The Toronto Maple Leafs Moves To Make

Since everyone is getting there stab at how they believe they can make the Leafs better, I think it’s my turn to add my little two cents. Since everyone is getting there stab at how they believe they can make the Leafs better, I think it’s my turn to add my little two cents.

For the Leafs to develop to where all Leaf fans want them to be, MLSE will have to make moves not just on the ice but behind the scenes as well. Dump Quinn, AFTER THE OLYMPICS! The Maple Leafs are a classy organization, you cannot dump the coach of Team Canada before the Olympics, that’s an un-classy move. Wait till the summer time to say, “Thanks for the good times, but we’re just going in a different direction”. My suggestion for coach is not Darryl Sutter like all other leaf fans is, he has already said he won’t leave where he is now, unless it’s a deal he can’t turn down. If the leafs are going to rebuild they should hire ex-Buffalo coach Ted Nolan. Nolan was given an unfair chance in Buffalo, and was treated badly. Being a classy organization, the Leafs, should hire him as their head coach. To back up Nolan, MLSE, should hire a leaf alumni to help out behind the bench. I suggest either Darryl Sittler or Dave Keon, who is already employed by MLSE. Both or either could bring the sense of what a Leaf great needs and could help develop the leafs young talent, ex. Kyle Wellwood.

I believe Ferguson deserves at least another chance. Some of the moves he made, even Mike Millbury would have shun away from. Keep him around and see if he can improve. But to make sure the Leafs have a back-up if he pulls some stupid moves, bring in someone who could take over half-way through the season. I believe the person to bring in as an assistant to Fergy Jr. is legendary North Star, Bobby Smith. Smith has had experience with Phoenix and a junior team (I’m not sure which one). Smith, a southern Ontario boy (I believe), could come in an assist with Ferguson, until he is relieved of his duties.

The Leafs staff would look like this;

Head Coach- Ted Nolan

Assistant Coach- Darryl Sittler

GM- John Ferguson Jr.

Assistant Coach- Bobby Smith

Next, there are some players that need to be moved and some players that just need the chance, that Quinn, isn’t giving them. Players like Czerkawski and Wellwood for example. But the Leafs also should get ride of players that Quinn, had given too many chances. Players like Antropov and Berg. The Leafs should not just send Allison to the minors, like I read in a previous article, but to see if there are any takers and ship him away. He is not worth the money he is being paid. Next, see if there is any team stupid enough to pick up Berg, maybe the team Theo Fleury is playing for in England is willing to take a shot with him.

Below are some trades that would benefit both teams and has some salary sense.

To Calgary: Antropov ($ 1, 007, 000.00) & Khavanov ($ 1.25 M)

To Toronto: Warrener ($ 1.9 M) , Donovan ($ 627, 000) & Giordano (?)

To Vancouver: Belfour ($ 4.56 M) and a 4th Round Draft Pick

To Toronto: McCarthy ($ 760, 000.00), Cooke ($ 1.5 M) and Baumgartner ($ 450, 000.00)

To Washington: Wozniewski ($ 450, 000.00) and Aubin ($ 500, 000.00)

To Toronto: Halpern ($1,233,100.00)

To Nashville: Allison ($1.5 M) and 3rd Round Draft Pick

To Toronto: Erat ($875,000.00) and Hamhuis ($901,740.00)

Waive: Tie Domi, Aki Berg, Wade Belak and Ken Klee

Free Agents to Sign in the Summer:

Frantisek Kaberle

Joe Corvo

Denis Gauthier

Ric Jackman

Eric Brewer

Alyn McCauley

Kyle Calder

David Legwand

Vesa Toskala

If I had my way the team would look like this;

Calder Sundin O’Neil

Erat Cooke Steen

Donovan Lindros Tucker

Czerkawski Halpern Kilger


Ponikarovsky and Stajan

McCabe T. Kaberle

Brewer F. Kaberle

Colaiacovo Gauthier


Kronwall and Harrison