Think outside the BOX – Line up

Hi everybody, it’s my first writing out here but I’m reading you guys at least once by week. I heard about Things like Marleau (that I found would be the best pick for Montréal since 2 years, bu they won’t do it), Briere, Yashin, Drury…. You don’t find that all this is too easy to think and that something more underground or just more flashy could happen. Bob never thinks like the Habs fans and everytime he did a move we are all surprised or chocked. So Here quickly what I’m seeing the habs could do.

1-I really like the specific skills of Ryder as his shots and his famous quick hands move before the shot called in french ” la cueillère”. However, I don’t think he has a real effect on a team (he is not a positive or negative effect , its neutral). So I see the Habs trading him this summer because he still has value and has 2-3 great years recently. Trade him for salary cap space or for a big forward to hit on the fourth line.

2-Trade Huet for salary cap space. I do really like him and Im persued that he is a great goaltender with specific psychologic skills under pression. However, we have to trade him because we got two other great goaltenders cheaper than him. More, Huet is kind of cheap and a lot of team are searching for a goaltender.

3-Don’t sign any D-man, those of this year are not the one we need for a long term shot and i dont see a D-man of this year UFA that will have a specific effect like a Niedermayer, Markov, Pronger, Kaberle, Lidstrom….The only one I would sign and I won’t do it because he is too expensive and guess who it is…. Souray!

4-Do anything to sign at any price Briere. This will send a big message to the NHL fraternity of player that the Habs are now in the game for the stanley cup and that they are serious. Players will know that the Habs want to win and are able to pay. More, it is an investment that you won’t lose with this guy. He is a perfect ambassador, intelligent player, not really injured, a leader and finally a quebecer. We need that guy with the same kind of contract than Richards and Lecavalier had in Tampa.

5-Surprising, I will sign Paul Kariya. It’s been a long time I’m saying that the habs have to sign that guy. He’ll ask for a contract that is acceptable for the Habs. More, I see a perfect fit with the Carbo’s system and how Kariya is playing.

6-I’ll make a prediction : Kostitsyn will probably force the management team to give him more ice time on the PP and ont the first 2 top line. This guy was incredibly good in the last game of this year, he has sweet hands, one of the 3 best hockey sense in the Habs organisation, a bombing shot and finally he is a big guy. Don’t be surprised if this guy become at the end of this year the kind of player that Malkin is. The difference between both, Malkin is a natural scorer and Kostitsyn a natural playmaker.

Here my ideal line up for the habs next year…preparing the table for 2009-2010 when our kids will all grow.

1-Kariya Brière Latendresse (physical aspect )

2-Higgins Koivu Kovalev

3-A. Kostitsyn Lapierre Plekanec (he is a winger in reality)

4-Ferland (physical) Begin Grabovsky


1-Markov Côté (he is ready and he has great defensive skills, and big guy, it helps the hab to seperate their talent in d-man)

2-Komisarek Streit (wow this guy is incredibly good, thats the best hidden secret of the nhl, make him play with Komisarek and let him go ofense and we will be surprised, no need anymore of those *****ng Pressing or Hamrlik thing)

3-Bouillon Dandenault


Halak / Price

This is my team and the moves I would make, what ya think????