Things not Ducky with York

Jason York and Mike Bab***** are not seeing eye to eye already.

Three weeks prior to training camp Ba***** and York spoke. At that time York was told to come to camp in shape, have a good attitude about the upcoming season and to get ready for the season in camp.

York showed up in camp at 8% body fat, led the team in bench press and pull-ups testing and was third on the bike test. Sounds like pretty good shape to me.

Having spoken with Jason this past summer it was obvious he was excited about the teams potential to improve this sedason with hte upgrades to the offense. Sounds like a guy in a good spirits.

And third he intended to make sure he would be ready for the season opener by focussing on his timing and touch in pre-season games. This also sounds good to me.

At camp the Ducks were broken into four teams and played two-period scrimmages against each other. Each team had eight defensemen, so not a lot of ice time for anybody really.

After the first wave of cuts, Bab***** separates the remaining players into two teams, one team essentially the NHLers and the other squad the minor leaguers.

Without telling York, a seven-year vet, Bab***** puts York among the minor leaguers. York spoke to Bab***** about the situation and was told that his play in the intersquad games did not place him among the top eight defenseman.

That is all fair, York admits that he copuld have played better and isn’t much of a practice player.

Where this situation breaks down I believe is in the communication, and the intent.

In order to earn the respect of his players I think it is important for a coach, especially a rookie coach, to treat the players with respect. As a veteran, York deserved to be told face-to-face by Bab***** that he was being placed with the minor leaguers and the reason why, out of respect.

Bab***** is under pressure to improve this team and is always mentioning the word change. I think he is singling out York, unfairly, to hammer home the notion of change. It’s too bad Anaheim’s probably going to trade York, and then miss his steady style of play along the blueline.

Where do you think York will end up. I say Toronto, Philadelphia or Detroit.

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  1. McCabe_24 says:

    I think York would be a good fit in Toronto. A possible deal may include Jyrki Lumme or Aki-Berg. Detroit is probably the front runner if York does get traded by the Ducks as the Wings need some more veteren help on the blueline…I’m thinking a deal with either Kris Draper or Tomas Holmstrom. Philly has a good enough defence already and I see them out of the running. Other possibilities may include Vancouver – York for a combo of Farkas, Warriner, Helmer, Mats Lindgren….Edmonton – the veteren thrid line with combo of Marchant, Grier, Moreau….L.A. – Steve Heinze or Eric Belanger…

  2. amok says:

    York for Vancouver’s spare parts would be great, but Anaheim’s gotta get something better than that. I don’t think that the Canucks have even signed Lindgren. Apparently he won’t take a two-way contract, and after showing up two weeks late due to injury he doesn’t have much time to prove himself.

  3. Habs4ever says:

    One question: Do you HAVE to censor Mike Bab***** or Ken Hitch*****’s name?

  4. Habs4ever says:

    Wow.This site does it automatically. I guess I just answered my own question.

  5. Lint07 says:

    To the guy before me (and his fellow Leafs fans):

    EVERY FREAKIN NHL PLAYER would be a good fit in Toronto! We got the point already.

  6. SabresFanB says:

    ***** ***** cock

  7. SabresFanB says:

    ah jeeze sorry….i didnt think that would happen

  8. edmontonrules says:

    I don’t think that Detroit would actually go for that sort of player. They probably want to keep things quiet and strike quickly with what they’ve got.

  9. cwhockey says:

    I was almost gonna say, let’s bring him to Atlanta. Another vet to help out the youngsters is alway appreciated. But I thought no. Toronto, Philly and Detroit don’t have near the defensive prospects that we have in Atlanta. Even if only half of these prospects realize their potential, the Thrashers will have an excellent defense in three or four years.

    Conversely, the afore mentioned teams will be trading and spending a lot of money to help bolster an aging defensive corps in three or four years. Hope you win soon, father time is ticking away!

  10. Krockasian says:

    i would love to see york in edmonton. he is a perfect 4th d-man. but his salary is too high. about 2 mill i think. marchant and moreau make about 1.5 mil. york isn’t worth both of them. So they would have to work out a multi layer deal deal that would keep both teams at the same pay role. i don’t think ana wants to gain payroll either. Maybe moreau and cleary for york and 2nd 3rd rounder. both teams give up 2 mill in pay. ana gets someone two fill the wing on the second line and a physical presence witch ana is missing. edmonton gats that 4th d-man which they are missing. every one wins.

  11. Rico71 says:

    I think that a team like Boston or Pittsburgh might try to trade for him. Both are missing a defenseman or 2.

    Boston needs someone to replace the McLaren. Maybe a York-McLaren trade? Add maybe a 3rd round pick to Boston since Kyle might be worth a bit more than Jason.

    Meanwhile, the Pens simply need about 3 regular NHL defensemen. *lol* It seems that they are interested in McLaren, but York might come cheaper since he is not in the same Conference. But what player can the depleted Pens trade for York?

    On another note…if Hackett was not playing for division rivals Montreal, I think that Boston would have traded for him already. I’d be really scared to have a 1-2 combo of Shields and Graham/Raycroft. But the Habs won’t trade him there because they would not want to face Jeff 5-6 times in the same year. He’s still a great goalie (awesome tonight against Ottawa) and Montreal would rather send him far away.

    With Rivet signed at an eye-popping 12 million for 3 years…and the eventual trade of Hackett…add the rumors about Bulis and Petrov…and we have something that’s gonna happen in Montreal soon. Savard might be looking for a tough, goal scoring left-winger to add. But…who could be available? I’d love to see Martin Lapointe in the red-white-blue, but I’m dreaming.

  12. Rico71 says:

    12 millions for 4 years…sorries.

  13. Leaf_Expert says:

    KEEP HIM!!!

    Cause we Leafs don’t want him!!!

  14. freshprince says:

    To Anaheim: Bret Hedican

    To Carolina: Jason York and 3 rounder


    To Nashville: Jason York and German Titov

    To Anaheim: Andy Delmore and 4th rounder


    To Washington: Jason York and 1st rounder

    To Anaheim: Calle Johnasson and Danius Zubrus


    To Toronto: Jason York, Sami Phalsson and Titov

    To Anaheim: Tomas Kaberle


    To Pittsburgh: Jason York and Sergei Krivokrasov

    To Anaheim: Janne Laukkanen

    just a couple of crayshee ideas

  15. Bishop7979 says:

    you can have laukkanen since we here in pittsburgh arent even sure hes going to be considered in the top 4. keep krivokrasov we wouldnt want him. right now guys who look to be out performing Lauk is Melichar, Rozival Orpik Ferrence and Berry. when he’s healthy he’s a good player, but hes just fallen out of the rotation so to speak by missing so much of last season.

  16. freshprince says:

    You got a deal!

  17. krustymedic1 says:

    Although York is a decent D-man, 4th or 5th at best, he is a coward. This is the guy who stood there twice and did nothing when his goalies got clipped. Don’t ask me what games they were or who did it but both Rhodes and Tugnut had their feet hauled out from under them behind the net and York did nothing about it. Some of you will call it restraint or composure or the team enforcers job but this is not the case. He should have been all over the guys like a wet towel. He stood there and did absolutely nothing. With a work ethic like this and an obvious lack of consideration towards his fellow players, I would not trade a case of pucks and a slurpie for this dude. York is out for York and that is about it.

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