The Toronto Maple Leafs

As a die-hard leaf fan every year ill always believe that the maple leafs will win the cup. This year is no different…with the help of a few changes of course. This 8 game losing skid that we’re on is disgusting because not only are we missing the playoffs because of this but most of these games we could of easily won!!!!:(..Who do i blame? I blame PAT QUINN! Let me explain before i begin my assault on the cause of our team’s downfall.

1) Let’s go all the way back to training camp in September. I bet you don’t know who was clocked as the fastest skater on the team..? No it wasn’t O’Neill or McCabe it was,Mariusz Czerkawski. Oh yes, for those who are now rereading the last sentence, it’s true and this man also had one of the hardest shots on the team. Now you’d assume he’d be playing on the second line right? He isn’t even playing on the fourth line! Night after night after night Czerkawski is a healthy scratch while Antropov plays on the second line,first line PP. Czerkawski…fastest skater on the team, Antropov….two,not one,reconstructive knees…YOU DO THE MATH!!

2) Late in the off-season Ferguson signed a veteran defence man, Brad Brown, who last played in Minnesota I believe. Correct me if I’m wrong but I haven’t seen Brown play a single Leafs game. And guess who has his spot? World-class renowned,Olympic favourite,the one,the only Aki Berg. Oh the Horror!:'( Instead of bringing in a good checker who can at least shut down the oppostion’s speedy line we have Aki who’s worth less than a bag of pucks(pardon the cliche). Brad Brown is a guy we need up here to hold the fort. But no we Leaf fans have to watch 10 minutes of Aki slipping,giving the puck away,missing checks, fanning on shots etc.etc.etc. Shall I go on?

3)The only mistake I think that Ferguson made during the off-season was not signing Marchment. Instead of signing Berg, who we got for 0.8 mil., we could have gotten Marchment, a power defenceman who can shut down a star player with twice as much heart in the game than Berg. Marchment would have settled for league minimum 450,000 and with the other 400,000 that we could of not spent on Berg we could’ve brought back Thomas, a fan-favourite,who can rally up some points in his old age and would also accept league minimum.But that is just past speculation and we have to work with what we have now. Which brings me to my next point…

4) Pat Quinn- Awesome coach on an international level: with world championships aplenty and who could ever forget Salt Lake? But we are talking about the Leafs, the NHL Leafs. Quinn’s biggest success with Toronto was an Eastern Conference Final loss to the Hurricanes. Besides that they haven’t been able to breach the second round. and for many reasons too…Quinn refuses to use what talent he has, tells Ferguson not to trade his beloved mediocre players, not to mention that most of the team hates him of course. During the Olympics Quinn had All-Star calibre players but here he has the salary cap. And the plot thickens.

To the Leafs Mangement especially John Ferguson Jr. some words of advice:

-fire Quinn

-bring in Paul Maurice from the Marlies(the same coach who beat Quinn with the Hurricanes)

-give Czerkawski and Brown some ice time

-trade Berg,Domi, and Antropov…though i dont know who’d be willing to pick them up

Then we may have a chance. Until Quinn is gone the Leafs will continue to implode from the inside and their never-ending drought without a cup will continue


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  1. 92-93 says:

    1) For all his skills the knock against Czerkawski – and its happening again this year – is that he isn’t consistent enough. if you do the math with Antropov’s stats and the fact that he is having a way better season than Czerkawski – its pretty easy to see why Antropov is playing more. i am not his biggest fan, but he’s not that bad of a player. Czerkawski simply hasn’t proven very much when he does play and I don’t want Quinn getting into any bad habits with being loyal to him.

    2) Again, Aki Berg is not that bad of #6 D-guy although i do think he has overstayed his time here in toronto. Brown’s numbers and his play with the marlies – and yes, i have been following the marlies – are horrific. I’d take Harrison, White, Woz, Bell, and Kronvall over Brown anyday on the Leafs’ D.

    3) I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – JFJ has made TWO good Defenceman signings: Klee and Leetch (and even Leetch was a questionable one considering that they needed a stay-at-home guy).

    Every other signing has been a bust and list is incredibly long: Khavanov, Brown, Berehowsky, Johannsen, Marchment (AND NOW – rumours of more busts: Rivers and Ulanov). I dunno how many times a GM can make the same mistake over and over again. I agree – signing Berg (and Khavanov) instead of bringing up the Marlies and saving more money for some room beneath the cap to pick up D-guy during the season was JFJ’s biggest offseason mistake (outside of signing BOTH Allison and Lindros as opposed to one of them, and signing Belak, Czerkawski, trading for O’Neill. …. phew!).

    4) your complaints of quinn are warranted. he is good at handling good players but his loyalty leads to a lack of accountability. his democratic ice-time system, while it has worked in the past, has to go out the window with a team like this year’s edition of the leafs. too many are not carrying their own weight and its the youngsters and Sundin that are doing all the work. when lindros comes back, do the unthinkables Quinn!:

    a) bench Domi and O’Neill ON A REGULAR BASIS

    b) break up this pathetic ‘3 big centres down the middle’ idea and put Lindros on Sundin’s wing and keep him there.

    c) give more ice time to the Steens, Wellwoods, Stajans, Ponis rather than the O’Neills, Domis, Kilgers, etc.

    d) start playing the Marlies – guys like harrison and Kronvall – on D and start sitting Khavanov and Berg when they don’t perform.

    Firing Quinn at this point isn’t going to do anything and people calling for this seem to be those leaf fans who think the leafs can go far if this move was done. its just not going to happen this year. period. fire quinn in the offseason maybe. but the problems go deeper than quinn. they go to JFJ’s decisions as well as the head coach’s decisions. they go up to the owners and down to the Belaks.

    give the leafs some credit – they are trying to rebuild and remain competitive and do it in a short period of time and so far they haven’t done that bad of a job. wiser decisions must be made – true – but the ‘answer’ doesn’t lie in the hands of Maurice, Czerkawski, or even in my above suggestions. this is going to take some time.

  2. BeLeaFeR28 says:

    Here are some possible trade suggestions, not saying all of them will happen but here are some reasonable suggestions:

    Belfour, Wellwood, and Wozieniezki, high draft pick


    Hemsky and Bergeron


    Pogge, Kronwall, Klee


    Cujo and Morris


    Allison, Coliacovo, Pohl


    Gomez and Martin


    Antropov, Domi, Berg


    Malone and Jackman


    Khavonov, Harrison, Belak, draft pick




    Just a few that seem possible, not saying they will happen but they are reasonable.

    Possible line up:









    extras: Jackman




    Remember these are just thoughts and opinion, some thoughts and trades that are fair, i know the possibility of these happening are slim to none, but hey you never know!

  3. BeLeaFeR28 says:

    My bad take out wilm and insert O’neill in but instaed switch around malone and Oneill

  4. BeLeaFeR28 says:

    nahh nevermind put oneill back on the 4th line and malone back on the 3rd

  5. koolcory77 says:

    ok…brown in for berg, but who does thomas replace? wellwood? antropov? no chance…we need the kids to play

  6. buds8 says:

    Here are some reasonable suggestions, I think:

    1. Fire Quinn and bring up Maurice – every team has fired their coach once it started to go bad and the Leafs should be no exception (i.e. Stars and Hitch*****, Avs and Crawford, Devils and three coaches – 3 cups as well);

    2. Trade Sundin and Belfour to Vancouver for Ohlund and Cooke (we know the Canucks love thier Swedes and having a line of Sundin-Naslund-Bertuzzi would be pretty sweet, plus they need a goalie and the Leafs get back some much-needed defence and grit);

    3. Trade Allison and Klee for and defenceman from the Oilers or Flames (Klee is the worst Leaf ever, I hate him and my voodoo on him to get injured has not worked – I think he is deflecting it onto the other defencemen);

    4. Trade O’Neill for a 3rd or 4th rounder, maybe even back to Carolina (he hasn’t worked out, maybe the brother’s death played a part but the fact is that he sucks);

    5 Release both Czerkawski and Khavanov (I have “had-a-nuff” of both of them, I think Mariusz can be useful but no use in sitting him every game);

    6 Play the kids and make some signings in the off season and hope for some picks to play out and show up in October cause this year is OVER!

    Possible Lineup:












  7. x_FarFromFreedom_x says:

    Ohh c’mon dont even bother to blame this on Quinn. Czerkawski is a pure offensive talent and thats all..the Leafs dont need scoring out there they have enough of it!!! i dont know why you speak so highly of Czerkawski the guy is a -6 in the games he has played. hes inconsistant and thats the last thing the Leafs need at this moment. think about what you just sed Fire QUINN..last time i checked this guy was 3rd in votes for the Jack Adams in his 1st year..With him under the bench we had 28 more points then the year before…not to mention every year he has been here its been 90-103 points per season..PLUS the playoff’s each year and 2 eastern conference finals!! bring if Maurice..c’mon his stanley cup run was a joke..that team had coach..last time i checked he has made the playoffs twice in 10 years of coaching!!! So before you over-dramtic Leafs fans starts planning the Quinn era..think about what he has done…im a hardcore Leaf fan myself..not once have i thot of Quinn getting fired because any way you put this…this team this year isnt as good as the others…we wanted the cap…we got the cap leafs fans..THIS IS REALITY!!!

    JFJ i will admit not signing Marchment was a bad mistake..but where is he now..ooh i know out for the season because he tried to line up Allison!…If JFJ wants to improve this team why dont we start with getting Allison out of a leaf uniform and get some Defence back there!!…the Leafs havent won since McCabe went out..maybe if they had depth from the beginning we wuldnt have been through this BUT Marchment was not the answer..i do agree on the BERG issue…he’s a bag of pucks in my eyes…but he is worth someone because he is a stay at home defenceman…tough to find in the NEW NHL!!

    All in all fellow Leafs fans..This is reality and Firing Quinn or Trading Mats isnt the answer…everyteam goes through times like these and im sure JFJ is trying hard to get a deal done to bring in a winger for Sundin and bring in a top 4 defenceman…

    So Be PATIENT…things will change eventually but firing or trading your star will make things better…this is all to due with injuries and lack of confidence…once McCabe is back you’ll see this team start winning again!

  8. Aetherial says:

    Kilger has hands of stone…

    but I can’t argue with his skating or his effort. He also kills penalties I believe.

    I have room for him on my team, on the 4th line. Teams need role-players.

  9. 92-93 says:

    yeah i totally agree. i love both Kilger and Wilm and they are both being played on the 4th line which is where they are supposed to be. I just don’t want to see Domi or O’Neill anywhere above the 3rd line.

  10. NHLSlayer says:

    How can Czerkawski be consistent, when he plays one out of every 10 games? Of course he’s not consistent enough, he’s not CONSISTENTLY in the lineup! He is a top 6 forward on nearly every NHL team, to dress Clarke Wilm ahead of him is a slap in the face. No wonder he’s complaining!

    Aki Berg is usually the Leaf’s Opponents best player. Ask any team they face, they will always tell you that he deserved to be one of the three stars…

    JFJ didn’t SIGN Leetch, he traded for him, minor point. Klee is a decent acquisition, as is Khavanov, even if they don’t always show on the scoreboard.

    Harrison and Kronvall will both be good NHL’ers, JUST NOT YET. Brad Brown should be a mainstay on the blueline, he’s about the 5th best defenseman on their entire depth chart, so why isn’t he showing up in their top 10, with all these injuries? BLAME PAT QUINN.

    Paul Maurice should be behind the bench. I like Pat Quinn, I always have, but simply put? THIS TEAM IS NOT RESPONDING TO HIM ANYMORE! Did anyone see Quinn’s Press Conference after Saturday’s game? It’s bad to lose, it’s worse when the only person responsible for it can’t give you an answer, because he doesn’t have any…

  11. goose says:

    I thinl that those are good trades, but don’t get sucky players for good players get even, my sugestion is the following:

    -Khavanov,Antropov, and Klee


    Hemsky and Smith

    -Belfour and any rookie


    Cujo and Morris

    -Allison, and Berg


    Ribeiro and Plekanic

    -Sundin and 3rd round draft pick


    Zherdev and Vborny

    I think it would make a good team and GO LEAFS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. goose says:

    I almost forgot 1 thing- fire Ferguson and bring in a new guy, but keep Pat Quinn to finish the season and trade somw players like: Berg, Antropov, Khavanov, and Belak. Were also missing out on mccabe and lindros due to there injusries, so i hope they ***** bak soon and GO LEAFS GO !!!!

  13. goose says:

    The leafs could also sum good defenceman with mccabe out and here are sum gud lines if we make these trades i put down:


    Hemsky Ribeiro Lindros

    Tucker Steen Czerkawski

    Ponikarovsky Stajan O’Neill

    Zherdev Vyborny Kilger


    McCabe Kaberle

    Morris Smith

    Colaicovo Jackman





    extra(s) incase injury: Pogge

  14. jakeman says:

    They will keep quinn for rest of season, but gone next year, I am surprised he doesn’t have Belak on the Olympic squad, Antropov would be if he was Canadian LOL. Quinn has been hit in the head with too many pucks this year.

  15. the_canadian_game says:

    belfour for brad richards

    i know it sounds bad but tampa needs a goalie so why not

  16. lukeleim says:

    those are some pretty creative trades

  17. lukeleim says:

    whoa dont knock klee man, he’s probably toronto’s 3rd best defenseman right now… even though he’s more of a 5th or 6th defender. Keep Sundin, Gilmour said it best “you dont know how important sundin is to this team until you are without him.” Khavanov has played a couple good games as of late but ya release him and Czerkawski. O’Neill isnt going anyway, and at 1.5 mil im not complaining… Belfour and Allison definately need to go though

  18. lukeleim says:

    if toronto can get rid of allison, this would be a wicked trade… probably have to throw a prospect in there though; more like belfour, wellwood and a second rounder for richards

  19. goose says:

    Ed Belfour for Brad Richards–> hell yeah…..the leafs should do that trade and then trade a player and a draft pick for another goalie or sign a free agent goalie like perhaps: Roman Cechmanek.

  20. the_canadian_game says:

    id rather give pogge and rask a chance, but are they even eleigible to play next year?

  21. BeLeaFeR28 says:

    Thanks man

  22. 92-93 says:

    ok, well lets rephrase that: when Czerkawski DOES play consistently (Mtl., last time he was in NYI) he does not perform consistently.


  23. the_canadian_game says:

    belfour, pick, maybe a prospect for brad richards

    allison, prospect for leopold and kobasew

    off-season: sign elias 4.5 million

    resign mccabe 4.5 million, kaberle 3 million










    Im pretty sure thats an acceptable payroll seeing as it will be increased anyway

  24. the_canadian_game says:

    woops forgot about tucker

  25. 92-93 says:

    does anyone else really like this kid?!?!

    i know he has only played two games but this guy is solid! i’ve been following the marlies and he’s the most dependable d-guy the marlies have. period.

    When McCabe gets back (assuming Berg continues to be injured) send Kronvall down and keep this kid up! When Berg comes back – send down Kronvall and keep this kid with the club.

    Now, I don’t wish injury on anyone, but if anyone is going to go down – let it be Khavanov and Berg (the latter is already injured and Khavanov seems to be leaving every game early with an injury). I’d rather see the Coliacovo-Harrison tandem over these Berg-Khavanov any day.

  26. 92-93 says:

    terrible reffing in tonights panthers game (for both sides).

    another solid game for sundin – 11 pts in his last 8 games, but there will be leaf fans/sundin haters (as if there can be leaf fans who can actually hate sundin) who will point out that he hasn’t scored much during that stretch. i don’t understand how people can make up their minds against a guy like sundin. he’s awesome. period. 10 goals, 27 assists, 37 points in 38 games (i am NOT counting that first game against ottawa where he played 3 minutes).

    allison is padding his point totals. another solid game from Harrison. another game for the leafs that see them play with 5 defenceman from the 2nd period on (this has occurred for 3 of the past 4 games!!!). steen and wellwood both played pretty good and eddie had his best game this month so far.

    lots of positives in this game. but there are still some crappy habits by the leafs – taking too many penalties (despite the bad calls tonight), not being able to clear pucks out of the zone when they have the opportunity, defensive zone coverage. BUT they did play strong in the 3rd and didn’t play to protect the lead – which ended up giving them the win.

  27. jakeman says:

    Most of the team played solid, this Harrison kid looks really good, it’s early, but kind of reminds me of a Jason Smith type of defenseman. Still long way to go to get team on the right track though, but they said that Lindros will be back before Olympic break, and Mr McCabe tomorrow.

  28. future_agent says:

    worst trades ever…you just traded away all of our youth and future.

  29. 92-93 says:

    it is early with Harrison but yeah he is playing smart hockey.

    again, i dont wish any harm to anyone, but the potential of having McCabe back and Khavanov and Berg out might just be the thing the Leafs need (re: let their young kids play: Harrison, Woz, Kronvall, and hopefully, eventually, Coliacovo when he comes back).

  30. lukeleim says:

    recieved 3rd star in his second game, impressive… I like this guy;

    Kaberle – McCabe

    Klee – Colaiacovo

    Kronvall – Harrison

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