There is no write or wrong answer to this!

This is a subject matter that is certain to have its fare share of difference in opinion. Someone asks you a question and you will likely think first about how factual the subject matter is before you share your answer. If you are asked what does 1+2 equal? Your answer should be 3 and you shouldn’t find anyone debating you on that answer.

The question is which do you think is a more important ingredient of NHL hockey? The logo on the jersey or those players on the ice passing the puck??

I will share with you my opinion of this. I feel it is the players that are the most important ingredient of hockey which is the product and that a team logo is nothing more then the box in which the product came.

When some people pay for a ticket. To them it means they will see a team play a game and do not care to much about who is under those helmets and jerseys. They are only interested in what teams are playing and the final score.

Others feel that when they pay for a ticket to a game it is to see curtain players perform. Not only to see curtain players play but, also to see them score in the game.

If you take away the beer commercials, the game commentators, the officials and put light jerseys on one squad and dark jerseys on the other you will still have a hockey game of NHL level skill. You don’t need a Southwest Airlines goal cam or powerplays that are sponsored by a deodorants or shaving creams. One of these days I am going to lose it because of all the commercialization when I here “And now for your national anthem to brought to by Charmin’s soft toilet paper”.

I am thinking with the exception of chicago. Fans in original six team cities would say you can take all those players we just want the team Logo to remain the same. A Minnesota fan might say I don’t care who is on the team or the name of the team as long as we have a team. A lightning fan might just as well keep Vincent Lecavalier and Martin St. Louis without any conern as to what Logo is on their chest as long as they are playing for a Tampa Team.

There is no write or wrong answer to this. Only opinions which we all like to make known here at HTR.

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  1. habsoverserver says:

    To me it’s the fans and how loud the building rocks. I don’t care who fills the jerseys or what color they are. I’ll go see a hockey game in any city. But I want it to be noisy.

    The Rangers, Bruins, Leafs and Wings have all been through or are going through huge droughts between Cups. But their fans can get behind a losing team and lousy players and cheer a great hit, some extra effort or even past glory.

    If Rick Nash scores a goal in an empty forest, does the goal count? When Steve Begin breaks up a 2 on 1 late in a game that the Habs are losing 4-0 the whole building shakes.

    Give me Dallas visiting Minnesota, the Leafs at the Sens, Isles at Rangers. I’d see any game played in Edmonton or Calgary. Heck I bet in Edmonton the fans would come to see Atlanta play Carolina on a Tuesday night in August.

    I think players and teams respond to the crowd. If the crowd loves the game and is noisy, you get great entertainment.

  2. 19Yzerman says:

    You would love to go to a game at Yost Ice Arena Home of the University of Michigan’s hockey team. It may only host 6,000 fans but the excitement is a spectecle. They have a different chant for when the home team scores, visiting team scores and when a player on the visiting team goes to the penalty box. The U of M band plays hail to the victors after every goal by U of M.

    That is a good one. The fans! I do admire the fans of any city that do as you said,”get behind a losing team and lousy players and cheer a great hit, some extra effort or even past glory.”

    Anahiem, Carolina and Florida each went to the finals and I don’t think it helped them boost fan interest. One thing I was waiting to see this season was which team from the 2004 finals got more of a fan boost Flames/Bolts?

  3. hockeyhead says:

    i am listing today so bare with me.

    (a) if you look back at the ’80s there were no ads on the ice or boards. the overpriced players today are the cause of all the ads and so forth.

    (b) i think that the sweater does make a difference because some teams have great tradition and that DOES bring out the best in athletes and the worst in the case of some other teams.

    (c) community and identification. teams in all sports that play in the manner of the locals strikes great appeal. hard working cities want hard working teams and so on.

  4. 19Yzerman says:

    I suppose the ads on the boards and the ice are not so bad. When does it stop though? Should we tolorate team jersey’s looking like a motocross jersey or a nascar racers outfit?

    The sweater? So If you went to an arena with two rinks and on one rink was two teams of players that never played any higher then high school level wearing NHL team jersey’s. While on the other rink was two teams of NHL players wearing dark and light colored plain jerseys. Which game would you watch knowing which rink had watch?

    community and identification. No wonder I am a Wings fan. Someday if I hit the lottery I will become a Kings fan. Wait that team isn’t glamorous, rich and famous.LOL

  5. kyle88 says:

    My opinion is that players don’t have the loyalties to the teams, and that is just because of the economics of the business hockey has become.

    It would be hard to be a fan of hockey based on a player, because the average player goes throught 4-5 teams in their career.

    I would say that with all the factors weighed in, retirement, free agency, trades, rookies, the reality is: you will always find a player on your team to adhere to, or particularily like ahead of the rest, regardless if they are scabs you will still find one to like on your team.

  6. KEWLLEAFS says:

    It’s not the players fault there are ads on the boards. Your insane. It is the growing trend of slapping a sticker on anything that moves that has become the norm for all marketing agencies in the world.

    Take a look at European hockey. There are no superstar bajillionaires there and they have stickers on the helmet and ads running up and down their socks.

    the Sweater definitely makes a difference but people want to see the good players in those sweaters. No one fills seats if the whole team is a bunch of Jonas Hoglunds.

    The whole game is the players. The ownders provide the means by which to promote these players and frankly in most markets they are doing a terrible job at that.

  7. KEWLLEAFS says:

    No way – no scabs. If I was desperate for sub par players I would watch the AHL. (which I do – but with far less interest than the NHL.)

    If people didn’t care about the players then why are there names on the jerseys? Why do they hold press conferences when a player is traded? Why is there a site that you post comments on called Hockey Trade Rumors?

    Honest to god, why do you guys that rip players all the time even bother watching the game or post hate mail about how disloyal the players are and what a bunch of whiners they are.

    Why not just make a bunch of robots and have them play their perfect games for the persfect owners and take all the human drama away from everything.

    You guys really kill me. It’s the players – they wrecked everything, the owners are saints for even putting up with them for as long as they did.

    Give it a rest or at least start posting on sites about owner trade rumours.

  8. 19Yzerman says:

    So If you went to an arena with two rinks and on one rink was two teams of players that never played any higher then high school level wearing NHL team jersey’s. While on the other rink was two teams of NHL players wearing dark and light colored plain jerseys. Which game would you watch knowing which rink had watch?

  9. hockeyhead says:

    i might be insane but that has to do with my job……the nhl had to start putting up advertisement space to deal with the money issues caused by salaries. i didn’t mean the players wanted to do it.

    as for europe…i don’t know why they have all that crap like a nascar. maybe that is there way to pay what they pay.

    europe also has the leading scorer wear a different uniform than his teammates.

  10. hockeyhead says:

    well naturally i would watch the better skilled players…..maybe i misunderstand you 19yzerman but i do believe that certain teams like the bruins and wings and habs have a tradition and putting on that sweater brings out the best in any player good or bad.

  11. 19Yzerman says:

    leading scorer wears a different uniform than his teammates? WOW

    Thats like having the #1 plate for motocross racers!


    a bullseye on your back

    as far as players/ Team Logo question goes. Its just me hockeyhead. You know the players advocate attepting to put things into a player promo perspctive.

  12. rojoke says:

    Proposition: A game that ends in an 8-7 score is better than a game which ends 2-1.

    To some people, I would say less than half, the above statement would be agreeable. To others, myself included, it would be absurd. The particular score of a game is not the sole indicator of how well a game was played. High-scoring games could be the result of skill players performing at their highest levels, shift after shift, period after period. It could also be the result of endless mistakes, errors, give away, bad defense, poor goaltending and general ineptitude.

    At the same time, the low scoring could be the result of a team scoring early and sitting on the lead for 50+ minutes, or playing dump-and-chase on every possession and waiting for the other guy to screw up, not being creative yourself. Or it could be ened-to-end action, only to be countered by stellar goaltending.

    I have only cheered for one team since I was a kid. I was fortunate enough to watch my teams hoist a few Cups, but I was also unfortunate enough to watch them reek like week-old fish. Bad drafts, poor trades, bad coaching, and general mismanagement. I’ve seen key players walk away and find success elsewhere. I’ve seen “blue-chip” players selected, pronounced, glorified and hero-worshipped, then when performance time comes around, they show little if anything that ever warranted any type of notoriety. But the thought of cheering for another team never entered my mind. I’ve cheered for players who’s talent, effort, and attitude I have questioned. I have cheered against players who, one season previous, were the exact same players I rooted for, in all aspects of their game.

    My Patrick Roy jersey still hangs in my closet. I thought about getting a new one. Not a new jersey, but a different name and number on the back. That can change. The logo on the front never will.

  13. hockeyhead says:

    i am not sure how many leagues in europe have that where the leading scorer has a different sweater but it is like having a bullseye on you…at least it would in the nhl.

    must be like a tracker kind of thing like when espn has that little box at the top of the screen that announces when a star is on the ice.

    the league i saw, swiss league, the jersey was yellow like the tour de france.

  14. 19Yzerman says:

    I share your sentiments regarding the Logo on front or the name on the back of the jersey perspective. You see as a lions fan I had both once also yea ” Barry Sanders”. I still wear it ever Sunday through the NFL season and I am still waiting for a great enough player to be around long enough to buy that players jersey.

    Saying you would remove Patrick Roy’s name and number from a jersey tells me a lot about what you think of the players. I suggest you never visit the Hockey hall of fame because there are more stories that glorify the individuals in there then the teams.

    You danced around the real question on the post so I will rephrase it for you.

    answer this then If you went to an arena with two rinks and on one rink was two teams of players that never played any higher then high school level wearing NHL team jersey’s. While on the other rink was two teams of NHL players wearing dark and light colored plain jerseys. Which game would you watch knowing which rink had watch?

  15. rojoke says:

    Patrick left the team in 1996. The fact that I considered altering my jersey had nothing to do with my opinion of him as a person, a player, or the way he left town. It had more to do with the fact that he’s no longer an NHL player. Even while he was in Colorado, when I sat down to watch the Habs play, that jersey went on.

    If I danced around the question, it certainly wasn’t my intent. I thought I was basically agreeing with you, in my own particular way. I see plenty of people base their “favourite teams” on where they are on the standings. The bandwagoners we all know and hate. What I was trying to get across is that for the team that I have followed since I was a kid, it wasn’t about what they did last season or are doing this season. It was about where they were trying to get. There were guys that didn’t score a lot, didn’t get a lot of attention, but they were trying to make the team better than they were. Guys who played every shift with the same energy, the same intensity. There are players in the league that I respect for that kind of play who don’t play for MontrĂ©al and never have. And there have been players to wear that uniform that I don’t feel lived up to the tradition of the team, its history or the current spirit of the team.

    As to your original question. As hard as this might be to believe, I wouldn’t have a problem watching either one. Beer leagues and rec leagues are filled with guys who play for fun, with nothing else involved. The NHL guys have skills in spades, and it would nice to see them display those skills on a regular basis. But if you took the names off the backs of the jerseys, and just let them play, it’s still hockey.

    I was also a huge Barry Sanders fan. As is often said, he ran the most exciting 2-yard gains in football. And I think it will be a long, long time before you buy another Lions jersey. Barry was the best pure runner I have ever seen.

  16. 19Yzerman says:

    You are right about all that you mention of the wagonriders, me waiting for a lions great, the most exciting 2-yard gains in football and rec league guys who play for fun.

    I play in an adult league and it is fun to watch some of these guys that are so good it makes you wonder how they didn’t go somewhere with that kind of skill. Every now and then we get up against a team that has a player who can really tee one up and that is what you have to watch out for because that can be pretty scary.

    Its hard to be the players advocate on here with so many people posting comments and more then valid points that seem to compromise the integrity of the players as a whole.

    I should not have said that you shouldn’t go to see the hockey hall of fame. I think ever hockey fan should go there even though I have never been I go to the website quite frequently to find out something of hockey history that I didn’t know. The most fascinating thing about hockey is its history and how before there was an NHL there was hockey and a Stanley cup.

    I think most people in todays era of sports tend to see players as being like that budwieser beer commercial guy named Leon. If you haven’t seen the commercials which are like a mock post game interview. he is this self glorified football player who says stuff like ” Leon can’t do everything” or “Leon doesn’t have a bad side”.

    Being a hockey player in a beer league puts into perspective just how gift these NHLers are and how watching them to me presents a deep admiration of such skill.

  17. leafyluca says:

    Its gotta be the crowd. You can tell in the world juniors when canada plays the states or russia. Especially in canada or the U.S. In this years world juniors finals, the building was pact with crazy canuck fans and the players were feeding off it. It played a big role in the 6-1 romp on the Russians. 1 more example of why this is a canadian game…gotta love canada and hockey

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