The Toronto Maple Leafs

As a die-hard leaf fan every year ill always believe that the maple leafs will win the cup. This year is no different…with the help of a few changes of course. This 8 game losing skid that we’re on is disgusting because not only are we missing the playoffs because of this but most of these games we could of easily won!!!!:(..Who do i blame? I blame PAT QUINN! Let me explain before i begin my assault on the cause of our team’s downfall.

1) Let’s go all the way back to training camp in September. I bet you don’t know who was clocked as the fastest skater on the team..? No it wasn’t O’Neill or McCabe it was,Mariusz Czerkawski. Oh yes, for those who are now rereading the last sentence, it’s true and this man also had one of the hardest shots on the team. Now you’d assume he’d be playing on the second line right? He isn’t even playing on the fourth line! Night after night after night Czerkawski is a healthy scratch while Antropov plays on the second line,first line PP. Czerkawski…fastest skater on the team, Antropov….two,not one,reconstructive knees…YOU DO THE MATH!!

2) Late in the off-season Ferguson signed a veteran defence man, Brad Brown, who last played in Minnesota I believe. Correct me if I’m wrong but I haven’t seen Brown play a single Leafs game. And guess who has his spot? World-class renowned,Olympic favourite,the one,the only Aki Berg. Oh the Horror!:'( Instead of bringing in a good checker who can at least shut down the oppostion’s speedy line we have Aki who’s worth less than a bag of pucks(pardon the cliche). Brad Brown is a guy we need up here to hold the fort. But no we Leaf fans have to watch 10 minutes of Aki slipping,giving the puck away,missing checks, fanning on shots etc.etc.etc. Shall I go on?

3)The only mistake I think that Ferguson made during the off-season was not signing Marchment. Instead of signing Berg, who we got for 0.8 mil., we could have gotten Marchment, a power defenceman who can shut down a star player with twice as much heart in the game than Berg. Marchment would have settled for league minimum 450,000 and with the other 400,000 that we could of not spent on Berg we could’ve brought back Thomas, a fan-favourite,who can rally up some points in his old age and would also accept league minimum.But that is just past speculation and we have to work with what we have now. Which brings me to my next point…

4) Pat Quinn- Awesome coach on an international level: with world championships aplenty and who could ever forget Salt Lake? But we are talking about the Leafs, the NHL Leafs. Quinn’s biggest success with Toronto was an Eastern Conference Final loss to the Hurricanes. Besides that they haven’t been able to breach the second round. and for many reasons too…Quinn refuses to use what talent he has, tells Ferguson not to trade his beloved mediocre players, not to mention that most of the team hates him of course. During the Olympics Quinn had All-Star calibre players but here he has the salary cap. And the plot thickens.

To the Leafs Mangement especially John Ferguson Jr. some words of advice:

-fire Quinn

-bring in Paul Maurice from the Marlies(the same coach who beat Quinn with the Hurricanes)

-give Czerkawski and Brown some ice time

-trade Berg,Domi, and Antropov…though i dont know who’d be willing to pick them up

Then we may have a chance. Until Quinn is gone the Leafs will continue to implode from the inside and their never-ending drought without a cup will continue