This is my first article Part 2

Hi Everybody! I decided ( finally ) to register again to this site. Since I don’t remember what my old user was it’s ok. I live near Ottawa and I’m a big fan of the Senators since the beginning. I’ve seen this team grow with awesome draft picks and some very bad.. do i need to say who?. I’ll try to write an article about the Sens every week since there’s nobody who writes about them.

As you know everything goes well with the Senators. 15-2-3 in their last 20. I think it’s the best team in the league right now leaded by Hossa, Alfredsson, Havlat, White and everyone. And the defense is really good probably the 2nd best defense of the year behind the Devils.

The only player, to me, that is not playing so well is Radek Bonk. This guy is one of the most paid of the team and he’s invinsible on the ice. He may be good on the two sides of the ice but i think he’s not the good guy to play with Hossa.

I think the Sens could pack Bonk + Arvedson for a big gritty center to replace Bonk. And throw a defense in the trade if necessary. No trades come to mind but if they could find a better offensive center to play with Hossa, it would be great. And Spezza will be here next year as a rookie ( let’s hope so).

There will be no move till the team is winning, be sure of that. Maybe a minor one but nothing to talk about. Too bad the Senators didn’t trade for Islanders Brad Isbister at the beginning of the season it would have been a really good acquisition.

And to finish, I think the Lalime-Prusek tandem is very good. Maybe one of the best in the league.

If you want to comment or anything please go i’ll read all of them.