This Year's Off-season…. What Were the 3 Top Signings or Trades?

This years off season was one of the biggest in years, with the change of players to teams…..

What were the best and worst 3 signings (or trades) this off-season?

Don’t forget spending wise………


1. Chicago gets the Gold. Fleury may be one of the best grab’s this off-season….. He signed for half of what he is worth, he will net 30-35 goals this year and if he keeps his penalty minutes down by half from last year….. he will be the best signing of the off-season.

2. Yes Anaheim might get the next best… Oates….. Yes i know he’s old, but he didn’t sign for much and they needed someone to help Kariya find the puck. By the way they set up a few more trades which will boost the team next year. (this is debatable)

3. And last, Richter. A Goalie who is dedicated to his job. Signed for 4 million a year, Was the best goalie in last years Olympics….. and even though people doubt his ability to stay healthy. He will be Healthy all year long. He’s a proven goalie in the playoff’s.


1. Philly Trades away Boucher to keep Chechmanek…? What is wrong here? Boucher is young still, and Chechmanek blames his team for not winning…. He has proved himself to be a problem off ice.

2. Tampa Bay’s top draft pick for Fedotenko…? yeah that was worth it……..

3. Might be Belfour….. He’s a head case…. and he is old……

Don’t make the list……

Holik doesn’t get in as bad on my list, that’s because he was in a bidding war….. Either Devils, Rangers or Toronto were giving him 9 million.

While Gurien was paid a lot, he still was a good sign because of the people they will have around him.

Again, you decide……..

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  1. bubbakazoo says:

    The Lightning got a 2nd rounders and a 3rd with Fedotenko.

    And how come if Richter was so good the Americans got toasted by the greatest country in the world’s team? EH!?!

  2. mikster says:

    Because the US defense and forwards sucked big time. Richter was outstanding and he won that game against Russia too. He proved that his knees were doing excellent in the Olympcs.

  3. mikster says:

    Pitkanen was the best pick for defensemen. I really think Bouwmeester is overrated.

  4. rrudd says:

    good call, mick.

    the US lost because they insisted that all of their defensemen weigh in under 150 pounds, and not exceed 5’8″.

    derian hatcher could have worked wonders on that team.

  5. Bigman says:

    what about the oilers sabres hecht deal i loved it because we gave up less for dopita then we got for hecht and dopita has more talent the deal was hecht to sabres for 3ist overall pick(2nd round=Jeff Deslauriers top ranked n.a goalie) and 37th overall pick(2nd round=Jerret Stoll junior team canada and cootenay ice captain and good two way prospect) so i liked both the deals edmonton got better this summer

  6. titans says:

    Does anyone realize the Devils made out like bandits? They get one of the top ten d-men in the league in Teverdovsky and Freisen will be easilly able to replace Sykora’s scoring.

  7. leafsrule31 says:

    i dont think this summer was anything close to last off season.. but here it goes anyways


    1. Bill Guerin.. who in my mind anyways is one of the best players in the league right now. tough as nails and still ties for second in the league in goals. any signing with a guy like bill guerin in it is a good signing

    2. Tony Amonte.. come on. Amonte for 6 mil???.. holik gets 9 and Amonte gets 6?.. come on thats the steal of the summer.

    3. Brett Hedican.. locking up a solid defenceman like hedican for 6 years at a bargain price.. (3 mil i think.. 4 at the most).. before any other team had the chance to take him away.

    honorable mention..

    robert lang.. capable of putting up solid numbers half the price of holik


    1. Tom Fitzgerald.. come on. that was the dumbest move toronto could possibly make. people can say what they want but he will do nothing.. and all he does is take a roster spot a young player could use.. and some money that could go elsewhere. Meanwhile toronto lets guys like dempsey and mclean walk away.. and trade farkas for another checking forward? mclean will make the leafs regret that one.

    2.. Richter. he may make some pretty saves.. but he cant win the big games anymore. even with one of the most stacked teams in the league. wait and see. and pay a guy 4 mil who hasnt played a complete injury free season in how long?.. while a solid goalie like dafoe will most likely go for less then that.

    3.. Holik. come on.. bidding war?.. no matter where he went.. if he went for more then 5 mil it was still a horrible signing.. holik may be a strong checking forward. but no matter what anyone says.. hes no joe sakic.. bill guerin.. peter forsberg.. jaromir jagr.. or anyone thats making anything close to what he got. that was the most rediculous signing of the summer.. do you think amonte would have said no to 9 mil?.. selanne?.. any of the marquee free agents ( besides guerin.. his decision was made before free agency even started ). rediculous

    honorable mention..

    ed belfour.. come on.. 7.5 million?.. hes DONE. id rather have richter than him.

  8. The_Baron says:

    You really got it out Bouwmeester, how come?

  9. freshprince says:


    1. Amonte to Pheonix

    2. Oates and Sykora to Anaheim

    3. Kozolv and McEachern to Atlanta

    honorable mention…

    Muckalt and Ronning to Minnasota

    Lachance and Richardson to Columbus

    Gelinas to Calgary

  10. Rushing says:

    Hatcher? HA! The only thing that guy can do is hit. He can’t shoot. He can’t skate. He has no speed what so ever. If a puck were ever to get by him he’s toast! He averages about 2-3 goals a year(the past 3)?!?! I’m sorry, but for him to be such a great defensive player in so many eyes, take a step back and compare his stats to the top two defensemen on every other team in the NHL.

  11. Habs4ever says:

    I’m going to get so bashed for this……but the most improved team this summer has to be the Rangers. Sather brought in defensive depth and grit that were so badly needed in New York. New York has found what was missing and I am sure they will make the playofffs this year. Now I am not saying that these were especially fiscally SMART signings because both of those players are overpayed, but they will do alot for the Rangers. Now….for the best move of the summer, I’d say Oates. The Ducks have really put together one scary looking scoring line. Even though I don’t like Czerkawski all that much, it was steal for the Habs. I mean come. Czerkawski for Asham and a 3rd rounder? Let’s not forget Czerkawski scored 35 goals and 35 assists in 1999-2000 and scored 31 the next year.

  12. devilfan says:

    Your right they made the best additions to their team and didnt throw any money away to do it. I think people overrated Petr Sykora so they didnt like the deal.

  13. devilfan says:

    Its kind of odd that he scored 66 goals without Yashin, then he comes along and Czerkawski goes into hibernation. If I was a Habs fan like you were I would be looking forward to this year because you finally have a goal scorer on your 2nd line.

  14. BCoilfan says:

    Dopita for a 4th. And if he re-signs next year, a fifth as well. Pretty decent trade for the Oilers.

  15. mikster says:

    I hated the Hatchers with passion. D Hatcher desperately wanted to end Lindros’ career last season and failed at his three attempts. His last attempted he slammed Eric against the boards with his hand on Eric’s helmet trying to smash it as well.

    What a pathetic looser. I want to see him try it again with Holik, Kaspar, Barnaby, Oliwa, McCarthy, and maybe Purinton. One thing for sure, Rangers could easily play cheap and dirty hockey and destroy a team’s health.

  16. mikster says:

    I have this gut feeling when i saw both clips of each player, plus i read scouting reports on each. I think Bouwmeester will be a wimpier Blake type d-man who will want $8 million a season once he reaches 70 points a season. Then you have Pitkanen who is solid defensively and is not as good as Lidstrom, but could be a Lidstrom type d-man. I see Pitkanen finishing seasons with 40 points and a +20 making less than $5 million a season in his prime years.

    It’s just a gut feeling, but i am sticking to it.

  17. leafwatcher says:

    As a Canadian, I will say that Richter wasn’t the problem in the Olympics for you yanks. I had heard that Richter was doing good, but when I actually watched him play in the gold, I couldn’t believe how well he was actually playing. If he had played like that for the Rangers last year, they would have made the playoffs for sure.

  18. mikster says:

    ….he already complained about his contract. Is he even signed yet? Dudley was pissed off at him already.

  19. mikster says:

    Few things:

    How much ice time will the defensive pairings get?

    Friesen has been a no-show the past two seasons in scoring. This year he will play a heavy defensive system.

    The A-line had one bad season, worth breaking it up like that? How will this affect Elias? Langenbrunner is also an inconsistent player, just consistent defensively and he is injury prone. Nieuwendyk is also injury prone, but they should get the best out of him since his contract expires.

    Burns is already pissed off at his team.

    You’re going to see another boring Devils team.

  20. leafsrule31 says:

    ya pretty good.. except that dopita is nothing but a cheaper robert reichel.. and a complete waste of skin. at least reichel put up 50 points.. did dopita even break 20? now barrasso for a 4th rounder was a good deal.. dopita for a 4th creates nothing but a roster spot filled that could be given to someone else

  21. mikster says:

    “Richter. he may make some pretty saves.. but he cant win the big games anymore”

    Oh he won many games by himself last season, even in the Olympics. With the so many shots he faced, even on the PK, Richter still has a full tank of hockey fuel to play for two more years.

    Richter played 67 games, 46 games, and 55 games this season. Only one season he missed a lot of it. This past season he missed games because of three pucks hitting him on the head. What are the chances of that happening? One in a million. Richter is on of the best goalies in the NHL, he can easily face 30-40 shots a night, and when he is at the top of his game….forget it, ask the Flyers. Dafoe was seeking $6 million dollars in July and August, now it’s probably $5 million the very least. Makes perfect sense to sign Richter for two years worth $8 million. He is also a great tutor for Blackburn.

    Pretty simple. Cujo makes $9 million. Belfour $6.5 million. Dafoe wants $5-$6 million. Richter gets $4 million and he can probably do just as good as Cujo in the playoffs, maybe even better.

    Holik- Well, who cares if it was a horrible signing. If you disagree paying a player like Holik $9 million, then you’d disagree paying him $8.2 million. Rangers addressed their need. That’s the bottom line.

    Belfour is 37 years old, coming off a bad season, horrible temper, a head case in the locker room, yet he is making $6.5 a season. I think it’s $6.5 no? If it’s $7.5 then i will laugh big time at Quinn for paying him that much and not going for Amonte or Richter.

    If you’d rather have Richter than Belfour, then you should have listed Richter as the honorable mention.

    I rest my case 🙂

  22. mikster says:

    Sather addressed the team’s needs, but if he backed down and didn’t sign Holik saying that he was asking too much….then he would have criticized so bad. So, either way…he would have gooten criticized. Plus, if the Rangers didn’t bid for Holik and Kaspar, both players were going to get overpaid anyway….so what really matters? Would you pay Holik $8.2 or $8.5 million a season? No, neither would i.

    Sather is getting quality players in there who are much needed. Unlike Neil Smith who spent mad money signing Fleury, Kamensky, Lefebvre, Quintal, and acquiring K. Hatcher with the Kovalev trade.

    Oates was a good deal, too bad it will last only two years.

    Czerkawski for Asham? I laughed my ass off. A career minor league, aggressive, for a player who could always score 20-25 goals a season.

  23. leafsrule31 says:

    true enough.. richter can be a good goalie but im not enough of a ranger fan to see the flashes of greatness that are so commonly brought up by the ranger fans on this site. i didnt think he was great at the olympics.. but i only saw them play canada.. he’s had enough serious injuries to share a hosiptal bed with lindros.

    cujo makes 8 mil..belfour had 2 year 13.5.. figure it out its not 7.5 my bad.. dafoe will settle for less then richter once he figures out no one will pay him what he wants.. come on training camps have started.

    holik is a horrible signing no matter what.. and that was the point of the question. amonte for 6.. holik for 9.. thats the bottom line

    belfour is a joke and will crash in toronto i have no problems admitting that.. the honorable mention was for the worst.. not best.

    quinn had amonte but backed out right before a deal was signed.. that was on tsn here and everything.. dont ask me why youd go from offering holik 8 mil.. to having amonte for less (most likely).. and backing out.

    id still pick richter over belfour.. im not saying hes a better goalie but he would have a hell of alot better of an impact on a functioning team then eddie would

  24. mikster says:

    Mostly by Rangers fans, but also by Devs and Flyers fans. And, fans of thw USA Team knew what he did against Russia. Come on, you don’t remember that rubber like save he made against that 2 on 1 against Canada? That is what he does almost every game. He has a winning attitude, he never quits, and his work ethic is very valuable.

    He feels a lot better this season where he attended training camp without recovering from any signifact injuries.

    Right, so if Belfour was an honorable mention for the worse, but you’d rather have Richter…then you should have put Richter for honrable mention for the worse.

  25. adambuffalo says:

    Sorry, but I think Buffalo got the better end of this deal. I guess we have to wait and see though.

  26. mikster says:

    He actually did play like that most of the season, except the PK allowed about 70 or more PP goals against and the defense was bad.

    Richter did his job, as did Blackburn in the last games of the season where he also put his name in the record book for 5 straight wins.

    With a better PK (Trotts and Schoenfeld) and a better defense from the D, especially the forwards, then they will make the playoffs.

  27. Glen says:

    I can’t agree anymore!!

  28. Rushing says:

    I hate to tell ya but Holik and Lindros aren’t known to be sweet ‘thangs either. LOL

    The others you listed I can’t really tell you but…………

    Dallas has always been known to be a Defensive team but every team has it’s hitters.

  29. Rushing says:

    Belfour is 37 years old, coming off a bad season, horrible temper, a head case in the locker room, yet he is making $6.5 a season. I think it’s $6.5 no? If it’s $7.5 then i will laugh big time at Quinn for paying him that much and not going for Amonte or Richter.

    You pretty much hit the nail on the head there. Belhead is pretty much an accident just waiting to happen. He is what costs the Stars a spot in the playoffs last year. While in Dallas, look at how his stats dropped almost every year with last year being his worst!!!!

  30. The_Baron says:

    I guess we’ll have to wait and see how he does.

  31. wiscbadge1 says:

    Unlike the Rangers, the Islanders have a knack for developing young talent. Wasn’t Shawn Bates a career minor leaguer. Just look at Eric Cairns and how much better he is now as a defensemen. The polish prince can only be good on crappy teams where he is the center of attention.

  32. ew77 says:

    The Islanders do develope good talent but you only realize it when those players peak on different teams because mad Mike trades them in for almost nothing.

  33. NYIchooch75 says:

    The best moves were:

    1) Phoenix signing Amonte. A proven veteran scorer. Just what this young, up and coming team needs.

    2) Islanders dumping Czerkawski…useless woman. Did he even play in the Toronto series…hmmmmmm…..

    3) Rangers signing Kaspar. They need D, and he was one of the best out there. Holik, sorry, that wasn’t a necessityas far as I’m concerned.

    4) The re-signings…Theodore, Iginla, Brewer, Gagne, York, Gomez, Parrish, Aucoin, Afinogenov, Briere, Connolly…gotta love teams locking up young talent for a while.

    5) Very underrated move here…Atlanta getting McEachern for a 5th round pick.

    6) Islanders trading a 4th round pick for Timander.

    The worst:

    1) Habs trading for Czerkawski…sorry, I just hate this guy and was so glad to see him leave.

    2) Florida not taking Rick Nash. They have enough D, especially after all those trades. Could have used a scorer.

    3) Boston trading for Shields and letting Dafoe go.

    4) Boston replacing Guerin with Grosak. Nothing against Bruins at all, really, but they couldn’t sign ONE of those guys?

    5) Islanders letting Kip Miller go for free. This guy really played his ass off for them. I wish they would have kept him.

    6) Any move the Penguins did.

    I really stayed away from the big names. I really don’t think that any of the prize free agent signings were bad at all. How could you argue adding a player like Guerin, Holik, Fleury, Joseph etc,. I CAN disagree with money thrown around, but that’s another time and place.

  34. mikster says:

    Yeah, and most of the times that “young talent” is traded for a bunch of no-shows.

    Also, 7 straight years when picking in the top 3 for the Entry Draft, you better have good talent up front.

  35. mikster says:

    Holik was much needed. The Rangers didn’t have a solid 2nd line center. They didn’t have a tough guy behind Lindros. They didn’t have that big forward to put in front of goalies during a PP. They needed a quality PK man. They lacked a player who could shut down the opponent’s top player.

  36. NYIchooch75 says:

    True, however, Barnaby as your top left wing (I’m not sure where they need help left or right, I think it was left), you would have been better served signing Amonte, Guerin, Fleury etc. Asking Nedved or Lundmark, ESPECIALLY LUNDMARK, to switch is asking a lot. I also think Nedved gets a bad rap. The has improved defensively and can score. He has the same heart and drive as Bure if you ask me. I know how it is, you always want a common hate on your team, someone to blame. For me it was always Czerkawski. They have depth at center, that’s all. Their wings are weak.

  37. TheDevil says:


    1 – Tony Amonte: by far, the best bargain!!

    2 – Jeff Friesen and Oleg Tverdovksy for Petr Sykora and a bunch of crap: swift robbery by Lamoriello again.

    3 – Islanders sign Jason Wiemer. Probably the most underrated move of the summer, might turn out to be wisest one.


    1 – Bill Guerin for 9 million: I hate this guy, he is totally overrated (what? Two 40 goals seasons and a no-show in any playoffs?? Come on…). And he gets paid almost as much as Forsberg, Sakic, Jagr….

    2 – The Ruslan Fedotenko trade. Maybe Pitkanen will never pan out, but maybe, just maybe he might turn out to be the best D for the Flyers in a few years….

    3 – The Lachance, walk away. Burke screwed up, he should have paid the 2 million Lachance wanted. Now he has two decent D-man (Jovo, Ohlund), and a bunch of minor leaguers to fill 4 spots.

  38. aaron says:

    Richter…man, what he could do behind a defense. He stops 40 shots a game for the Rangers (THE worst defense in the league), and for Team USA…*whistles* I watched every game except maybe one, and holy f*cking sh*t, that was the best goaltending performance I’ve seen in a long time. Granted, he wasn’t great in the Gold Medal Game, but against Russia…he made like 10 saves that were just inhuman!

    I can’t believe all the Richter dissers.

  39. J-ME says:

    FYI McEachern went for a 5th rounder and a defenseman Pothier. Either way though, it was a salary dump…….

  40. BCoilfan says:

    Dude, the Oilers are a lot different team than the Laughs. In a second line position with more ice time than last year, alongside York, I believe Dopita will be turning heads. I also believe the Leafs will be turning heads. Their point total will drop in ratio more than any other team this year.

  41. edmontonrules says:

    If Curtis Joseph has the highest save percentage next year does that mean that he was the best goalie? Not really the best goalie is probably going to be the one who wins. But oh well.. CANADA KICKED A$$!!!!

  42. pat says:

    Penguins picking up Daigle for a Happy Meal. Look out!!!


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