The Thrashers sign Trio in hopes of toughening up

The Thrashers went out an signed a pair of decent players and one who has been plauged with injuries for several years now. The Thrashers signed free-agent forwards Eric Boulton, Ramzi Abid and Scott Barney on Monday.

Boulton, who was a buffalo sabre, had only five goals but 511 penalty minutes during the 2000-04 season.

Abid had 13 goals and 10 assists in 49 NHL games with Phoenix and Pittsburgh (who he ended the season with).

A back injury kept Barney out for three seasons. He returned to play five games with Los Angeles during the 2002-03 and had five goals and six assists for the Kings the following season, the last before the lockout. I am not quite sure why they made this pickup he hasnt played for several years now