The WHA will conduct its draft…Who would you take #1?

The WHA will hold a player draft July 17-18, allowing each team to draft 30 NHL/AHL Free Agents on July 17 and another 30 Entry Level players on July 18. The Entry Level draft will be for players drafted but not signed in the 2002, 2003 and 2004 drafts and will also be open to players who turn 17 by January 1, 2005.
So you have the #1 pick on both days. Which Free Agent do you chose on day one, and which prospect do you take #1?

If it was me, I’d probably go with Kovalev. The man has outstanding talents, and could really flurish in the WHA. A close second would be Kariya, fallowed by Demitra.

And the next day is who do you consider to be the greatest prospect? Ovechkin? or Crosby?

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  1. Viller02 says:

    If it was me, I’d probably go with Kovalev. The man has outstanding talents, and could really flurish in the WHA. A close second would be Kariya, fallowed by Demitra.

    And the next day is who do you consider to be the greatest prospect? Ovechkin? or Crosby?

    Kovalev, Kariya, Demitra and Overchkin wont play in the WHA, no way. Maybe Crosby for the only reason that he cant play in the nhl yet…

  2. 25thcup says:

    I would probably take Demitra, over Kovalev or Kariya, because Kovalev is not as classy a guy and he is a bit a of a primadonna, However the WHA would be great for him becuase it means less spotlight.

    Definately Crosby on day 2 and sing him to 5 million dollar a year, exclusive contract, and keep him from going to the NHL, however he will probably not be in the draft, since he will develop more in the NHL.

  3. eagle29 says:

    Paul Kariya was taken by Hamilton in the expemtion draft.

  4. vaccaad says:

    Pardon me?

    I live in Hamilton and i dont know what ur talking about? could ya fill me in?

  5. cgolding says:

    This league is a gamble, why not gamble with your pick?

    I take Crosby #1 and do everything I can to try and sign him to a deal that keeps him with you for a while.

    Here is the interesting part, depending on what these guys put on the table, Crosby should take it. I would assume that for a guy of his growing name value, and supposed prospective talent, they will be willing to give more than anything he is going to get out of the NHL next year(one of the main things the owners are going to attack is rookie contracts supposedly).

    Depending on the rules, and how long the WHA lasts and he plays in it, he could come out as a UFA at the end of that contract and be able to sign with the NHL team of his choice. Add to this the fact that in all liklihood he’s going to go to a team that doesn’t have a shot at competing in the next few years, why not spend that time getting paid more to play hockey and showcase his talents for the bidding war that would follow?

    if you are a 17 year old kid, and people are offering you a few million to play next year, you take it right? say, three year deal… go to the NHL at 20/21 when you will have better bargaining ability… it is the smart play.

    nevermind the bullox,


  6. SabresAreCool says:

    First pick overall would be Pallfy. followed by Demitra, Kariya then Kovalev……

    The only problem is that i would like to draft a player who isn’t totally opposed to playing in the wha….For instance i would much rather draft a tier 2 good player who will actually play in the wha than to draft a superstar that will never sign in a sub-nhl league. Maybe Brett Hull would be less of an impact player on the ice but his personality would bring alot of interviews and exposure to the wha; yet he doesnt want to play in his daddys league because he wants to catch gordie howe for 2nd all time on goals scored list.

    Prospects draft- Sydney Crosby by far…..anyone who wouldnt draft Crosby is insane. He is a great choice because there is tons of hype about him, and he isn’t old enough to play in the nhl.

    great point about bargaining tactic for crosby, but i dont think he’ll sign a long term deal….but he will play for the whole first season until he’s ready to go to the nhl

  7. cgolding says:

    the question is, how long does he have to play in order to become a UFA in the NHL’s eyes? if I was a without a doubt guy like he seems to be, and you continue to prove that in the WHA… I’d much rather be able to pick my team from suitors than be drafted by some crappy team that wins a lottery… this is potentially the largest effect the WHA could have on the NHL… killing the viability of the draft by having players take this route, the Sabres guy is doing the same thing right?

  8. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Do restricteds count. If so Pronger Thornton or Iginla.(I have a bad habbit of skimming through articles.) If UFA’s I would take one of four Damphouse Kariya Palffy or a healthy MacInnis.

    Prospects I would take Ovetchkin because I think he is ready by now and is bigger and thougher if they were both say 31 and 30 by then I wold be taking Crosby but at this point Ovetchkin.

  9. wheresthesoda says:

    i think the first chance crosby has at playing in the nhl everyday,he’s going to take. a guy like him isnt going to wait til hes 20/21. he’s gonna play in the nhl when he is 18.

    for the draft..i’d pick kovalev

  10. cgolding says:

    if i put 3-5 million in front of you… you would turn it down to play another year of juniors, and a couple of years of NHL?

    i’m not saying he’s going to stick with the WHA over the NHL down the road… but financially it would be a MUCH better decision if he can assure himself of being a UFA, not a draftee.

  11. beefer says:

    If he were to play in the WHA for 3 years, then jump over to the NHL, wouldn’t he still then be considered a rookie in the NHL? Meaning at 20/21, he would still be under the even lower rookie salary cap the owners are shooting for.

  12. kingmo15 says:

    anyone saying kariya is better than kovalev is nuts. anyone saying kariya is better than demitra is even more nuts!

  13. matteo says:

    Is Hakaan Loob available? If not I would take Per Joos and Bob Beers.

  14. Rico420 says:

    I wonder though if the fact that he played “pro” for 3 seasons would affect that the Gretzky scenario.

    Though you do make a good point..

  15. Rico420 says:

    gotta wonder if some of the freshly retired guys will play WHA like Gilmour.Muller and Oates..they’d all bring something to their teams and let’s face it the WHA will be a step lower then the NHL and these guys could really flourish in the WHA.

    As for the pick I’d take Demitra..and if restricted FA’s count Pronger or Niedermayer as a D and Iggy as a forward..the reality of those guys playing in the WHA is minimal though.

  16. beefer says:

    I’m not sure how it works. Cuz haven’t some players come over from Europe and were considered rookies at 26 or 27 yrs old?

  17. cgolding says:

    rookie status doesn’t affect what i am talking about. the minute he becomes a UFA(my theories are contingent upon this happening), unless they write it differently in the new CBA, the “rookie” contract thing is about where you are drafted… they want to put something similar to NBA and NFL(somewhat less official) draft pick salary ranking. however, if he is a UFA, the highest bidder can get him, hence “unrestricted” being in the name.

    all of this obviously requires Crosby to not really care that he isn’t playing in the NHL at the start of his career in order to get a larger payday down the road. JD Drew like really…

  18. trailerparkboys says:

    Don’t forget He is from Halifax. wouldn’t mommy and daddy love seen him play at home in his first few years of pro.

    Crosby will be with the Halifax team next year. The league will make sure of that, And why not it would give the league somthing the NHL does’nt. Maybe the next Wayne Gretzky??

    Bubbles out……

  19. beefer says:

    Gotcha. Thanks for clearing it up. I wasn’t quite sure.

  20. CechmanekForVezina says:

    That’s the exact reason they put an age limit on. Sergei Makarov I beleive came over and won rookie of the year in 1990, but he was like 28, so the next year they put the age limit on. Cechmanek would have won it in 2001 or at least been nominated, but he was too old.

  21. StuWild says:

    How about Paul or Gino Cavallini, Tony Tanti maybe!

  22. beefer says:

    What is the age limit?

  23. cgolding says:

    yeah, i really don’t think it is all that far fetched… really comes down to how they think the CBA will affect his eligibility with all this playing out… and how much money the WHA owner that gets him is willing to offer.

  24. mitchman says:

    before the actualu drafteach team had a chance to make 1 pick that is exempted from the actual draft. its like a 1 round early draft. kariya was one of the guys selected. ST LOius was selected too. but now that fla team has folded he is probably available again

  25. d_only_Flames_Fan says:

    how could they count? if a team holds the rights to a player, thats it, regardless of league.

    quite your skimming.

  26. 25thcup says:

    You never come into the league as a UFA, if he does not go into the NHL draft he is not eligible for UFA status, since he was invited and turned it down, not like the Martin St. Louis thing were he was omitted.

    Crosby is a competitor, so he will want to play for a team that has a better system. He should not be in the inaugural year of a new league, especially one with a limited talent pool. He would be making a big mistake. Also the payment scales are designed upon the idea of numbers of years a players has played in the NHL, if he joins in at 18 or 45 the tag is the same, it is his first NHL year. ]

    It wouyld be retarded to play in the WHA.

  27. HaliHab says:

    This was written by someone associated with the WHL, perhaps responsible for stimulating conversation over the new league… I just wanna here about my team really.

  28. CBrolund says:

    Hard to say, but I have serious doubts about this league. They were literally e-mailing me to learn the contract status of NHL players, and I just run my Free Agent site for a hobby and for everyone to see. I thought that was really fishy that their player developement person was looking for help from me. And when he learnt I was fresh outta college he quit e-mailing me. *LOL*

  29. x says:

    I hear the WHA is heavily scouting the Quebec Major Senior League.

  30. x says:

    Whoever Crosby signs with, for his sake I hope he takes his first paycheck and gets himself to a dentist. That kid has some nasty looking choppers!

  31. Amcan says:

    I can not say that I am with the WHA. I would love to be. I am 18 going to college for Sports Management, so if any WHA guys are here, I would love an intern…same goes with anyone associated with hockey!

  32. Amcan says:

    If you are an Oil fan, how come the email address is panther fan? And what is the website address?

  33. CBrolund says:

    *LOL* I am a little bit of A and little bit of B. Have been a Panther fan since they started. But I moved to Edmonton a few years back and really got behind them too, so I carry two teams.

    My website is:

  34. cgolding says:

    i give you 3 million to play next year, you turn it down?

  35. cgolding says:

    …sidenote, we have NO idea how UFA status, or rookie contracts will be determined in the future… as of now there are cir*****stances where a player becomes a UFA, happened with Umberger. If a guy decides to play elsewhere for whatever the necessary time in order to become a UFA and simply go where he wants… the WHA could become a huge negotiating chip.

  36. N25philly says:

    a bankrupcy lawyer for when the league fails in around a month. How are they going to have a draft? Don’t they have only 2 teams?

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