This Year's Off-season…. What Were the 3 Top Signings or Trades?

This years off season was one of the biggest in years, with the change of players to teams…..

What were the best and worst 3 signings (or trades) this off-season?

Don’t forget spending wise………


1. Chicago gets the Gold. Fleury may be one of the best grab’s this off-season….. He signed for half of what he is worth, he will net 30-35 goals this year and if he keeps his penalty minutes down by half from last year….. he will be the best signing of the off-season.

2. Yes Anaheim might get the next best… Oates….. Yes i know he’s old, but he didn’t sign for much and they needed someone to help Kariya find the puck. By the way they set up a few more trades which will boost the team next year. (this is debatable)

3. And last, Richter. A Goalie who is dedicated to his job. Signed for 4 million a year, Was the best goalie in last years Olympics….. and even though people doubt his ability to stay healthy. He will be Healthy all year long. He’s a proven goalie in the playoff’s.


1. Philly Trades away Boucher to keep Chechmanek…? What is wrong here? Boucher is young still, and Chechmanek blames his team for not winning…. He has proved himself to be a problem off ice.

2. Tampa Bay’s top draft pick for Fedotenko…? yeah that was worth it……..

3. Might be Belfour….. He’s a head case…. and he is old……

Don’t make the list……

Holik doesn’t get in as bad on my list, that’s because he was in a bidding war….. Either Devils, Rangers or Toronto were giving him 9 million.

While Gurien was paid a lot, he still was a good sign because of the people they will have around him.

Again, you decide……..