The Trap slowing down hockey? 2 line passes?

What is the Trap?

This technique has slow down the game so much that when you watch a game that is boring to no end, You know that the Trap is being used. A team that uses the trap doesn’t pursue opponents, they don’t attack the puck and mainly don’t seem very interested in scoring…… Fan’s all over the NHL who watch there team lose to the trap get frustrated….. This type of slowing down the game also makes you wonder why 2 line passes are still around.This type of play has been effective for some teams around the league.

The Devils won a cup with the Trap…. That may have been one of the most boring Cup wins of all time, but I’m not knocking any team for winning the cup. The Devils were the best that year.

Most fans agree, the trap is so boring you want to get up and leave when watching a game and your team is loosing 1 nothing in the 3rd. Coaches and GM’s all over get very frustrated with the trap… but nothing is done.

The trap (along with 2 line passes) slow down the speed of the game, stopping Breakaway’s, rushes….. and most important the scoring of a game which the fan’s come to see the most.

It makes many people wonder…… why if the NHL is so worried about the sport of hockey and the speed of the game, why don’t they fix the game by opening up the ice more for the real speedy players of the game? Taking the Trap and 2 line passing rules away would move the game so much faster that people would probably want to watch hockey more…. And then the NHL would wonder.. “how do we make the game slower?”

You decide……

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  1. bones says:

    I agree about the trap, but the two line pass keeps things from getting out of hand. Is there a way to enforce not using the trap without getting rid of the two line pass?

  2. TieDomi511 says:

    Ok, the trap relies on a player standing at his own blueline and interfering with the wingers so they can’t get into the rush.

    The new enforcement of the obstruction should make the trap almost useless.

  3. saiklo says:

    The trap is quite possibly the most annoying thing I have ever seen. It should be banned, how it could be banned, I dont know, maybe add a minor penalty when teams are just sitting back and clogging every lane. It would be subjective as hell, but it would eventually send a message.

  4. cwhockey says:

    I understand that defensive schemes are necessary for certain teams and that it helps them win. I’m fine with that (even though I despise the trap like many of you). But what gets me is that an integral part of any sport’s popularity and growth is that the fans should be entertained. We can’t always get what we want but we should be entertained as much as possible. As fans, we don’t pay all the money to the teams but we pay a significant portion of it in ticket sales, merchandise sales, etc. And here we are nearly bored to death by some teams.

    You’re right. Something has to be done. But it can’t be half-way. If the league says it is going to eliminate clutching and grabbing, then they need to do it. No half-measures or slacking off of officials after a month or two. Make a plan and stick with it, completely. Teams will adjust if they are forced to by the league. Sloppy play and a bunch of penalties may be the norm in the first month or so of the season, but once the adjustment is made the game will open up a bit. Maybe not to the extent we want it though (coaches have a way of figuring out other defensive schemes in lieu of the trap if they have to). But maybe, just maybe we will see that skill night in and night out instead of flashes here or there.

  5. mikster says:

    Anything that kills the trap, i am all for it. Take away the two line pass. Players like Gagne, Bure, Kariya, Modano, and the other speedsters will score so many goals.

    Lightning had a pathetic trap last season. ONLY ONE PLAYER to skate up the red line and dump it. I mean, it’s awful….total destruction of the game.

  6. aaron says:

    I don’t care for the trap either, but you can’t exactly outlaw a type of system. It just wouldn’t work. Obstruction should speed things up enough. Defenses can keep players back, but if they can’t do anything but shadow the incoming players, they won’t shut things down quite as much.

  7. edmontonrules says:

    I think that the removal of the two line pas would make the amount of goals go up again. Exciting hockey would then ensue. You would get the type of hockey that the olympics were. Everyone liked the olympics. In case not everyone watched Canada kicked A$$!!! But the point is that the trap would be removed from the system. More goals and therefore more excitement.

  8. Kariya-09 says:

    What the NHL really needs is to get back to 24-26 teams(though it will never happen). If they would cut down the amount of teams, it would reduce the amount of goons and sub par players in the NHL. Then each team would have better players and more competative.It would also make rivalries more important and more intense.

    I know this will never happen, but i have the right to dream 🙂

  9. TheDevil says:

    The trap only exists because horrible players dress up for ridiculous teams night in and night out.

    24 teams, more talent on each team, no trap.

    If you love “run and gun” games, make sure all teams get capable players to do so.

  10. devilfan says:

    If teams learned how to pass accurately the trap wouldnt be successful. Didnt Carolina speed and ability break the Devils trap last year. YES IT DID.

    Get rid of the 2 line pass its worthless because half the time these passes dont set up a breakaway.

  11. edmontonrules says:

    I agree totally.

  12. Game67 says:

    There’s no question in my mind that you still need the two liner. But’s hows this don’t let goalies play the puck from behind their net. A proven way to beat the trap easily is to dump and chase. However, goalies come out of their not worrying about being interferred with and always play the puck back of their zone. If they couldn’t touch it, then the trap could be beaten.

  13. YingYan says:





  14. icebull says:

    The only proplem with dropping the 2 line rule would be that the teams that need the trap to win would only make a more defensive move and play something like a 1-4 with 1 forward up and 4 players sitting on their own blueline. I believe Germany did this in the Olympics. This would make things even worse. The best way to eliminate the trap is to enforce the no impedment rule for a player without the puck. Which would allow a more free flowing style of play

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