The Wonderful World Of Fantasy!

NHL training camps will soon be open and so will another fantasy hockey season. Just wondering how many of you play, and where you play? Thoughts on this years sleepers and sure things.

I played in CBS Sportsline last year, besides a few glitches in the beginning of the season, it went well. My league is among friends and we do the whole draft party thing with plenty of food and beer. Draft picks, and player deals happen all season long. Fantasy football is so popular now, and not to many people knew of the fantasy hockey, but it is fun!!!

Do you play?

Here are some links for more fantasy hockey stuff:

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  1. mikster says:

    I like playing fantasy hockey leagues. I prefer the ones, like CBS, where you trade players and pick up players on waivers. I like CBS, but the scoring is retarded. The number of points a player scores in a week are averaged by the number of games he plays in a week. SO… Sakic scores 15 total CBS points in a week, playing 3 games….in the end he has 5 points.

    I’ve played smallworld…which is OK, i think they overprice the players too much.

    One thing though…..ultrahockey doesn’t have fanatsy hockey league….does it?

    I’d like to join hockey leagues…i think it’s a lot of fun.

  2. r_milley says:

    The scoring is managed by the commish of the league in CBS. If the commish wants scoring like that thats how it is but if he wants it so everything counts and isnt averaged then he can set it that way too.

  3. mikster says:

    I know….and i’ve talked to the guys who work on CBS fantasy hockey league…they messed up my team a lot.

    When Lemieux returned, i had him picked and i was going to get him…since they “accidentally” put him on waivers. SOMEHOW my request was deleted…and they emailed me back by saying “computer errors” caused it. They declined a trade that was like me sending Thornton and somethign else for Lindros. But, they let a trade go which was Brodeur for Terreri.

  4. YingYan says:

    WHAT!?! That is hilarious! (well not for you i guess) Aaah control freaks are everywhere nowadays… lol ;p

  5. YingYan says:

    What’s with ultra hockey’s fantasy league?

    Is there a link to join that one or is it data for fanatsy users?

    What are the price for joining diff. leagues?

    Fees (if there is) aren’t the only stuff you should have added to your submission which is good, i’m interested in knowing more and will surf for that but i’d rather have a take from outsiders and by posting more data you will help us save time.

  6. Rotty says: formerley is a great site for pools

    as is Yahoo sports

  7. Rotty says:

    When the pools start to open up for hockey we should open up a league for HTR members through (fantasy games) and se who really knows there shit!

  8. YingYan says:

    Hey why not? HTR we want a pool where HTR members would pick their fav. teams and stand up like the men they’re supposed to be against eachother in a battle of wits, wisdom, wizardry & wins!



    Tell us what is thou decision oh Lords of HTR!

    * throws incense in iron bowl *


    HTR – ?

  9. UsedandAbused says:

    I play on Yahoo…. I play Football, Baseball, and Hockey. I normally play in leagues with friends, but I don’t have any friends who are big enough hockey fans to play in any hockey leagues.

  10. ooJUXEoo says:

    I am a commish on CBS, I have set the scoring for my league. That averaging thing is the default scoring, I hate that too…. but you can custimize on CBS alot. Everything from assists, goals, PIMs etc, and you can do it per player position. I think its the best free one out there. They have a pay one also. Yahoo is cool but not as configurable as CBS. CBS also bought out (Sandlot)….last year, it was some other fantasy web site.

    My league has 10 teams, all friends from my area, we have a live draft party at my house. Our starting line ups are:

    3 Centers, 6 Wings, 4 Defense, and 2 Goalies.

    The ultrahockey site is just a good info site.

  11. NYR88Express says:

    that one is decent…i played it for 2 years, and im gonna join again this year

  12. BattleOfTheInnerDemons says: i use every year…really good…i suggest we all start some leagues there

  13. thebestteamiscanucks says:

    There’s a site named wowhockey and we have a huge-ass fantasy league right now. We’re running it on nhl 2002 and im the Vancouver Canucks

  14. flyer73 says:

    I love fantasy hockey. I play about 5-6 pools every year. Last year I was on smallworld(sportingnews), sandbox, faceoff,, and a couple of local drafts.

    How does the Yahoo pool work?

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