There is no write or wrong answer to this!

This is a subject matter that is certain to have its fare share of difference in opinion. Someone asks you a question and you will likely think first about how factual the subject matter is before you share your answer. If you are asked what does 1+2 equal? Your answer should be 3 and you shouldn’t find anyone debating you on that answer.

The question is which do you think is a more important ingredient of NHL hockey? The logo on the jersey or those players on the ice passing the puck??

I will share with you my opinion of this. I feel it is the players that are the most important ingredient of hockey which is the product and that a team logo is nothing more then the box in which the product came.

When some people pay for a ticket. To them it means they will see a team play a game and do not care to much about who is under those helmets and jerseys. They are only interested in what teams are playing and the final score.

Others feel that when they pay for a ticket to a game it is to see curtain players perform. Not only to see curtain players play but, also to see them score in the game.

If you take away the beer commercials, the game commentators, the officials and put light jerseys on one squad and dark jerseys on the other you will still have a hockey game of NHL level skill. You don’t need a Southwest Airlines goal cam or powerplays that are sponsored by a deodorants or shaving creams. One of these days I am going to lose it because of all the commercialization when I here “And now for your national anthem to brought to by Charmin’s soft toilet paper”.

I am thinking with the exception of chicago. Fans in original six team cities would say you can take all those players we just want the team Logo to remain the same. A Minnesota fan might say I don’t care who is on the team or the name of the team as long as we have a team. A lightning fan might just as well keep Vincent Lecavalier and Martin St. Louis without any conern as to what Logo is on their chest as long as they are playing for a Tampa Team.

There is no write or wrong answer to this. Only opinions which we all like to make known here at HTR.