This Years Habs

First post so please don’t destroy me if you don’t agree.

So far the Habs have a 2-2-2 record and that could be worse looking at the teams they have played so far not to mention only 2 home games.

Yes they could be better and yes they could have won more games due to penalty calls and bad officials but they have been in each game and even when they haven’t (Canes @ home) they were still close.

As for the team: I like Kovi but his time is done with the Habs and is gaining in popularity with his play. He would be a good addition to an Westcoast team. Would Tanguay be any better as some suggest?

SJ would be a good fit for Halak, I’m sure Kovi would do well and if we can get Marleau and Bernier I would go for it. Throw in Kostops and we got a deal. I know more would be needed for that trade but it could be done.

Get rid of Brise-by, what where they thinking by signing him again?????

I hate to say it but Koivu wants a contender and something has to be done or he’ll walk after next year. Isn’t his good buddy Rivet in SJ? Just saying nothing really but there are many possibilities.

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  1. habsrock99 says:

    If Koivu feels he isn't on a contending Montreal team by the trade deadline, he wants out. As for Brisebois, the only reason why Gainey got him was to let him finish his career in Montreal. That's it. Him chipping in offensively or putting forth a good defensive effort is just a bonus. Why give up on Kostopolous after 6 games? He had one bad shift which resulted in the Game Winning Goal. Do you remember that he assisted on Latendresse's 1st goal in the 1st? If we wanted everyone who has had a bad shift out of Montreal, we wouldn't have a team. The thing is, we're only going into game 7 of an 82 game scheduele and already, people are giving up on Montreal's off-season aquisitions. If Halak gets traded, fine. If Kovalev gets traded, fine. I'm more interested in what we get in return because if we do end up getting Tanguay, SWEET! If we somehow get Bernier for Halak, SWEET! But I'm not putting my hopes up, at least not until I see it being reported on TSN's, The Score's and Sportsnet's tickers.

  2. MtlHabs09 says:

    Lemme get this straight… Kovi and Kost for Bernier and Marleau? You said not to tear you apart but please don't say stuff like that. Montreal won't trade Kovi, every year they are supposed to trade him, and in my mind if we throw him (in my mind our most talented player) away, then who will we rely on to score? HIGGINS????? The man who if he could convert would have 6 or 7 goals by now?

  3. THEGREATHAB says:

    Trade Koivu???? We cant do that, people always complain that players have no loyalty to teams anymore, well thats a two way street, teams have to show loyalty first. Koivu said at the first of the year that he didnt want to be on a rebuilding team again, so Gainey tried and failed to secure some high profile free agents. If the Habs are winning Koivu will see it through. He is the heart and soul of this team, and I would love to see him finish his carrer in Montreal and pick up a championship along the way.
    If the Habs are to makee a blockbuster deal, they cannot rip the core of the team apart, I mean we are still playing 500 hockey just 6 games in. What I have noticed in all of the games, is that montreal has been carrying the play, but have had nobody in front of the net to bury rebounds, thats where Ryder and Latandresse have to step up, and if they cant do it Montreal will have to make a trade for a tough forward who will pay the price in front of the net,, such as Arnott, Cole, or even sign a guy like O’Neil.
    So lets not rebuild our team and start all over by trading Koivu, lets add to what we have and move forward.

  4. habz2007 says:

    Trade Koivu ? do we forget he has a no trade clause so he would have to agree to the team if he was to be traded  but i agree with trading kovalev he is too much of a distraction at least the habs should see what they could get for him that will help the team and yes kovalev is most likley the most talented player when he decides to show up  he shows up for like 1 out 5 games but maybe they should try him with koivu again and maybe he may produce better  the guy should be 35 – 40 goal scorer with his talent if not more after all he is better talent wise than heatley of ottawa could ever be and when he lined up with spezza he got 50  goals y not kovelev with koivu

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