cause he ain’t interested.

  6. letsgooilers says:

    Bravo leafy, you’ve done quite a job there. I mean, it must take some serious work to act like a moron I bet. Yeah, I can see why you hate Steve Moore, I mean, a fourth line player who would not have been remembered until Todd Bertuzzi comes along.

    Is it just me, or does it seem like the intelligence of articles around here is slipping?

  7. Tweek says:

    Last time I checked this was a hockey site, not a site for your own distaste for certain members of popular culture? Wayne Gretzky ruined hockey Canada? Give me a break. Your list has NOTHING to do with anything. Get your head out of your a…s…s and maybe you would make some sense. If maybe, maybe you had some justified claims to the anti-gretzky I would then take you more seriously but we both know that will never happen….

  8. Tweek says:

    Alright, that make NO sense at all………

  9. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    leafy what are you doing. you havent gotten it through ur head that u cant have 4 scoring lines in the nhl or international competition. you need penalty killers and checkers. thats why draper and doan were there and they were one of the best forwards because they got alot of speed and got quite a few shots on the pk and as checkers.

    Joseph ur in love with the guy but face it hes not good he couldnt do anything on toronto detroit or phoenix.

  10. navajo says:

    Man, I really do feel dumber for reading McLeaf’s post. Do us Leaf fans a favour, shut up, don’t put anything dumb down. You try to write like you know everything about everything, but you really do sound like an ass 99 percent of the time.

  11. SJ_Sharks_Fan_19 says:

    Ok leafy seriously….Joseph *****ing sucks now he was good for about 30-40 games now he sucks Might as well send MA Fleury over him since hes doing better then him on a team that totally sucks

    Lecalvier over Richards riiiiiiiight even though richards is doing way better then lecalvier right now

    You critiscize Iginla and take him off the team but not Pronger? wtf Pronger was probably our absolute worst player out there he pretty well single handedly lost the russia game for us! Also you left Bouwmeister off the team when he was our Best D out there….makes sense

    Nash shouldnt even be on the team he came back and played what 5 games? not to mention he had a WORSE tourney then iginla but yeah leave him on and take iggy off

    and you don t put Crosby on but you leave Shanahan, smyth, Spezza, and nash on lets get one thing clear you be the BEST team by taking the BEST players i dont care how immature, whiney, inexperienced, young he is hes the best player over the guys i mentioned id like to see what SPezza does without Alfie while Crosby has who Oullet and Armstrong?

  12. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    good point but spezza is a play maker and within a few years him crosby tanguay etc will be among the elite play makers in the nhl. spezza has the skill to set up anyone without alfie trust me, just with alfie he has a goal scorer he can trust as well as heatley.

  13. FLAMESOWNU says:

    how can u leave iginla off team canada?

  14. hockey_expert1 says:

    Well then you’re blaming it on Gretzky for picking the wrong guys. This team was the best looking team in the tournament for obvious reasons but the players decided to leave their pride in Canada and didn’t even try. Now everyone’s blaming Gretzky (I love how he predicted this would happen).

  15. rojoke says:

    Loyal to our players, yeah. But the way most of the reaction has gone, the management is on its own.

  16. rojoke says:

    Then how do you explain the gold medal the US won in Nagano and Canada in SLC? Then there’s the medals won at world championships. It’s not that North American teams absolutely can’t win on the larger ice surface. It’s just that it takes a lot of effort to adjust to the larger dimensions, something that this teams wasn’t up to. I’ll say this, the US played better than the Canadians did.

  17. gg_idiot says:

    Haha so true. Bertuzzi is the kind of player that good players use as something to bounce the puck off of to go in the net. He is no more than a pylon.

  18. BIG_JIM03 says:

    the team should have been


    Bertuzzi- Thornton- Nash

    Heatley-Spezza- Staal

    Richards- Lecavalier- Crosby


    Pronger- BLake

    Neidermayer*- Jovo*

    Phaneuf- Redden


    Taxi Squad




    with Reghyr and Mccabe replacing the 2 injured d men and Bouwmeester being put on the taxi sqaud

  19. SJ_Sharks_Fan_19 says:

    Bouwmeister was our best defencemen and McCabe/pronger our worst….but alright

  20. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    And career wise, Brendan Morrow is still far superior, Draper, in 780 games, has 112 goals, and 252 points, and is a plus 77, Morrow in 428 games has 254 points, including 115 goals, and a plus 85 rating.

    3 more goals 2 more points and a +8 advantage over draper. i would hardly call that superior.

    honestly u lost alot of credibility on this site. joseph had a worse team in 3 of the 4 years in toronto and he did more with them than he has with phoenix.

  21. leafs_flames99 says:


  22. leafs_flames99 says:

    I think it should have been…





  23. SJ_Sharks_Fan_19 says:

    yeah hes 5 points behind and played lets see about 350 less games! pretty superior to me but in the end Draper is better for team canada because of his ability to win Face offs

  24. mmatras says:

    And that’s exactly why you’re NOT making the team. You have 9 Centers…and only two natural RWs.

  25. hockeywhore says:

    “Look at me re-pick the Olympic team, I’m a freakin’ genius!”

    Slag off Leafy. First of all, Steve Moore didn’t have it coming. And you’re a psycho if you think he did. Second of all, Richards was a rare bright spot for Team Canada. He did everything on the penalty kill that Draper was supposed to do, as well as playing the point on the powerplay. He did a lot more than most of the team.

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