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Leafs D Tomas Kaberle will be moved before the draft. He submitted a list of three teams — possibly the Rangers, Bruins and Flyers — where he’d be willing to go on deadline day. Kaberle would rather not play in the Western Conference … Lots of bathroom humour because of the flu bug. Recalling the game against Leafs in 2004, D Chris Phillips didn’t miss a beat. “There were guys, under normal cir*****stances, who wouldn’t have been in the lineup, but they were almost forced to play. We just ran out of gas, pardon the pun.” … A sign the Senators were short-handed: Their power-play goal was Chris Neil from Phillips and Jason Spezza.

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Called up in the afternoon, C Zack Smith was with the club’s AHL affiliate in Glens Falls, N.Y., and entered the game in the first period … For those who circled April 3 for Daniel Alfredsson’s 1,000th game, that date is going to have to be changed. He was scratched with the flu and is now scheduled to complete the feat on April 6 vs. Florida.

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  1. TimTheBone says:

    this is exactly what i mean though…. those are respectable numbers for a couple of rookies…. but Leafs fans are expecting like 50-60 points from ALL of them save for maybe Hanson cause he's not that player….. and again YOU may not expect big numbers from them which is the right thing to do but alot of fans the way they speak about them makes it seem like the expect these guys to be the second coming of christ as a unit….in order to make the playoffs these guys WILL need to all put up those kinds of numbers.. 50-60 points… and i know you dont expect to make the playoffs just get out from the bottom…. all i meant from my previous post was dont expect these guys to be the saviors of the leafs… i wouldnt be surprised if one or two of them get traded by the start of the 2011-2012 season…. Bozak looks very promising… Kulemin to me looks like he could put up a consistent 20-25 goals a season with 30 potential… Stalberg Im rather stuck on… he shows flashes now and then but looks to struggle at times… he needs conditioning and development to me… and hanson i havent seen much of…. he sounds like a great top depth guy to me…

  2. dumbassdoorman says:

    Depending on how Chia sees things playing out with his roster he may choose to trade a pick or keep them. I think they should be open to the idea of trading though like you. They have a few wholes, as do most teams and it will be a great way to fill them. Because according to cap geek they have roughly 12 million to sign 11 players.

  3. reinjosh says:

    YEah, leaf fans will definitely expect a lot.
    But if they can get anywhere near what cm said i would be happy.
    Kulemin will be going into his third season and at worst, I think he can be a very effective third line checking forward who can pot 15 goals.  20 – 25 goal consistent forward would be awesome and I think achievable. 30 goal potential for sure but less likely.

    Stalberg does need more development. He has the tools he just needs to learn how to use them. I am completely with you there.

    I agree with you on Hanson too. I don't see him as anything more than a 3rd line checker. But a good depth guy never hurts.

    Bozak is looking promising. Hopefully he continues his development next year.

    But i disagree with you on getting out of the bottom ten. It won't be all that hard. I main problem was never (and still isn't) scoring. It was goaltending and that has been rectified, at least for next season.

    With a vastly improved penalty kill (only 2 goals scored in the last 7 games, a massive improvement), better goaltending (giguere and gustavsson are just more solid now) and a strengthened defense, the team will be better than it was this year and should be out of the bottom 5 at the very least (although I say bottom 10).  And thats without a Kaberle trade.

  4. dumbassdoorman says:

    I think worst case scenerio for next year is Burke picks up two top 6 forwards, one from a cap strapped team and a UFA like Torres. And a few more goals a little more maturity, better PK and goaltending like you said and they finish 9th again…just like old times. The young guys getting to play and learn will make us better in time as well. I just hope Burke doesn't spend for the sake of spending this off season.

  5. cam7777 says:

    There's not much to spend on, and we know he doesn't care for long-term deals.  He wouldn't even give Ponikarovsky 4 years, so I doubt anyone like Armstrong or Torres would get more than 2 – which likely means they won't be signing here.  I would love to see Burke land Cervenka and Jagr, trade some prospects for one of the Chicago overages, upgrade Grabovski by using a pick and/or prospect, and swap Beauchemin for a forward:

    At the Draft:

    to CHI:  John Mitchell, Jimmy Hayes, 5th in 2011
    to TOR: Dustin Byfuglien, Brent Sopel
    (5.333 million in cap savings for Chicago – they get a good prosepct, a serviceable depth player, and a late pick – not bad.  That's a lot of salary to take on, and few other teams will be willing to just take Sopel as well)

    to SJS: Mikhail Grabovski, Mikhail Stefanovich, 4th in 2011
    to TOR: Joe Pavelski
    (Pavelski doesn't want to sign at a discount, Wilson looking for the shakeup, Pavelski looking to test restricted free agency, Wilson deals him instead of risking the offer sheet)

    Free Agency:

    -sign Jaromir Jagr, 1 year, 2.5 million
    -sign Roman Cervenka, 1 year, entry-level deal
    -sign Jordan Leopold, 3 years, 4.5 million


    To ANA: Francois Beauchemin, Dustin Byfuglien, 2nd in 2011, 2nd in 2012
    To TOR: Bobby Ryan
    (Ryan continues to not come to the table on a fair extension, and threats of offer sheets start pouring in.  The Ducks land no significant D-men in free agency, and Murray loves Beauchemin – good deal for everyone.  The Ducks have the picks to replace Ryan).

    -bury Jeff Finger
    -bury Brent Sopel

    Bobby Ryan               Joe Pavelski                Phil Kessel
    Nikolai Kulemin          Tyler Bozak                 Jaromir Jagr
    Viktor Stalberg           Chris Hanson               Luca Caputi
    Fred Sjostrom            Wayne Primeau            Colton Orr

                   Dion Phaneuf               Tomas Kaberle
                   Mike Komisarek            Luke Schenn
                   Carl Gunnarsson           Jordan Leopold

                   J.S. Giguere                 Jonas Gustavsson

    CAP HIT – 56.6 million

    CALL-UPS – Nazem Kadri, Roman Cervenka, Keith Aulie, Brent Sopel, Jay Rosehill

  6. cam7777 says:

    Well, if he comes, I think he'll be competing for a spot against Bozak and Kadri.  He'll probably have a leg up on Kadri at the start of the season, but Bozak should be able to hold him back to the A for a month of conditioning/seasoning.  No one signs with BUrke thinking they have a guarantee to play top six minutes. 

    And yea, like I said, I certainly don't see Cervenka/Jagr as a solution to our problem, but htey certainly help fill some holes for the time being.  They'd be signing here to get their chance at maximum expore.  Come play here, do well, and Burkie will ship you to a playoff contender for a reasonable return – it's those assets that will eventually help us put together our solution.

  7. TimTheBone says:

    im not saying he'll get top 6 minutes…. but he'll be in the line-up somewhere in the bottom 6 forwards… i really dont think he'll need to "fight" for a spot… and if it came to kadri and cervenka… cervenkas pro experience will play huge in whether a rookie or he makes the team… end of the day i dont think he'll be seeing AHL time right off the get go… condidtioning shouldnt be a problem right now… he's been playing pro ockey

  8. TimTheBone says:

    First off… like ive said before Cam… i really dont see Cervenka being a call-up… i told you i wasnt impressed with him.. but hes a pro… Cervenka will get playing time before the entire fourth line, Hanson, Stalberg….. and DEFINITELY Caputi…. Caputi is still way too green for consistent NHL time… switch Caputi and cervenkas, positions on that list and thats what i see happening….

    And in a perfect Leaf world that would be a great line-up for you next season…. but it is wishful thinking…. first of all…. the Byfuglien trade wont happen like that…. Chicago will be looking for more talent than that… im not saying like bozak talent or hodgson talent or something…. but Mitchell and Hayes won't get that done… more attractive packages would be offered than that from other teams…. and chicago wouldnt think twice for turning that down…. if they need to trade buyfuglien and versteeg theyre going to squeeze the most out of those guys…. so i could see some substantial proxpects and picks coming back…… 2nd and 3rd rounders….. and guys like Matt Carle (in MTL)… J. Schreoder….. Caputi…. guys more like that…. just a step up in talent from hayes and mitchell…. i mean dom moore did go for a 2nd rounder…. byfuglien will fetch at least a 2nd with some talent… know what i mean..

    And i can see Leopold resigning in pittsburgh… i mean i would if i were him… he's playing good minutes for a team looking to be contenders for years,…. its a much more attractive signing for him… like i said .. if it were me,… thats where i'd wanna be….

    and i'd see only MAYBE one of pavelski or Ryan coming over if burke can manage something…. but honestly i get a feeling that Pavelski is the best bet to go to the T dot

  9. TimTheBone says:

    My case in point….. Boston in my opinion, would fare MUCH better trading the pick for Hall/Seguin to, like i said, a rebuilding desparate team (EDMONTON) for great assets that can help NOW!!….. Boston could easily be a contender next season with the right moves…. and that pick is a GREAT trading chip….. i say trade it at the deadline when its a clear picture of who that recieving team would get to draft… it makes the pick more attractive….

  10. reinjosh says:

    the main reason cervenka would need to go the the AHL, is because he only has Europe pro experience not NA pro experience
    thats a huge change

  11. cam7777 says:

    Yea, obviously that is all very ideal.  I will say though, that Chicago is screwed next season on the cap, and the offers might not be as nice as many expect.  Remember what San Jose had to take for Ehrhoff when they were over the cap last summer?  Everyone's going to be looking for a deal on those players.  The Leafs can take Sopel as well, which is worth a 2nd or 3rd on its own (at least to ownership, who I'm sure aren't thrilled by the prospect of eating millions of dollars).   Also, someone supposedly offered a 3rd for Mitchell at the deadline, and Hayes was a 2nd round pick panning out just as expected.  I see your point, but again, you're talking about the prices to land a player at the deadline – not the summer when you're over the cap and forced to trade.

    Glad you didn't shit completely all over those ideas though.  It's nice when the criticisms are constructive.  Still, point remains, we have the assets to make some upgrades, and MAYBE chase a big RFA like Bobby Ryan, WITHOUT trading Kaberle.  So all is not completely lost for next season.  The important thing is just to manage expectations.

  12. TimTheBone says:

    And Kadri plays junior

  13. TimTheBone says:

    I think Kaberles going one way or the other… but yeah even with the cap problems they'll be facing.. byfuglien will be much more sought after than erhoff… I'm not saying someone will pay an arm and a leg for him… but even the Habs im sure will be seeing what they can pry from Chicago and their problems… teams around the league are aware of these cap issues and bidding wars will ensue for players such as Byfuglien, Versteeg, Sharp, Bolland, and Sopel….. Those are the guys on the bubble… Kane Toews Hossa Campbell Seabrook and Keith wont be moved…. So when the bidding wars begin for those guys… and how many of them move is to anyones guess… but the offers wont be low-balled too much… supply and demand… if the demand is there the offers will rise abit… and Sopel's contract is horrible to take on either… so i could see many teams willing to take it… annnnnnnnnd dont count out the Island making a big statement in Free Agency and the trade market this offseason… they have money to blow this year….

  14. dumbassdoorman says:

    I think the Leafs are going to be ok, with these trades for a couple reasons. First they can take more than one player if the hawks want, like Sopel, plus even another and make the deal a little bigger giving more cap relief. Next chitown will try as hard as they can to deal out of conference. A lot of eastern teams can't take on Sopels salary, so it may narrow the field a little bit. Same goes for the suggested ANA and SJ deals which may or may not be a bonus. I agree Kabs is gone, for the best deal possible, as long as it is reasonable. As far as the free agents go the Leafs have something for guys like Torres and Armstrong other teams don't, the chance at more ice time then they may otherwise see. Say Torres gets only a 2yr deal plus maybe an option, well if he can manage to score 30 plus goals instead of 20, it may increase his next contract? At the end of that deal he would still only be 30 and while not young certainly not old….lol. So who knows, plus having Komi healthy is like a extra UFA signing because we really didn't have him this year.

  15. TimTheBone says:

    yeah but like i said … chicago doesnt just want to throw away the talent on their team and take a HUGE step down by filling in roster slots left by byfuglien. Sharp Versteeg…. with guys like Mitchell….

    And to go along with what you said.,…. dont count out the Island!!.. they have 18 mil in cap space as of now….. come july 1st… they could have nearly 30 million in space….. Sopel on the Island would be great for them seeing as how they have a very weak defense…. along with either of Sharp Byfuglien or Versteeg on a line with Tavares would be great for them … and they are able to afford all of them right now…. so I wouldnt be surprised to see Long Island make some major moves!

  16. dumbassdoorman says:

    It could happen, for sure. i don't think Chi will get what they want, no. But I do agree that NYI could make a move. The only real ace Burke has is he could easy Huets contract by bury him. I am NOT suggestting he would or should just pointing it out lol. But there is more than Chitown in trouble. The Bruins have about 12 mil in cap space and 11 players to sign according to the way I read cap geek. PHI,NYR and PITT come to mind as teams with players to sign and not a ton of space to do it. So more than one team could see themselves having to make non hockey deals….which is good and bad I suppose?

  17. DannyLeafs says:

    Bored at work, so obviously new leafs offseason plan, this time going to borrow form an old Cam strategy and be aggressive with San Jose and their precarious cap situation. Going into next season San Jose has 35 million committed to 9 guys, with Nabokov, Marleau, Pavelski, and Setoguchi needing new contracts. Also, with Rob Blake not under contract for next season, he is likely to either retire, leaving a hole in their top four, or need a new contract in the 3.5 million dollar area. Let's assume he retires. So San Jose does a great job and gets Nabokov and Marleau back for a combined 12 million dollar cap hit, (that is pretty wishful thinking, but maybe possible with very long deals). We are at 47 million for 11 players. Pavelski and Setoguchi will get at least 3 million a piece, since any RFA offer sheet 3 million or under only requires a second as compensation, it is pretty likely that they will easily be able to get a deal for 3 million. So lets say San Jose does retain them, then we have 53 million for 13 players. Great, now just sign about 9 guys for a combines 3 million, including a top 4 defensemen, shouldn't be too hard, except for the pesky league minimum salary making this impossible.

    The point is, that either San Jose makes cap space, or they can't re-sign everyone, so I think Burke should make an aggressive move here, and try and at least one of San Jose's second line players. Wouldn't it be great if San Jose signs its way out of the running for a guy like Pavelski and we can nab him for a second, that would be great, but unlikely. The numbers dictate that at least one of San Jose's second line is up for grabs, but I would like to push for two. So here is my most radical proposal.

    to San Jose:              To Toronto:
    Kaberle                     Pavelski
    Beachemin                Clowe 
    Mitchell                     Vlasic

    San Jose gets to go into next season with a stacked number one line, and a stacked D-core. They lose two-thirds of their number two line, but also shed what should be about 2 million in salary (assuming re-signs).

    to Nashville:               to Toronto:
    Grabovski                   Cody Franson

    We add a good young defensemen with upside, and Nashville gets to add a forward with scoring ability and a good skill set to a team that could use an offensive boost. They have a ton of good young defensmen in the mix, so Franson may be expendable.

    re-sign Gustavsson 2 years 4.5 million
    re-sign Kulemin 3 years 6 million
    re-sign Hanson 2 years 2.25 million
    re-sign Primeau 2 years, 2 million
    sign Paul Martin 4 years 20 million
    sign Jason Williams 1 year 1.5 million

    Leafs line up next season

    Clowe – Pavelski – Kessel
    Kulemin – Bozak – Williams
    Stahlberg – Primeau – Sjostrom
    Caputi – Hanson – Orr

    Phaneuf – Martin
    Komisarek – Schenn
    Vlasic – Gunnarson


    Remaining cap space is approx 1 million

    Kadri obviously won't be sitting in the press box, he will be playing, either in the NHL or AHL, but this is just for salary reasons, leaving enough room for a current roster player to sit out, or an AHL player to sit in the press box. Williams has had a hard time staying healthy, but when healthy he is a 20 goal 50 point threat, so I like the idea of giving him a one year deal to create more internal competition, and if he stays healthy he could actually get an OK return at the deadline if we are out of the playoff race. Finally, I really like adding Martin to this group, he has been a very important part of New Jersey's defense core for a long time and I would love to nab him in free agency.

    Like I said this is a pretty radical plan with a lot of parts, but I really like this option for now, and for the future of the team.

  18. dumbassdoorman says:

    I must say well thought out and I do not dislike it. However….lol, I am not sure i see SJ trading for both dman and Mitchell. Only because one is enough as Beach for the pickle has SJ losing salary wise. Plus until Komi proves healthy I do not see Burke trading both dmen. Beach provides a stable calm presence on the back end. I also don't see Gus getting that big a raise right now, he has potential yes, but too many big, costly rebounds….so not sure I agree there. The Nash trade would be great so here is hoping, but I think they will trade Blum first as he is smaller and he and Ellis would have similar roles. Like the idea of signing Martin, but I think Jersey keeps him. I like the Williams idea, and incase i would try and sneek an option in the contract. LOL….here is just hoping that the change we know is coming provides fruitful……and i still think Kabby goes to FLA

  19. leafmeister says:

    I like it.

  20. dumbassdoorman says:


  21. reinjosh says:

    Realistically I think we can get Clowe for pretty cheap and still trade Kaberle somewhere else. Having said that, this one isn't bad, but I think we could get more.

    And Franson would be sick. It all depends on Nashvilles cap situation. Should they resign Hamhuis, then Franson is expendable. If they resign Grebeshkov and not Hamhuis, but figure that a Franson raise is better spent on pitching a contract for a forward like Frolov, then he is expendable. Personally, I think Franson or one of their non-NHL defenseman will be used in a trade for a serious RFA like Pavelski or Ryan. They tried to go all out last year on Kessel, and I think the fact that they are doing quite well but need more offense just reinforces the need for a top forward. I think they use their 1st, a defense prospect and one of Grebeshkov/Franson for a package to get one of the above mentioned RFA's.

    I also don't agree with the need to get a first line center. I just think its pointless to take that spot away from Kadri. I know he could play the wing, but I would rather go after WInger and let Kadri grow into his natural position. Get Clowe or Hartnell in a cap saving move (if possible) and then use Kaberle to get a winger like Backes from St. Louis or Neal from Dallas . Then role with a top six that is basically two strong second lines. Kadri (provided he can make the team) with Neal and Clowe, and then Bozak with Kessel and Stalberg/Caputi/Kulemin/whoever gets the spot.

  22. dumbassdoorman says:

    Good points man, however having two number one centres isn't bad….ask the Pens…lol. And a good centre can make average wingers better than I think a good winger can make an average centre….does that make any sense? I do not see STL trading backes after the way he has played, but that is just me. I like Clowe and think we have a real shot a Torres, because of playing time.

  23. DannyLeafs says:

    I think that Pavelski is a good center who could play wing, and having a proven center will take the pressure off of both Bozak and Kadri. But I realize that the likelihood of a deal that big is low. So we could break it down a little.

    First move Kaberle for whatever the best available package is

    San Jose has Pavelski or Setoguchi, plus a good prospect or a first.

    Dallas has Neal or maybe Benn and a prospect/pick

    Chicago (if they ever managed to move Campbell) has Sharp and prospect,

    Pittsburgh (if they lose Gonchar) has Staal (likely have to be more than Staal for Kaberle straight up, but if they want to replace Gonchar, Staal is the only moveable and attractive piece)

    St. Louis would need to part with Backes or Perron plus a prospect or pick. If they make it Boyes, I would want a little more than just a prospect, how about Boyes and Backlund.

    Vancouver has Raymond plus prospect and or pick

    So we move Kaberle for whatever we can get that helps out.

    Then move Grabovksi for a Nashville defender, I would be fine with Blum or Franson.

    Then try and land Martin.

    If successful move Beach to SJS to replace Blake in exchange for Clowe.

    sign eveyone as before, numbers could be different obviously, but ball park should be close.

    Sign Williams or Belanger to one year deals with the intention of trading to contenders if either rookies pan out well, or we fall out of the hunt.

    Sign both if we don't land Martin.

  24. dumbassdoorman says:

    Agreed man you have some excellent ideas…I like the idea of either nash dman….and I agree Kabs goes to the best deal possible….i know cam doesn't like that, but I think it will happen. If they get an offen dman from Nash I think they leave Martin alone….unless Beach get traded. I think Chi, Phi and Chi are a chances to aqquire some good forwards. Here is hoping for good things!!!!

  25. DannyLeafs says:

    Well the Martin thing is mostly trying to be creative with a weak crop of forward FA's. Burke has said all along that he wants a stacked D, so if they trade Kaberle, Martin would be an upgrade from Beachemin, and it makes Beachemin expednable as well, thus making it possible to trade him for a good forward. Also, I said any Nashville D would be good, and it would, but I would still love to get Franson, he has been good in his limited NHL action, and I think Burke would rather go with someone a little further long in their development. Nashville is in a situation, where the fact that he is a little further along could make him more expendable, as they can't really afford a big re-sign if he has any type of a break out season next year, so I think they would rather have the 6th spot be an open competition between the plethora of talented young defensemen at the beginning of their entry level deals.

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