The Trap slowing down hockey? 2 line passes?

What is the Trap?

This technique has slow down the game so much that when you watch a game that is boring to no end, You know that the Trap is being used. A team that uses the trap doesn’t pursue opponents, they don’t attack the puck and mainly don’t seem very interested in scoring…… Fan’s all over the NHL who watch there team lose to the trap get frustrated….. This type of slowing down the game also makes you wonder why 2 line passes are still around.This type of play has been effective for some teams around the league.

The Devils won a cup with the Trap…. That may have been one of the most boring Cup wins of all time, but I’m not knocking any team for winning the cup. The Devils were the best that year.

Most fans agree, the trap is so boring you want to get up and leave when watching a game and your team is loosing 1 nothing in the 3rd. Coaches and GM’s all over get very frustrated with the trap… but nothing is done.

The trap (along with 2 line passes) slow down the speed of the game, stopping Breakaway’s, rushes….. and most important the scoring of a game which the fan’s come to see the most.

It makes many people wonder…… why if the NHL is so worried about the sport of hockey and the speed of the game, why don’t they fix the game by opening up the ice more for the real speedy players of the game? Taking the Trap and 2 line passing rules away would move the game so much faster that people would probably want to watch hockey more…. And then the NHL would wonder.. “how do we make the game slower?”

You decide……