The top five things you do after dumping salary…

On the heels of trading the 4th leading scorer in the National Hockey League to the NY Rangers, for what appears to be a bag of pucks and a few pairs of skates, the Pittsburgh Penguins have continued the rebuilding process that began with the trade of Jaromir Jagr almost two years ago.

What next?? Here is what I believe the Penguins should do…Alright…with this trade came alot of information regarding the present financial situation surrounding the Pittsburgh Penguins. This is the second time Craig Patrick was forced to trade a superstar player for unproven commoditites.

First it was the Jagr deal (Lupaschuk, Beech, Sivek) and now it is the Ranger deal.

With that said the Penguins can make this work out for the short term, or until the new CBA is negotiated.

1). The organization must commit to a specific type of system and apply that system throughout the minor leagues. The minor league system must be improved so that we can re-build this team through the draft.

2). Fire Glenn Patrick (CP’s brother, no concidence). Bring in a teacher the young players must respect. When asked about what it is like being a minor leaguer in the Penguins system, Andrew ference stated rather explicitly that there is a lack of structure, teaching and communication between the coaches and players. Glenn must go.

3). MARIO SUCK IT UP!! This team needs to hire a defensive minded coach with a system in place. Young players, which we now have alot of, need a structured type of environment in which to play. I am thinking Larry Robinson, or Kevin Constantine would fit the bill. Look, this organization has never valued the position of head coach—because it was always made up of veterans and the team would free wheel hoping to outscore the oppostion. Unlike now, this team needs a strong head coach to teach to the younger players.

4.) THe organization needs to come out and say we are in financial trouble. The fans deserve it, the game deserves it. The fans have felt lied to for the last 3 years. First we listened to Patrick tell us how the centerpiece of a deal for Jagr was Beech (currently in the minors), then we listened to him talk about how he couldn’t find any reasonable deals for Robert Lang and hoped to resign him at the end of the season and now this: “I think this deal strengthens us for the playoff drive.” It is this kind of marketing catastrophy that occured last year when Mario soured all the fans here in pgh by playing for team Canada and then abruptly ending his season. FOr God’s sake don’t insult our intelligence by telling us this deal wasn’t based on money–you are alienating the fans.

5.) Call up Brooks Orpik, Kris Beech, Ross Lupachuk, Tomas Surovy. The biggest reason against this is that they will make mistakes at the National HOckey league level. At least that was the reasoning from penguins management. I know these moves will be prohibited from happening because of the monetary aspects–but at least consider them. Right now Orpik, Beech could be developing with experience–sure they will make their mistakes, but the players we currently have on the roster make mistakes. Beech needs to play. See what you have by playing Surovy, the best pure goal scorer in the penguins farm system.

What does this hurt??

So there you go.

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