This is my first article Part 2

Hi Everybody! I decided ( finally ) to register again to this site. Since I don’t remember what my old user was it’s ok. I live near Ottawa and I’m a big fan of the Senators since the beginning. I’ve seen this team grow with awesome draft picks and some very bad.. do i need to say who?. I’ll try to write an article about the Sens every week since there’s nobody who writes about them.

As you know everything goes well with the Senators. 15-2-3 in their last 20. I think it’s the best team in the league right now leaded by Hossa, Alfredsson, Havlat, White and everyone. And the defense is really good probably the 2nd best defense of the year behind the Devils.

The only player, to me, that is not playing so well is Radek Bonk. This guy is one of the most paid of the team and he’s invinsible on the ice. He may be good on the two sides of the ice but i think he’s not the good guy to play with Hossa.

I think the Sens could pack Bonk + Arvedson for a big gritty center to replace Bonk. And throw a defense in the trade if necessary. No trades come to mind but if they could find a better offensive center to play with Hossa, it would be great. And Spezza will be here next year as a rookie ( let’s hope so).

There will be no move till the team is winning, be sure of that. Maybe a minor one but nothing to talk about. Too bad the Senators didn’t trade for Islanders Brad Isbister at the beginning of the season it would have been a really good acquisition.

And to finish, I think the Lalime-Prusek tandem is very good. Maybe one of the best in the league.

If you want to comment or anything please go i’ll read all of them.

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  1. hockeywhore says:

    Welcome back

  2. Tradedude says:

    Spezza deserves recognition. i don’t care what ne 1 says, but he needs playing time, and if ottawa isn’t the place, then trade him if yah half too. he should have easily broke out on 1 of sens top lines this season, he has an outstanding 10 points in limited games. No trades come to mind, but I agree with Arvedsson and Bonk. Maybe for someone on the coyotes with a low salary. no players come to mind, cause I have to go now.

    P.S. Belzabu has got to read this…..make sure!!!!

  3. Aetherial says:

    Trade Alfredsson AND Bonk AND Arvedson.

    When the Sens make another premature exit from the playoffs yet again this year perhaps management will realize you need HEART.

    Alfredsson especially is a whiny-ass punk. Gawd he makes me want to puke.

  4. infoengine says:

    What do you think of this possible trade?

    Craig Johnson a draft pick and maybe a throw in. For Radek Bonk. Since Bonk isn’t playing well in Ottowa, maybe he could play a little better in LA. Also C. Johnson is a playmaker which could complement Hossa

    Tell me what you think!

  5. Stanajax says:

    Another European basher……

    Well, isn’t it strange that 4 out of 6 Canadian teams have Scandinavian captains???

    They should play with heart, no???

    Alfredsson has been the soul of his team for years.

  6. Stanajax says:

    Waww, a non-Leaf fan stupid trade rumor!!!

  7. Habs4ever says:

    I don’t think he’s bashing Europeans, just Alfredsson. I have not seen any Senators game this year yet, but in the play-offs, many of the Sens players disappear. He’s just saying Alfie is one of them.

  8. BelZeBu says:

    Yeah you’re right… I never understood why Spezza was sent back to the minors he was starting to produce and Hossa said he enjoys to play with him.

    But there is just no place for him with the Sens till Bonk is there. You have White and Fisher playing great hockey and Van Allen who is a big surprise with 7 goals this year. Wait till an injury or next year Spezza will be here.

    And for the guy who said Bonk for Craig Johnson i think it is a very stupid trade. Bonk did 70 points last year and this year he may be struggling but he’s not the only one in the league. I really think the Sens should have thrown him for Isbister this guy could have played awesome with Spezza and Hossa.

  9. Aetherial says:

    As a Leafs fan and a HUGE Sundin fan, I am not bashing Europeans at all.

    Any player that blames a playoff loss on the other team’s player not being able to skate very well is a total loser. He actually said they lost last year because Domi got hit from behind and cut himself on the boards when he fell. He suggested even Domi did it on purpose. Nevermind a Sen’s player had the same thing happen the game before. That is just lame. He is not captain material.

    Is the Alfredsson the captain? I think so but not sure. If he is you might want to speak with Flyer fans about what a captain SHOULD be.

  10. Leaf_Expert says:

    The Sens are not contenders, their “Pretenders!”.

    I don’t care if they finish one of the top teams in the East….,

    Gary Roberts single-handily beat this Sens team(not to mention we had Sundin injured)….

    So until they get a Roberts type player(NOT A BARNABY),

    They WILL forever remain *Pretenders!*

  11. Scottishguy says:

    we might as well call the season off cause toronto is gonna win the cup any way, all hail the Leafs.. yeah right

  12. mikster says:

    The Sens have too much talent, and it’s growing every season. They are just getting playoff experience right now, and they’ll definitely be able to beat any team.

  13. Rico71 says:

    Coach martin critized Spezza’s defensive play and that’s part of the reason he was sent down.

    Bonk-White-Fisher-Van Allen are the 4 centers. They simply did not have the room for him. Though don’t hold your breath on him coming back to Ottawa soon…unless Bonk is traded. But next year…watch out. He might end up being rookie of the year. He was awesome in the limited playing time he had while in Ottawa.

    Next year he will be better.

  14. Rico71 says:

    Yeah yeah yeah…

    We heard it all before. Shut up already?


  15. Rico71 says:


    Those are rare eh?

    What a trade…Johnson? Not gonna happen. Bonk is worth a lot more than Johnson and some throw-in.

  16. Leaf_Expert says:

    Save your talk for some one who needs it….

    Go tell your mother to shut her legs….

    Now thats someone who needs it!….

  17. czar5 says:

    NJ is my team, but I can definitely appreciate alot about the Sens: building through the draft, team defense, low payroll, and good coaching. Ottawa has been a very good team for at least 5 straight seasons, averaging over 95 pts. However, they do lack grit. They rely too much on the trap; rarely do they cycle the puck continously. In the playoffs, you need to grind along the boards and crash the net. This team is far superior to the Leafs, but Toronto is able to mug them in the playoffs. If the Sens add one or two strong forwards, they have a real shot at the cup.

  18. Stanajax says:

    Yeah, Alfredsson wears the C, and I think he’s doing a pretty good job, as good as Sundin, Koivu or Naslund.

    Excuse me for the misunderstanding, but that’s such a legend : Europeans have no heart…..

    Well, back to Alfredsson, he may don’t like the physical aspect of play-offs, but, believe me, he doesn’t feel on holidays come playoff time. He does his best on the ice.

    And, about whining, he’s far from being an expert in this aspect compared to Tucker, Corson, Domi and co…..

  19. czar5 says:

    With Peca back, the Islanders have Yashin-Peca-Scachard down the middle….Maybe this trade was considered while Peca was re-habing. Isbister would be great fit on Sens no doubt.

  20. RDeren says:

    Who hasn’t won a cup in 35 years? If you ask me, the Sens are now contenders, and the Leafs pretenders. The Leafs goon their way past Ottawa in the playoffs. Come on, you got two of the biggest cheap shot artists, Tucker and Corson. Plus Domi, who falls down everytime somebody touches him on the back. Sundin who can’t stop whining to the ref even when he scores a goal. If the refs call half of what their calling now, Ottawa will sweep the Leafs this year, if the leafs make the playoffs.

    PS: Fat Quinn is to old and can’t do both jobs. And tell him to chew with his mouth closed, it’s disgusting.

  21. Aetherial says:

    I said I wasn’t bashing Europeans, not sure what you did not understand.

    Tucker, Domi, Corson are worse?

    First of all, they are not the team captain. Something more is expected of the team captain.

    Second, they don’t blame losses on a player from another team purposely(?!) smashing his head on the boards to cut himself and draw a 5 minute penalty. HAHAHAHAH that was the stupidest most cry-baby thing I have ever heard!

    If you can find a quote that is even remotely similar from the three people you mentioned, I will grant you a point.

    Until then, Alfredsson is FAR ahead of them in terms of being a true whiner. He showed his true colors in that incident last year. Sundin has NEVER said something that lame or stupid, nor has Koivu. To compare Alfreddson to either player is absurd.

    I believe the Sens will fold again come playoff time and they will FINALLY realize that they need some heart. Like Philadelphia will finally realize they need a primetime name goaltender and captain and like maybe the Leafs will one day realize that you can’t win a Stanley Cup with 3 or 4 good players and a bunch of 3rd liners and 6th defensemen.

  22. Rico71 says:

    Impressive…really. High-school bashtalk…how mature.


  23. Leaf_Expert says:

    Impressive…really. High-school come back…how mature


  24. TheShack says:

    Spezza does get recognition. He has been recognized as a top prospect and a future talent. You are right, he does need playing time, that is why he was sent down to Binghamton where he will see the ice time and develop his game. What’s the big rush with this guy? He’s 19 YEARS OLD! He’ll be playing next year, probably on one of the top 2 lines, on one of the best teams in the league, at age 20! 1 year in the AHL is not the end of the world, just be patient.

  25. krustymedic1 says:

    Welcome Back, nice to see other Sens fans on here and hopefully on a regular basis. Do me a favour though and don’t just reiterate the spoutings of B. Garrioch or C. Stevenson. I can read all of their drivel in the Sun like everyone else. Cheers! Oh, and by the way Leaf Expert, grow up and post something intelligent for once. Just once. I beg you.

  26. TheShack says:

    I’ve actually never read this “quote” where Alfie blames the other team for a loss, could you give me the source?

    Tucker, Domi, and Corson are worse!

    Corson: (talking about Laviolette)

    “I’m tired of hearing their coach whine after every single game. Every night it was the same thing.”

    Tucker: (talking about Alfie’s hit)

    “I’m a little sick and tired of all the crap coming out in the media and the referees and politicians in the league, and they know who they are, (who) have seen all the crap and making sure it is known to the referees that (they) watch Tucker. Make sure you don’t call anything that is borderline or might look like he has done something to embellish it. I should have the same rights as Steve Yzerman or Jaromir Jagr.”

    That sounds an awful lot like a baby crying.

    Alfredsson leads by example, he shows up every night and puts in a solid effort. You’re right he did show his true colours last year by leading his team into the 2nd round, posting 13pts in 12 games including 3 game winners.

  27. TheShack says:

    Sure Bonk hasn’t played great, but hasn’t played that bad. (21pts in 27 games)

    Johnson a playmaker? His best season was 5 years ago where he notched 21 assists.

    Bonk had 45 assists last year!

  28. TheShack says:

    I wish Leaf fans would show some restraint when posting on this site. It seems every Senators discussion gets flipped around by some dumbas Leaf fan that feels they should reiterate their ignorant notions about the Ottawa Senators.

    The Ottawa Senators are a work in progress, they have had to develop from within, without the luxury of picking up high profile free agents. You would think by now a Leaf fan would have noticed since the two teams play 4 times a year and the last 3 years in the playoffs.

    Leaf_Expert….you’re right you may be a Leaf “expert”, but you’ve also made it pretty clear that you’re by no means a hockey expert.

  29. WeztCoazt1 says:

    To all the leaf fans out there….I hope Ottawa meets you in the playoffs again & sweeps you in 4 so you can all whine & cry about Belfour, corson, domi & all those other dirty players you have on your team.

  30. WeztCoazt1 says:

    What about trading Bonk & Arvedson to Carolina for Eric Cole & Rod Brindamour.

    You get Grit from Cole & a similiar player in Brindamour for a strong 2nd line centerman.

  31. Leaf_Expert says:

    Why is dis man callin my name…?

    Like honestly, If your team is shit, don’t come blaming it on me or Leaf fans….

    Go call your mothers name or somthin, DON’T call mine unless you’ve spent a weeks worth of trying to think of a way on how to tell me off…..

    And by you thinking your Sens are real “contenders” your the one with no hockey sense as a bunch of YOUTHS and Europeans, aren’t gonna win you guys the Stanley Cup….

    The Steve Yzermans, Gary Roberts, Chris Prongers are the type of players it takes to win a cup!….

    I’m the Expert, So Shut Da Fuck UP!…

  32. Leaf_Expert says:

    “grow up and post something intelligent for once.”

    Grow a dick, and try to find a girl who’ll ever post wit you…..

  33. TheShack says:

    I don’t think this trade would fly. Brind’amour gets paid almost 5 million and its debateable whether he’s worth Bonk straight up.

    Cole on the other hand is a great young player who should play a big part in Carolina’s future. I don’t think Carolina would be willing to part with him for a defensive forward who’s an UFA this summer.

    Just my thoughts.

  34. TheShack says:

    I guess your Leafs won’t be winning a cup any time soon either.

    Ottawa : 10 Europeans

    13 North Americans

    Toronto : 10 Europeans

    12 North Americans

    (source: current roster

    I guess you’re not much of a Leaf expert either.

  35. Leaf_Expert says:


    Your one fuckin idiot….

    But its not quantity “IDIOT” its quality….Don’t ever compare Alfredsson to Sundins level….and don’t EVER compare Neil to Domi’s level….Don’t consider anyone on your team to the heart level of our team!….

    Thats the difference between the Leafs and the


    I guess you don’t have a brain, as much as you have no balls….

  36. TheShack says:

    Dare I compare Alfredsson to Sundin.

    How about:

    Hossa to Mogilny (edge TOR)

    Chara to Svehla (edge OTT)

    Bonk to Reichel (edge OTT)

    Rachunek to Kaberle (edge TOR)

    Havlat to Renberg (edge OTT)

    Arvedson to Hoglund (edge OTT)

    Schastlivy to Antropov (even)

    I’d keep my Euro-Senators of your Euro-Leafs any day.

  37. Leaf_Expert says:

    If you gonna campare them…Compare them to thbere positions idiot….



    Hossa-Renberg(Leafs!Why? cause hes a hard worker and is built for the playoffs!)


    Hoglund-Havalat(Sens)but once again Hoglund is known to score timely goals in the playoffs.

    Arvedson-Antropov(Leafs)Whos bigger,tougher, and has more points!

    Redden-Kaberle(umm duh, LEAFS!)

    Rachunek-Lumme(Sens)even though Lumme has more experience,shut up.

    Svehla-Chara(LEAFS!) He scores more, trys more, takes more, and gives everything he has!

    It doesn’t matter what standings there in…(we proved that to you guys in 2001)It matters who is built for the playoffs….

    You can have your eruo-Sens,, but I’ll take my Leafs any playoff day for the effort, determination, and HEART* they’ll give me every night!….

    Go Leafs GO!

  38. krustymedic1 says:

    Just as I suspected……..

  39. krustymedic1 says:

    Being built for the playoffs is one thing, making it to the playoffs is another.

  40. Johnny_Canuck says:

    I know Alfreddson asked for a trade last season… but I thought he really sucked it up and did a good job in the playoffs (maybe I’m wrong, but that’s what it looked like to me)… I woulkd not trade that guy I think he’s a great captain, Bonk and Arvedson… sounds like a good idea to trade them, and they should do that soon… I wonder if they could get Primeau (if they wanted him) I would expect that he’d be better than Bonk anyways I guess his Salary woundn’t be fun to take on though.. jus’ a thought though…

  41. devodawg says:

    I’m glad someone is writing about the Senators, but I’ll have to disagree with some of the stuff you say.

    While I live in Ottawa, and like watching the Senators my heart is with the Devils. I’ve been a Devils fan since they were in Kansas City, so squash the wagon jumper jargon.

    I agree that Ottawa has a great defense, in fact probably the best in the NHL. While their top 4 might not be the best, all around their top 6 are and when you couple in that their bottom 4 are Leschyshyn, Hnidy, Volchenkov, and Kwiatkowski, they are probably the most solid core in the NHL. They also have Pothier in the AHL who is ready to step in.

    While I love the Devils, you cannot compare the two sets of defense. Ottawa’s is far superior, (It hurts me to say that), Jersey’s is far too old, with 2 40+ with Stevens and Daneyko. Don’t confuse great goaltending with good defense and Ottawa has great defense with good goaltending, while Jersey has mediocre defense and fantastic goaltending.

    The real problem I have with your notes is that you mention trading Bonk and Arvedson for a gritty Centre to replace Bonk. While I’m not the biggest Bonk fan, I have to admit that while Arvedson wont finish the year in Ottawa, probably being traded before end of February, you’re not going to find a #1 Centre to take Bonk’s place as a price that Ottawa can afford.

    Plus they already have too many centre’s in their organization with Van Allen, Fisher, White, Spezza, and Martins, they have 5 not counting bonk. There are few people on Ottawa with Bonk’s size, and when he is so inclined can be as physical as Holik.

    Don’t be too surprised if the team does make moves while they are winning. My sources tell me that Muckler is actively trying to make room for Spezza, and many teams are interested in what there is to offer. The west is rapidly running out of quality defensemen, and the Rangers are quickly approaching the do or die time for the playoffs. Those two things could give Muckler the environment to make a trade. GM’s desperate to keep their jobs will make deals and Muckler feeds off of those guys the best. Need I remind you about Hasek, Peca, and Satan. All pulled from teams desperately trying to stay in the playoff hunt.

    Muckler is shrewd and an apt GM. He’ll stay the course with the Senators. Just wondering how I can get him to join the Devils.

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