Things not Ducky with York

Jason York and Mike Bab***** are not seeing eye to eye already.

Three weeks prior to training camp Ba***** and York spoke. At that time York was told to come to camp in shape, have a good attitude about the upcoming season and to get ready for the season in camp.

York showed up in camp at 8% body fat, led the team in bench press and pull-ups testing and was third on the bike test. Sounds like pretty good shape to me.

Having spoken with Jason this past summer it was obvious he was excited about the teams potential to improve this sedason with hte upgrades to the offense. Sounds like a guy in a good spirits.

And third he intended to make sure he would be ready for the season opener by focussing on his timing and touch in pre-season games. This also sounds good to me.

At camp the Ducks were broken into four teams and played two-period scrimmages against each other. Each team had eight defensemen, so not a lot of ice time for anybody really.

After the first wave of cuts, Bab***** separates the remaining players into two teams, one team essentially the NHLers and the other squad the minor leaguers.

Without telling York, a seven-year vet, Bab***** puts York among the minor leaguers. York spoke to Bab***** about the situation and was told that his play in the intersquad games did not place him among the top eight defenseman.

That is all fair, York admits that he copuld have played better and isn’t much of a practice player.

Where this situation breaks down I believe is in the communication, and the intent.

In order to earn the respect of his players I think it is important for a coach, especially a rookie coach, to treat the players with respect. As a veteran, York deserved to be told face-to-face by Bab***** that he was being placed with the minor leaguers and the reason why, out of respect.

Bab***** is under pressure to improve this team and is always mentioning the word change. I think he is singling out York, unfairly, to hammer home the notion of change. It’s too bad Anaheim’s probably going to trade York, and then miss his steady style of play along the blueline.

Where do you think York will end up. I say Toronto, Philadelphia or Detroit.