The TOP 25 future superstars of the NHL

As we see the superstars of toady approach their final years in the league, such as Roy, Sakic, Yzerman, Lemieux, their is a new generation of elite players who will take the torch and represent the new superstars of the league.This article selects the TOP 25 players who are born in 1977 or later and ranks them in the TOP 25. It was hard leaving out Jeff O’neill, Jose Theodore and others because they were born in 1976, but I had to draw a line somewhere.

Some of these players may already be superstars in your minds but there is no way you can put them in the same sentence as Roy, Lemieux or Sakic just yet. Let’s stir up some controversy starting at #25:

25. F Pavel Datsyuk

24. G Dan Blackburn

23. D Tomas Kaberle

22. F Daniel Briere

21. G Martin Biron

20. D Jay Mckee

19. D Brad Stuart

18. F Alex Tanguay

17. F Martin Havlat

16. D Wade Redden

15. F Erik Cole

14. F Sergei Samsonov

13. F Kristian Huselius

12. F Brad Richards

11. F Mark Parrish

10. D Eric Brewer

9. F Patrick Marleau

8. F Marian Gaborik

7. F Mike Comrie

6. G Roberto Luongo

5. F Joe Thornton

4. F Dany Heatley

3. F Jarome Iginla

2. F Ilya Kovalchuk

1. Simon Gagne

I am expecting lots of different opinions, it was very hard to rank these players because they are all exeptional hockey players. It was also hard to compare goalies w/ forwards and forwards w/ D-men. I probably left out a few significant guys!??!….let me know.

I think Simon Gagne is everything you could want in a hockey player.

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  1. icebull says:

    I know Vincent Lecavalier plays for the Lightning but come on! I know he is better than at least a handful of the guys on this list. But I do understand that it is hard to pick between all the new young guys in the league that are coming up.

  2. icebull says:

    And you dont think that Brad Richards is better than Jp Dumont or Sopel!! Just look at the points for the 2 seasons tat Richards has been in the league, then add the fact that he plays for the Lightning and that should speak for itself.

  3. thenextone says:

    Oh yeah..I think Martin Havlat should be ranked higher he is as explosive as Kovalchuk. imo

    I think Iginla is already considered a superstar.

    Derek Morris should replace Jay Mckee.

    Replace Gagne with Hossa and move gagne to number 2.( Gagne is a terrific player but right now Hossa is marginally better based on playing with lesser linemates, playoff numbers, etc)

    Other then that, the list looks fine.

  4. thenextone says:

    that he can play more consistently. Don’t get me wrong he’s a great talent but if he puts it all together he would definetely be scary! maybe it’s the fact he is playing in Tampa, who knows.

    I agree, though he has better potential than most guys listed. i.e Briere

  5. aaron says:

    A year ago, I would have told anyone who said Fischer was on this list that they were an insane homer and should watch the rest of the league sometime. But…he was damned good this season, and terrific in the playoffs. He has Norris potential, and its not very often a purely defensive player stands out as a future Norris winner at age 21 or whatever he is.

  6. aaron says:

    Actually, I remember three years ago, Iginla went on a 21 game point streak or something. That was the first I had heard of him.

  7. aaron says:

    Also, Drury played on the second line, didn’t he? Datsyuk got 3rd or 4th line minutes most of the season. Also, he hit the wall physically a couple of times (in Russia, they only played 28 game seasons in his league or close to that), which dashed his numbers. Sheer talentwise, he’s already among the best stick handlers in the league, as well as a great passer. He needs to work on finishing, conditioning, defense, and English. 😛 But those are all pretty normal vices in rookies, so I’m not worried. He’s dedicated to hockey and learning, and he’s got a great environment to work in and learn in. I’m not taking away from Drury (well, actually he’s an Av, so I am :P), but I’d say its a tossup between the two.

    And there’s the age thing. 😛

  8. aaron says:

    I’d pull Fedorov for Samsonov in an instant, actually. Fedorov’s better now, two ways, but Samsonov…that guy gots a future.

    If it was a comparison of whose better now, and the league was going to end after this season, I’d keep Fedorov though, so I know what you mean. 😛

  9. aaron says:

    Kaberle the next Lidstrom. That’s funny.

  10. aaron says:

    Its hard to compare the two, that’s true. And both have had the advantage of playing w/ great players (though that gives them an edge; they can learn a lot from them…hell, even Lidstrom says playing w/ Chelios has made him a better player). It’ll be interesting, though, to see how Datsyuk handles being focused on. And he does have a stamina issue. Plus, he’s never done crap in any other league he’s played for; this season may have been a fluke. But I don’t think so. Fischer is probably more of a sure bet to be a great player, Datsyuk has more potential.

  11. aaron says:

    Its not like he had much of a choice w/ guys like Salo, Palffy, Bertuzzi, etc. He had to drop salary. Holy sh*t, Salo, Palffy, and Bertuzzi? Hmm…I wonder if he’d like a job as a scout for the Wings…

  12. aaron says:

    Hmm. Klesla, Visnovsky, Fischer, all who have already been mentioned. Oh, and Hossa, definately. I want to say Zetterburg, but no one’s even seen him play, so that would be too much of a homer. Oh…there is someone at the edge of my thoughts…is Friesen the right age? Or Tverdovsky?

  13. KaPluie says:

    I don’t see how Detroit makes him look better than he actually is, its not like he played with all the superstars on the team. He pretty much sticked to his line, with young Devereaux and Hull. If anything, Datsuk made Hull and Devereaux look better than they actually were last season.

  14. KaPluie says:

    Fischer will not end up as a stay at home defensemen. His offensive confidence is growing, and he has a monstrous shot from the point, however, right now the shot isn’t really under control. He’s just 21, as he ages a tad and learns the offensive tricks, he’ll be nice to watch. He also needs to learn the art of hitting big while not taking penalties. Maybe working with Chellios will help in that regard. Is Kaberle better than Fischer right now? That might be, they play different styles, but If I had the choice of selecting Kaberle or Fischer for my team, I’d have to go with Fischer. In the long run, I see a bigger upside to Jiri

  15. KaPluie says:

    I can’t wait to see Zetterburg play. I’ve seen some great clips of him, and have read some great reports. I hope he is the real deal.

  16. habs_88_4life says:

    This took hours of researching, comparing and switching around and I’ve came to my conclusion:

    50.Ossi Vaanenen-Phoenix

    49.Martin Skoula-Colorado

    48.David Tanabe-Carolina

    47.Radim Vrbata-Colorado

    46.Eric Belanger-LA

    45.Marc Denis-Columbus

    44.Henrik Sedin-Vancouver

    43.Marcel Hossa-Montreal

    42.Brian Gionta-New Jersey

    41.Daniel Sedin-Vancouver

    40.Marcus Nilson-Florida

    39.Scott Hartnell-Nashville

    38.Kyle Calder-Chicago

    37.Justin Williams-Philidelphia

    36.Robyn Regehr-Calgary

    35.Brenden Morrow-Dallas

    34.Marian Hossa-Ottawa

    33.Josef Vasicek-Carolina

    32.Vincent Lecavalier-Tampa

    31.Brad Richards-Tampa

    30.Brent Johnson-St. Louis

    29.Vitaly Vishnevski-Anaheim

    28.Andrei Markov-Montreal

    27.Steve Reinprecht-Colorado

    26.JP Dumont-Buffalo

    25.Brent Sopel-Vancouver

    24.Tomas Kaberle-Toronto

    23.Mark Parrish-NYI

    22.Kristian Huselius-Florida

    21.Maxim Afinogenov-Buffalo

    20.Dan Blackburn-NYR

    19.Erik Cole-Carolina

    18.Sergei Samsonov-Boston

    17.Eric Brewer-Edmonton

    16.Pavel Datsyuk-Detroit

    15.Dany Heatley-Atlanta

    14.Daniel Briere-Phoenix

    13.Mike York-Edmonton

    12.Roberto Luongo-Florida

    11.Rostislav Klesla-Columbus

    10.Alex Tanguay-Colorado

    9.Martin Havlat-Ottawa

    8.Patrick Marleau-San Jose

    7.Simon Gagne-Philidelphia

    6.Mike Comrie-Edmonton

    5.Ilya Kovalchuk-Atlanta

    4.Joe Thornton-Boston

    3.Marian Gaborik-Minnesota

    2.Jose Theodore-Montreal

    1.Jarome Iginla

  17. burky says:


    1. Mike Comrie (can you say win-win)

    2. Daniel Briere (1st FULL season)

    3. Henrik Sedin (Just Watch)

    4. Daniel Sedin (watch closer)

    5. Artem Chubarov (this guys gonna be big)

    6. Justin Williams (not jason)

    7. Steve Kariya (benefit well w/ more ice)

    8. Ivan Novolseltsev (yesvelseltsev!)

    9. Martin St. Louis (1nce again, 3rd year)

    10. Vincent Lecavalier(WTF vinny, step it up)


    1. Erik Cole

    2. Jason Williams (not justin)

    3. Pavel Datsyuk

    4. Krys Kolanos

    5. Andy Mcdonald

    6. Radim Vrbata

    7. Pascal Dupuis

    8. Mark Bell

    9. Mike Van Ryn

    10. Dan Blackburn


    1.Chuck Kobasew (mu-hahaha)

    2. Jason Spezza

    3. Rick Nash

    4. Jay Bouwmeester

    5. Khari Lehtonen

    6. Brad Boyes

    7. Alex Svitov (SPITov WJC, eww)

    8. Jesse Niinimaki (this guy scares me)

    9. Jeff Lupul

    10. Scottie Upshall

  18. habs_88_4life says:

    Joffrey Lupul

  19. NJD4Life says:

    Why does niinimaki scare you ?

    And all I can say is watch out for Christian Berglund or Brian Gionta both in Jersey, one of them for sure, is going to be a player in this league, you’ll see. Just ask Lou or Conte, suckas…

  20. Hockeyboys says:

    Well this finally conferms that titans is full of s***. 🙂

  21. J3D9B says:

    Kovalchuk is “The Next One”. That guy has unbelievable goal scoring talent. If he plays long enough and the NHL style of play takes a turn to more offensive like the 80’s, we may see Wayne’s goalscoring record come crashing down.

  22. rrudd says:

    Morrow’s not going to do much in this league. He’ll just play 80 games a year, score 30 goals a year, lead his team in hits, stand up and fight guys twice his size, and make everyone around him step up their game.

  23. KaPluie says:

    Impressive job … I’d still like to see Jiri Fischer though

  24. regdunlop says:

    this is a prime example of what can happen to a hockey fan in the off-season. Dude, you are seriously losing it……I love it keep it up!

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