the ULTIMATE POOL PREVIEW 03-04 is now up for grabs!!!

There it is, poolers, the ULTIMATE POOL PREVIEW!!!What is it, again? Well basically, it’s a tool for all the poolers outthere that can complete or even replace all the 10$ hockey guides you can find.


340 players with individuals 2002-2003 stats including ice-time average and PP time average plus all the projected points by guides such as: The Hockey News, McKeen’s, Forecaster & The Sporting News (TSN).

You’ll also be able to quickly see if a player is in his final contract year or his first contract year. There are also team rankings and goalie rankings with last year stats and next year projections. All the unsigned and injured players are clearly listed as well.

New feature this year: I added a ”Top Players” section where you can easily find the top-6 forwards, top-3 d-man and #1 goalie of each team for quick searches when drafting in a live pool.

Like I stated in the previous post, it really works: I have the stats to prove it, it comes really close to what kind of season the players will have next year and it’s why it is the ULTIMATE POOL PREVIEW!

As a long time pooler myself, I included all the little things that make the difference, all the things that will help help you win your pool or help you quickly choose between 2 players for example.

even though it took me weeks of efforts and cost me a bit of money, I am gladly giving it away to whoever might be interested, the only thing I ask for is that the person receiving it might be kind enough to review it and give me his/her thoughts so I can upgrade it even more next time. So far I only received great comments from people who reviewed it so check it out and see for yourself!

you can ask for it by PM’ing me or Mikster or you can also drop me an email to and I’ll send the file to you all.



Satisfied customers so far:

”After only a quick look i have only 1 thing to say WOW. This looks great.” -Trademan

”It is an interesting mix of stats and projections. The wildly different player

projections does seem to give a good mix” -CWThrash

”I think you did a more than….spectacular job. You really hit it bud, awesome

job.” -Mikster

Thank you to the people who kindly reviewed the UPP 03-04!