Things looking up in oil country

With a season of dissapointment, and lack of offensive chemistry the Edmonton Oilers are on the verge of not only making the playoffs, But once again being whats know as a ” dark horse” in the Western conference.

Without having a bonified star caliber player like most teams in the league, alot of the oilers do show much needed character during the final stretch of the playoff run.

The following players ( only in my opinion ) are what has in any way kept the oilers in a playioff contention

1) Dwayne Roloson, arguably the most worked goaltender hands down in the league since the All Star break, hes saw more rubber since any major freeway. Playing in 21 games consecutive is an Oilers record, and he doesnt show any signs of slowing down threw the stretch

2) Sheldon Souray- The alberta born native, isnt shy on the blue line, with 17 goals and counting on the season. He has more shots on goal then any oiler (217) . He is playing in excess of 22 minutes a game. As the oilers best offensive defenseman, he’d also be the first to do some face washing or defend a team mate in need.

3) Ales Hemsky- This gifted Oilers player standing amongst the lead with 51 points, 21 goals. The gritty forward has done well, despite playing along side limited talent. In this years free agent frenzy the oilers need some perminate wingers who can compliment his ability.

4) Shawn Horcoff- With a mere 40 points and a hefty yearly salary the gritty centerman does play alot of clutch times during any given day. Being the go to go in oil country for faceoffs, his daily draws have almost doubled since the oilers sent C jaret stoll packing. Look for Horcoff to provide leadership and dependibility down the stretch.

5) Andrew Cogliano – arguably the brightest chip the oilers have in there young arsenalt the speedy forward plays well under preasure, and with the right line mates would be a hard forward to compete against in the games and season at hand.

The following is a list of under acheivers who have been hands down the downside of what has been a dissapointing season at rexall place Alberta.

1) Dustin Penner- the out of shape forward has quite frankly had a disapointing year. Being juggeled and mainly playing on the third and fourth lines, or bench warming dustins never lived up to his contract. at $ 4.25 mil a season, hes untradeible, and not a tope six forward. I’m not sure what kevin lowe was thinking by that offer sheet, but mabye he saw a sign of Dustin penner, we in oil country havent in the two seasons hes been a member. With a poor work ethic and phesique im positive he wouldnt be a good role model for the kids coming up either. Look for the oilers to place him on waivers, and eat half his contract next season or tradeing him for virtually cap space.

2) Fernando Pisani- with an injury plagued season of so far only 21 games, the highly paid forward has a mere 8 points . In the off season mabye new destination from the Edmonton native would be what his career needs. He did show promise during the miricle playoff run in 05 so mabye somewhere else he could re light that spark he possesed befor

In the off season, the oilers are in dire need of a couple wingers, specifically left in particular.
Who would be a good fit?
Can they re sign Roloson for a 1-2 year contract?

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  1. LEAFS_54 says:

    Just a question… because i havent seen the oilers play in a couple years now but since when is Ales Hemsky considered a "gritty" forward? 

  2. leafy says:

    Just imagine for a moment if the Oilers and Flames met in the playoffs….

    Now that would bring back great memories. Remember these OT goals?

    Esa Tikkanen unleashing a deadly wrist shot on Mike Vernon.

    Theo Fluery scoring a breakaway goal on Grant Fuhr and sliding across the rink.

    Gretzky pouring down the left side and firing a short-handed laser slap shot, top corner, far side.

  3. reinjosh says:

    I would like to see a Calgary – Vancouver first round apperance
    the rivalry between the two has been legendary since the 2004 first round apperance the two teams made. I love watching the two and players on both side seem to put so much into those games. The games seem to always be filled with heart, and played from beginning to end with such determination and grit.
    Then I would love to see the Flames and San Jose to play in the Second Round. The last two years, these two teams have played in 2 consecutive years and the two series' have been amazing. Great series if it happens.
    Then i would love to see a Flames – Oilers Conference Final
    Two canadians teams who, in consecutive NHL seasons, made the final and lost. This would be a great series with such heart, grit, skill and everything else.
    then i would love to see a buffalo calgary series
    no precedent. i just think it would be a great series.
    i know these arnt likely but hey, a man can dream

  4. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    A couple of things I don't agree with.
    If you don't think that Hemsky is star calibre then he is definitely the closest thing to it without being there. Personally I think if he had some better forwards to play on a line with, he would be recognized as one of the top forwards in the league. The only player on this team anywhere near a point per game pace (21 goals, 54 points in 55 games). By no means is he a gritty forward, he is a speedy finesse guy, but not exactly tough. He is also a winger, so getting multiple top line wingers would be pointless. Horcoff isn't a number one center, he's a second line, faceoff specialist with good leadership, so they need to find Hemsky a real top line center.

    I agree Cogliano is a great prospect, but what about Sam Gagner? He's been almost as good as Cogliano this season, especially after his early slump, where he had just 8 points in his first 30 games, he has doubled that amount in his last 29, putting up 17 and will probably continue to improve.

    Finally I don't think Pisani is really responsible for the Oilers' woes. He has always sort of been a guy that won't change the outcome of a season negatively or positively. Yeah he's a little bit overpayed, but nobody is expecting a 2 mil dollar guy to put up 80 points. When he is healthy he'll put up around 30 – 35 points, and usually be pretty responsible in his own end, not the best defensive guy but decent. He's not somebody to complain about, he's playing to what he's capable of. One real dissapointing player in my mind has been Nilsson, after promising rookie and sophomore seasons, he seemed to take a step backward this season.

  5. HabsMakeYouWhine says:

    a gifted forward not gritty dude lol

  6. HabsMakeYouWhine says:

    oh my bad i saw the gritty thing

  7. hockeylegend488 says:

    yeah all alid points. so who is availible? who would be a good fitg for the oilers this off season? i kinda like the idea of them aquireing Jordan Stall from the Pens myself..

  8. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    Although I think Staal is overrated he may be a good fit as a second line shutdown type of center, but the Penguins aren't stupid. They know what most people think his value is and they are going to demand a lot for Staal, and besides their youth they don't have much that Pitts would take for him. The worst thing they could do is deal off young guys for not much better in return. It's not like they're going to take in guys like Schremp for him, they'll likely demand one of Gagner, Cogs, or Nilsson and a pick/veteran guy, which I think is a little much to give up for him. The free agents are where they will need to improve most.

    Cammalleri could very well hit the FA market with the addition of Jokinen in Calgary and after playing in Calgary he's probably getting used to life in Alberta. It's not completely out of the question that he could end up in Edmonton, and adding a point per game player to go with Hemsky couldn't hurt. Depending on the salary cap situation in Detroit by season's end, Franzen might be available and could be worth the risk. Don't be surprised to see them make a bid for some secondary scoring in Antropov, who is steadily improving.

    I don't see Hossa or Gaborik testing the market, but secondary options could be a rejuvinated Alex Kovalev, Max Afinogenov could slip out of Buffalo's grasp given their history of having no ability to resign their best players. Tanguay could be a nice option as well if Montreal doesn't bring him back.

    One thing they still seem to lack is toughness. They don't have regulars (how long can Zach Stortini stay a regular on this team?) There could be some interesting choices for tough guys out there. If Chris Neil can't reach an agreement in Ottawa he'd be someone to look at. Travis Moen is someone to definitely keep an eye on. Maybe even someone like Ian Laperriere?

    All some pretty interesting choices to keep an eye out for, plus isn't there that rumor about Jagr maybe joining the Oil next season? Just some thoughts.

  9. alpalstewart says:

    does any1 know what jagr's stats are in the russian league.

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