This Years Mock Draft

The NHL Entry draft commences June 26th in Raleigh, NC. Here is a look at who might be picked where.I did the first 15, then for the remaining 15 of the first round I picked at which position they are likely to go for. It seems to hard to do more than the first 15, because we all know that their will be trades.

# Team POS- Draftee (country in which played)

1 Capitals W- Alex Ovechkin (Russia)

I shouldn’t have to explain that one.

2 Penguins C- Evgeni Malkin (Russia)

Evgeni in my opinion is the second best in this draft class. Also Pittsburgh doesn’t really have a number one, two, or three center at this time, so he should see action as soon as the CBA is settled.

3 Blackhawks D- Cam Barker (Canada)

The ‘Hawks are lacking at defense more than offense, and I think that Cam Barker is the best one availible.

4 BJ’s C- Rostislav Olesz (Czech Republic)

He should complement Nash on the left, and Zherdev on the right. That would be one hell of a yound, talented line.

5 Coyotes G- Al Montoya (USA)

Montoya is the best one availible at this time. Getting rid of Sean Burke really set their goaltending back. Boucher is a great backup, and Bierk, I’m still not sold on him. Al will get AHL experience, and turn into an elite goalie.

6 Rangers W- Andrew Ladd (Canada)

No doubt that the Rangers would love to have Ladd. They are very weak on the left side.

7 Panthers D- Ladislav Smid (Czech Republic)

Thinking of the Panthers needs, I thought defense might be were Keenan wants to start, having perhaps the best goalie. But I have no idea how Keenan wants to build his team.

8 Hurricanes W- Lauri Tukonen (Finland)

Lauri will be picked up by Carolina IF he falls this far. He and Staal could be something special.

9 Ducks W- Alexandre Picard (Canada)

When the Ducks made their run, it seemed that they were lacking offense. Picard would be a good fit with Sykora and Feds.

10 Thrashers D- Andrej Meszaros (Slovakia)

With Lehtonen in the system, they don’t need a keeper, and despite taking a defenseman last year first round, I think it would be wise to do it again. Their offense is young and hungry, but has room for depth.

11 Kings C- Kyle Chipchura (Canada)

I was thinking originally Schwarz, but Huet seems like their future goalie. Allison can’t get healthy either, and to me Kyle seems like an Andy Murray type player.

12 Wild G- Marek Schwarz (Czech Republic)

The Wild have to good goalies in their 30s. I think that Schwarz would be a good pick for their future. Also his trade value would be high, so they could get a lot for him.

13 Sabres W- Wojtek Wolski (Canada)

The Sabres are good in nets, seem solid on the blue line, and Wolski in my opinion is the best one availible.

14 Oilers C- Robbie Schremp (USA)

I’m weary of the Oilers down the middle after loosing Comrie. York can play center, Nedved is a #2, so I like Schremp.

15 Predators D- Boris Valabik (Canada)

All offseason I critized the Preds D. Now yes, they did get Suter, but still I think that they overachieved.

16 Islanders- Forward

17 Blues- any position, perhaps defense the most, b/c Al Mac is getting very old, injured.

18 Canadiens- Forward

19 Flames- Forward

20 Stars- Defenseman

21 Avalanche- Whoever looks the best out there

22 Devils- Defenseman

23 Senators- Defenseman, or power forward

24 Rangers- Forward, or stay-at-home defenseman

25 Oilers- Forward

26 Canucks- Best availible, for depth

27 Capitals- Defenseman

28 Sharks- Forward

29 Capitals- Defenseman or forward if they took one 27th

30 Lightning- Forward

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