The Wild and Gaborik Far Apart

(originally by dishmunky. I made a mistake posting the original so I am re-posting this) is reporting that holdout Marian Gaborik and the Minnesota Wild are “far apart” in contract talks and “not even close”.

This is coming just days after the rumor that a deal will be struck within 48 hours.

Also, the Wild have signed Pascal Dupuis yesterday to a three year, 2.5 million dollar contract.

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  1. RangerBlue says:

    As long as the Wild is offering Gaborik a little over 3 mil a year, and considering with his rookie contract bonus, he made over 4 million a year the last couple of seasons. Do not expect him to sign any time soon.

    A case of the Wild and there Rookie bonus clause comming back to haunt them. Do they really think Gaborik will take a pay cut after the last 2 years he had?Cause I bet thats how he is considering it.

  2. mattf says:

    always a very wise move by management to play hardball with your number 1 scorer

  3. TheVaginalAnnihilator says:

    Who cares.

  4. Pavel_Bure_NYR says:

    The wild need a major jumpstart on offense, If they are going to trade gaborik they need to get a goal scorer or 2 in return.

    1. Gaborik for Carter, 1st rounder

    2. Gaborik for Nolan, 1st Rounder

    3. Gaborik for Zednik, 1st Rounder

    4. Gaborik for Peca*

    5. Gaborik for Gagne and Williams

    6. Gaborik for Kovalev, 3rd rounder

    7. Gaborik for Bondra and 1st rounder

    8. Gaborik for Demitra

    9. Gaborik for Samsonov

    10. Gaborik for St. Louis, 1st rounder

    *wont really help too much in offence but will excel LeMaires trap game

  5. wayne2 says:

    The guy is still very young,he should accept any

    decent offer or else go back to his country for

    half the salary the wild is probably offering and sc..ew himself.

  6. JeffBurnz09 says:

    I don’t think Gaborik is being unreasonable here. I know in most cases its usually a greedy player trying to milk his team for more money, but I think Gaborik has been reasonable. He wants basically the same money he’s been making the last couple of years. Instead of making 3 or 4 million after bonus, he wants 3 or 4 million as a base salary. I don’t see whats wrong with that. Its not like he’s looking for 7 or 8 million like alot of top players are making this year. Whats the Wild’s problem here? He wants them to pay him this year what they payed him the last two years, I don’t think he’ll suddenly stop scoring now that he’s not making bonus money.

  7. DropDaPuck says:

    Gaborik for Gagne & Williams??!! What the hell are you smokin?

  8. RangerBlue says:

    He does not want to take a pay cut, and I do not blame him.

  9. rojoke says:

    From the reports I’ve seen, he doesn’t want $3 or $4 million as base salary, he wants $6 million. Coming off a rookie contract, that’s asking a bit much. He’s established himself as a budding star in this league, and he has many years ahead of him to make more than what he’s asking now. But his agent should have known that with the CBA cloud over the league, the big contracts weren’t being offered as freely as before. I’m guessing if the Wild starts to improve a little with Dupuis back, Gaborik will re-sign closer to what Minnesota is offering. Unless he’s bold enough to sign in Europe for a couple of seasons.

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