There IS a God

Joy to the world, Detroit is done! So is Colorado! only if Philadelphia would follow this would be a perfect scenario…why? Well, I’m a Devils fan and don’t like Philly, but more importantly…a SMALL MARKET BATTLE IS GOOD!!!Devils v Ducks last year was semi-small market, Devils have a pretty high payroll(50+mil), but imagine SanJose or Calgary v Tampa Bay? WOW! This will PROVE to the rest of the NHL that $$$$ is NOT going to win the Stanley Cup(as if the Rangers haven’t proved that enough, its good to see it in the Finals)

If Tampa Bay makes the finals, its guaranteed there will be NO trapping(Philly plays more than the other 3 teams combined…don’t argue with me, I’m a Devils fan and can see the trap with my eyes closed!)…if its San Jose as well, its gonna be a fast-paced, offensive series…ALSO good for the NHL because they’ll realize they have a game that is already OPEN for offensive teams and hopefully will help with rule changes that make it open for DEFENSIVE teams(like Minnesota)

Now for the point!

It is great that the NHL has a natural Parity(Calgary #6 proves the point), also, it is great that the NHL has lower payroll teams COMPETING and WINNING…why is it great? the new CBA can be one of “cost certainty”(call it a salary cap or whatever) and the face of the league SHOULDNT change, maybe some players will leave, but that’s about it…this can eliminate high ticket prices and “Rangers” type teams…attendance will RISE with lower ticket prices and that is only good for the game

Why is it good to have offensive teams in the finals? to show the NHL isn’t boring for sure and to also show that the game CAN be opened up, I’m saying to reinstitute touch-up offsides and eliminate two-line passes(hello, 2002 Olympics!) making the game FASTER than it is cant hurt it and the game will be somewhat shorter, which is good because families could take kids to a weeknight game and get them home in time for bed

Now for my personal rant:

Whoever does the TV work(scheduling, channel, etc) must be FIRED right now. ESPN does no justice to the NHL because even playoff games are reported on 20minutes deep into SportsCenter and NHL2Night is rarely on during the regular season. Also, all you see on ESPN is Detroit(about 30 times) and the contract with ABC should be changed to FULL national, not regional. SanJose and Colorado were in OT and no one on the East Coast could watch that, that’s total BS. Also, the SJ v COL game should’ve been at 6EST so the DET game could be over and the game would get full national airtime, the TV networks screw the NHL over more than big-goalie pads and the trap combined…neither the trap nor pads advertise, but TV does and it doesn’t do a good job

Here’s hoping for a great finals(even if Philly is involved!) and a fabulous World Cup in September and a NEW CBA so we can rant on bad coaching and dumb players next season!!

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