The Toronto Maple Leafs Moves To Make

Since everyone is getting there stab at how they believe they can make the Leafs better, I think it’s my turn to add my little two cents. Since everyone is getting there stab at how they believe they can make the Leafs better, I think it’s my turn to add my little two cents.

For the Leafs to develop to where all Leaf fans want them to be, MLSE will have to make moves not just on the ice but behind the scenes as well. Dump Quinn, AFTER THE OLYMPICS! The Maple Leafs are a classy organization, you cannot dump the coach of Team Canada before the Olympics, that’s an un-classy move. Wait till the summer time to say, “Thanks for the good times, but we’re just going in a different direction”. My suggestion for coach is not Darryl Sutter like all other leaf fans is, he has already said he won’t leave where he is now, unless it’s a deal he can’t turn down. If the leafs are going to rebuild they should hire ex-Buffalo coach Ted Nolan. Nolan was given an unfair chance in Buffalo, and was treated badly. Being a classy organization, the Leafs, should hire him as their head coach. To back up Nolan, MLSE, should hire a leaf alumni to help out behind the bench. I suggest either Darryl Sittler or Dave Keon, who is already employed by MLSE. Both or either could bring the sense of what a Leaf great needs and could help develop the leafs young talent, ex. Kyle Wellwood.

I believe Ferguson deserves at least another chance. Some of the moves he made, even Mike Millbury would have shun away from. Keep him around and see if he can improve. But to make sure the Leafs have a back-up if he pulls some stupid moves, bring in someone who could take over half-way through the season. I believe the person to bring in as an assistant to Fergy Jr. is legendary North Star, Bobby Smith. Smith has had experience with Phoenix and a junior team (I’m not sure which one). Smith, a southern Ontario boy (I believe), could come in an assist with Ferguson, until he is relieved of his duties.

The Leafs staff would look like this;

Head Coach- Ted Nolan

Assistant Coach- Darryl Sittler

GM- John Ferguson Jr.

Assistant Coach- Bobby Smith

Next, there are some players that need to be moved and some players that just need the chance, that Quinn, isn’t giving them. Players like Czerkawski and Wellwood for example. But the Leafs also should get ride of players that Quinn, had given too many chances. Players like Antropov and Berg. The Leafs should not just send Allison to the minors, like I read in a previous article, but to see if there are any takers and ship him away. He is not worth the money he is being paid. Next, see if there is any team stupid enough to pick up Berg, maybe the team Theo Fleury is playing for in England is willing to take a shot with him.

Below are some trades that would benefit both teams and has some salary sense.

To Calgary: Antropov ($ 1, 007, 000.00) & Khavanov ($ 1.25 M)

To Toronto: Warrener ($ 1.9 M) , Donovan ($ 627, 000) & Giordano (?)

To Vancouver: Belfour ($ 4.56 M) and a 4th Round Draft Pick

To Toronto: McCarthy ($ 760, 000.00), Cooke ($ 1.5 M) and Baumgartner ($ 450, 000.00)

To Washington: Wozniewski ($ 450, 000.00) and Aubin ($ 500, 000.00)

To Toronto: Halpern ($1,233,100.00)

To Nashville: Allison ($1.5 M) and 3rd Round Draft Pick

To Toronto: Erat ($875,000.00) and Hamhuis ($901,740.00)

Waive: Tie Domi, Aki Berg, Wade Belak and Ken Klee

Free Agents to Sign in the Summer:

Frantisek Kaberle

Joe Corvo

Denis Gauthier

Ric Jackman

Eric Brewer

Alyn McCauley

Kyle Calder

David Legwand

Vesa Toskala

If I had my way the team would look like this;

Calder Sundin O’Neil

Erat Cooke Steen

Donovan Lindros Tucker

Czerkawski Halpern Kilger


Ponikarovsky and Stajan

McCabe T. Kaberle

Brewer F. Kaberle

Colaiacovo Gauthier


Kronwall and Harrison





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  1. ssmjon says:

    Since its a little outlandish for Toronto to make any of those trades or to sign every decent free agent…i dont see any of those happening. it would be nice though. I like Nolan as the coach, but i think i would pull Gilmour in as my assistant Coach.

    Player Moves:

    Woznewsky, Allison, Khavanov, and a pick

    to Washington for

    Witt and Zubrus

    Czercawski and Antropov

    to NYI for


    Waive berg and belak

    Trade a pick to Edmonton for Laraque

    so my lines:

    Ponikarovsky Sundin Zubrus

    Tucker Lindros Hunter

    Kilger Steen O’neill

    Laraque Stajan Domi

    spares: wilm, Wellwood.

    McCabe Kaberle

    Witt Coliacovo

    Klee Harrison

    spares: Kronwall


    My main focus in the off-season, Goaltending: I’m like Legace!

  2. 92-93 says:

    Again, like so many other plans here on HTR, there are too many trades and its way too complicated. I think when people start making these plans, they should actually try to limit themeselves like – 2 trades or free agent signings maximum. that way, things are kept simple and somewhat realistic. sure JFJ could do more than that, but when armchair GMs like me and you start doing it, it gets ridiculous.

  3. 92-93 says:

    Here is Mike Ulmer’s Sun piece and my responses. he beings his article with “this is what the future looks like”:

    “Ponikarovski is 25 years old. The Leafs have been waiting for him to blossom since they drafted him seven years ago. And wouldn’t he, all of a sudden, start flashing the makings of a 30-goal guy. […] He can stay.”

    Totally agree. He’ll be on the 2nd or 3rd line LW for years to come in toronto and considering his skilss on the PK and his size, speed, and shot, that’s a good thing.

    “Three rookies manned the Leafs’ blueline an Kronwall, Jay Harrison and Andrew Wozniewski. Between them, the trio has 43 games of NHL experience and Kronvall has 31 of those. […] In the wings and soon to return, 23-year-old Carlo Colaiacovo. For now, they can stay too, all of them.”

    Yup. good call obviously. Although I am not totally sold on ‘the woz’ I do think he’s better – as a rookie – than Berg and Khavanov. give these kids the experience of a playoff drive and a first round playoff series NOW! These four, combined with McCabe and Kaberle are the Leafs’ future D. If one or two of them don’t work out, that’s what solid free agent signings are for.

    “The Leafs most active line was a combination of Darcy Tucker, Alexander Steen and Kyle Wellwood. Tucker is the greybeard of the group at 30. The other two are 21 and 22. Wellwood, like another kid, Matt Stajan, has been mostly inert this season. There’s time. They can stay.”

    I agree with Tucker staying although he puts his body through so much I wonder how long he’ll be able to play beyond 30 years old. Steen, Wellwood, and Stajan are the Leafs’ future. the criticism of Stajan is a little harsh. he’s still among the leaders in PK points and assists and is more solid than most of the old guys in the leafs’ line-up. So, so far we have all 6 D-positions filled, some of LWs (Steen, Poni, Tucker), a couple of Centres (Wellwood, Stajan) but no mention of Antropov interestingly enough.

  4. 92-93 says:

    Now, after talking about who should stay, Ulmer continues on who should leave:

    “Out of the picture, for now at least, Eric Lindros, dominant at turns this season but 32 with a history of injuries that figures to get longer. The great Mats Sundin, 35 in 10 days, Tie Domi, 36, Jason Allison, 30 and out of step with the speed game, are all on the periphery. Add defenceman Ken Klee, 34 and slowing down, to the list. […] Belfour’s most important statistic is his age. He is 40. The trade deadline is March 9, a little more than a month away and the league shuts down for two weeks of that time. And so it falls to Leafs GM John Ferguson to see the truth. Last night offered a perfect illustration, a window into the future of where the Leafs must go. They must ride the kids.This is not a playoff team. Take a look at the standings, where the Leafs are nip and tuck to squeak into the final Eastern Conference spot.


    The Leafs aren’t good enough, aren’t fast enough, or tough enough [to make the playoffs] and if the video from last night tells you otherwise, two wins in the club’s last 12 games should straighten you out pronto.”

    Well what are proposing here Mikey? get rid of all the veteran players? and i am not so sure that despite all these very true traits to the Leafs mentioned above, that this makes Toronto a non-playoff team. Clearly, Ulmer is suggesting a ‘rebuild’ …

    “Ferguson needs to recruit offers for Sundin. The Leafs captain has been a magnificent performer, but he deserves better. Better wingers. A new city. Should he like, he could return as a free agent the season after next.In return, the Leafs could garner prospects and a draft choice. “

    Well, if Sundin needs better wingers, and you’ve just mentioned that 6 of the forward positions have already been filled by solid young guys (including Antropov), why not get him a winger and dump the fat on this team?!?! why do we have to trade sundin? yes, draft picks and prospects would be great but there’s this one timy thing that stands in the way …a lot of teams have to rearrange their entire roster to fit sundin in. so dream on Mikey.

    “The return will be less for Belfour, a free agent at year’s end, but playoff hungry teams like the Edmonton Oilers, Vancouver and perhaps Colorado would upgrade their goaltending with him.”

    Yes, trading Belfour – unlike the sundin trade – would be good for the leafs considering he will be retiring soon and his contract. but again, it is easier said then done. Mikey is writing here as if JFJ CAN do it but just WON’T do it. its not like that at all, even if he was willing to trade Belfour (which I have suggested in previous posts), these other teams must fit in his contract and consider his age.

    “Allison would fetch even less but he can control the puck and play the power play with anyone. He has value.”

    This is true and I have been saying this all along. but I like Allison more than Lindros. Ulmer thinks – at 30 – that Allison’s slow game is not suited to the new NHL. in terms of +/- he may be right. but in terms of putting up points every night – he’s wrong. and Allison isn’t going to retire any time soon because of his +/-. I still say give Jason some time to adapt after being out of hockey for almost 3 years and returning to a brand new brand of hockey. but if the leafs can get a good return for him – say a young defenceman like Leopold – then so be it.

    “In a new setting, Domi might rekindle his game and give a fledgling contender extra swagger. He can still play a limited role and while his skating seems to have deteriorated, he could be effective if used strategically. Tucker you build around. Same with Steen and perhaps goalie Mikael Tellqvist.”

    True, on all accounts. Guys like Domi (1.25 million), Belak (700K), O’Neill (1.5 million), Khavanov (1.25 million) and Berg (1.1 million) take up roster space (2 RW positions and 2 Defence positions) and approx. 5.8 MILLION DOLLARS!!! Sure, keep the kids, trade the vets that you can (except Sundin), keep the depth players (Kilger, Wilm). When it is all said and done, my question to Ulmer is this: there isn’t that much work to do here, most of the roster positions are set, why not get rid of the dead wood in the next year, make (only) a couple of free agent signings and that’s it. it is not time to ‘rebuild’ – its time to simply cut the fat and make some smart signings and trades and not many of them at that – unlike the plans suggested here on HTR.

  5. NHLSlayer says:

    I didn’t read this whole thread, but I think you missed one big name that has to be resigned this summer. Bryan McCabe is a free agent, and will be available to anyone if the Leafs don’t lock him up. Don’t be terribly surprised to see Tomas Kaberle moved at the trade deadline this year, as he can be a valuable asset to a team looking to make a Cup run, and the Leafs may get decent return for him, and then have the money to pay McCabe…

  6. 92-93 says:

    and so the Bruins are back in the playoff hunt and everyone is surprised. not me. i made the following comments after the Thornton trade when everyone jumped off the Boston bandwagon on December 1st:

    this is a huge trade. and both teams won big time. all i can say that it is bad news for everyone in the East and in the NE, the Bruins are going to really improve and join the big 7 – Sabres, Leafs, Habs, Devils, Rangers, Isles and Canes – for the battle for the final 5 playoff spots in the East (assuming that TB and Philly take over and keep first place in their respective divisions).

    [Well I was a little off here. The Canes haven’t gone anywhere and only recently the Bolts have made their charge. The Isles simply suck.]

    wow, i’ve just read some of the above posts…

    geesh, i know this was a shocker and that there are certainly some questions out there about how this will pan out, but some of the reactions here are a little over the top!

    1) the way these 2 teams were going, neither one of them were going to make the playoffs and the bruins have had a history of losing in the first round

    2) this is the new nhl people. are we still getting used to the fact that firing the coach over trading a franchise player might not be the move that franchises will automatically make anymore? if anything, its the GM and the players that are going to pay for a team’s misfortunes now, not the coach – or at least, not as much anymore.

    3) that’s a lot of money that the bruins had tied up in thornton – even if he deserved it. they’ve got a surplus of defensemen, some cap room, and maybe another trade in them for a solid centre (but probably not enough for a first-line centre).

    in any case, the point is, settle down. i think time will tell how this worked out for both teams – obviously – and i think that the Bruins didn’t get shafted as much as people think.

    i understand the harsh reactions – like the leafs losing sundin – but there has to be some positives here too! The Bruins didn’t go anywhere with Thornton in the line-up. maybe this is the best move for both parties. Thronton gets to play with the Sharks and try to lead them to playoff success, the Bruins have an entirely new dynamic working for them to try and get past the first round.

  7. koolcracker says:

    I havnt seen anyone say anytthing, but what about Oniel? get him out fo here!

  8. slaboner1968 says:

    Ted Nolan will be hard pressed to ever coach in the NHL. He left the Buffalo Sabres under a cloud and no one is saying why. This guy had moderate success as an NHL coach yet he can’t get a job in the NHL. People have said it before that Paul Maurice was brought in to coach the Marlies and be a successor to Quinn. I’m not knocking NOlan but I think it’s unlikely.

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