This Years Trade Awards (I Know, Bad Tittle)

There have been lots of trades to look at this year, so lets take a look at the best and worst trades made this year.

Best Trade for A Team: (Calgary) Milkka Kiprusoff for a 2nd round pick.

How about a goalie with a 19-7-3 record, 1.63 GAA and .935 SV%

Runner Up: (Tampa Bay) Cory Stillman for a second round pick.

Stillman has 22 goals and 68 points a long with 6 game winners.

Biggest Fire Sale: (Washington) Jagr, Lang, Bondra, Gonchar, Carter, Grier, Konowalchuk, and Nylander.

Runner Up: (New York) Kovalev, Leetch, Nedved, Malakhov, Rucinsky, Barnaby, Simon, De Vries, and Markkanen.

Best Hockey Trade: (Philly/Carolina) Danny Markov for Justin Williams

Great trade for both teams; they both got what they wanted.

Runner Up: (Phoenix/Philly) Comrie for Sean Burke, Branko Radivojevic and Ben Eager

Again, another good trade for both teams.

Biggest Trade That Didn’t Happen: (Toronto) Gonchar to the Leafs

I remember Leaf fans jumping down my throat if I even suggested he was going somewhere else.

Runner Up: (Colorado) Kolzig to Colorado

A lot of people thought this was a for sure thing.

Biggest Surprise Trade: (Montreal) Kovalev for Jozef Balej and a 2nd round pick

I really never saw this coming. This was the biggest shock for me.

Runner Up: (Edmonton) Petr Nedved and Jussi Markkanen for Dwight Helminen, Stephen Valquette and a 2nd round pick

A lot of people wrote Edmonton off for getting a playoff spot.

Best Non-Trade For A Team: (Detroit) Cujo for ?

Detroit is really lucky no one picked up Cujo or they would have been screwed.

Runner Up: (Buffalo) Satan for ?

Only 4 points out of a playoff spot, they need Satan to catch the struggling Islanders.

Best GM’s That Filled Their Teams Needs: (Clarke, Philly)

They needed an experience goalie, they got Burke, they needed defensemen because of injuries, they got Markov and Malakhov, they needed a center because of injuries, and they got Zhamnov.

Runner Up: (Holland, Detroit)

They needed a center, so he went out and got the highest scoring center in NHL at a great price, they needed to keep their future, so he didn’t make any dumb moves at the deadline.

GM’s That Didn’t Fill Their Team Needs: (JFJ, Toronto)

They needed a stay at home defensemen and a backup goalie, and they got a scoring defensemen and a third line center.

Runner Up: (Mad Mike, Islanders)

Needed an experience goaltender to get anywhere in the playoffs or even get to the playoffs, and they didn’t get him.

Biggest Name Traded: (Jagr, Rangers)

12 seasons with 30 or more goals, and a few Art Ross trophies.

Runner Up: (Leetch, Toronto)

89 points in 82 playoff games, and a couple of Norris trophies.

Busiest GM’s: (Lacroix, Colorado)

Made a number of moves before the deadline and at the deadline.

Runner Up: (Clarke, Philly)

Had to keep up with all his teams’ injuries.

GM Under Most Pressure: (JFJ, Toronto)

The whole hockey world was watching this guy.

Runner Up: (Sather, Rangers)

The whole Ranger world wanted his head.

Most Improved Teams In East:

1) Boston- added the best scoring defensemen in the NHL and a very underrated 2nd line center in Nylander. Delmore should add depth on the blueline.

2) Ottawa- added a good playoff scorer in Bondra, and some good grit with De Vries and Simpson.

Toronto- added a hall of fame defensemen, and great playoff experience in Francis.

4) Philly- added experience in Burke, defense depth with Markov and Malakhov, and depth up the middle with Zhamnov.

Most Improved Teams In West:

1) Nashville- added a strong player in Sullivan and some depth with Zholtov and Bombardir.

2) Calgary- added a great goaltender in Kiprusoff, and great character players in Simon, Nilson and Nieminen.

3) Detroit- added the highest scoring center in the league at the time.

4) Vancouver- added to scoring wingers, Sanderson and Rucinsky, which they so desperately needed.

39 Responses to This Years Trade Awards (I Know, Bad Tittle)

  1. kidhenry1 says:

    First off, I’m just glad to get my post in before the 100 replies from Leafs fans jumping down your throat for dissing their beloved JFJ.

    Next, as always, I have to defend Mad Mike. Don’t get me wrong, he probably deserves GM that didn’t fill his team’s needs award. It’s just that he’s gotta trust Rick DiPietro and Garth Snow–nobody expected the Isles to be a playoff team this season, and this tandem’s gotten them this far. We just have to hope that Yashin can score some goals, Hammer can get his head straight, Jonsson can protect Ninimaa, and we’ll be home free to the 8th seed.

  2. nocuphere says:

    Excellent call on the Stillman pick-up. You don’t hear alot of people mention that move among the great moves this year.

    Good call on the Kovalev pick up too. Who would of thought the habs would have dipped into the trade pool and aquire what could be a great playoff booster for them.

    I’ve watched Cujo and Legace all year, and Legace looks like he’s ready to be the number one in Detroit. Although Cujo has looked great at times too. Great duo to carry you through.

  3. markjohnston says:

    great article.

    disagree about JFJ not filling his needs. I DO agree that he needed a stay at home guy, and didn’t get one, but I don’t agree with the goalie thing. if belfour goes down – it’s over. period. no goalie would have changed that besides kolzig, who was too much. he did the right thing by not getting him.

    I’d say ottawa didn’t fill their need – which was a goalie. unlike toronto, ottawa doesn’t have to wait for anyone to go down before they’re in trouble.

    I also think NJ didn’t fill their need of getting some scoring.

    other than that (which is just a matter of opinion), great article.

  4. Lint07 says:

    great article!

    In the ”best trade for a team” category you could’ve put Sullivan to Nashville for a 2nd rounder as well… Nobody can question your two choices though.

  5. tr8der_info says:

    Leaf fans are comming…WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!!!! T.O. Said it would be NICE if they got a backup goalie but belfour stated “I will not let my team down just because of a back sore. I’d freeze my back before I’d miss a playoff game” PERIOD!!! SO STOP DISSIN JFJ!!!! He did an awesome job! He got Leetch, two time Vienza Trophy and MVP for playoffs. He brings the team a LOT of experiance and JUST what Toronto needs. Then getting Francis for a conditional draft pick? Another Captain to the team adding 9 people that ONCE were a captain of a team. So Keep your HEAD shut before you start saying JFJ made the worst trades… Or you’ll hear from me again!

  6. mattf says:

    its the same crap said in the past 2149872918418247 articles on the trade deadline. belfour will play with a severed nut.

  7. Primis says:

    If having all these guys really was so important (especially the former-Captains), how come Toronto hasn’t already won a Cup in forever and a day?

    Simple, because it doesn’t mean jack.

    I really don’t know how you Leafs acolytes managed to watch your team’s payroll and roster bloat out of control, and the team fizzle out early in the playoffs every year, only to come back the next year and defend everything.

    Then you wonder why nobody else can take you guys seriously.

    — Primis.

  8. GeniushockeyKID says:

    i liked this article better the first time i read it on SPECTORSHOCKEY.NET!!!

  9. nocuphere says:

    Early every year? One early exit as I recall. Also one of the best 7 games series i’ve seen in a while. As far as the salary, there have been a few payrolls higher that have done less. Anyways this article wasn’t even about the leafs so i’ll just leave er at that.

  10. distance7 says:

    What is this “Vienza” trophy you speak of for Leetch?

  11. Wills says:

    If you read the whole article, I put the Leafs as tied for second in the East for the team most improved by trades they made. I never said they made bad trades at all or I wouldn’t of put them in second, I just said there were specific needs that I thought needed to be addressed and they weren’t. Doesn’t mean they are going to lose. NJ wins with a average offense, Detroit won with a average goaltender in Osgood and so on.

  12. Wills says:

    Just because someone else had the same idea as me, doesn’t mean that I took it from them. I’ve been plaining to do this article for a long time, and even did a early one to rate the trades before the deadline. Mine and spectator’s article were way different to now that I’ve read their’s, mine was better. j/k

  13. Wills says:

    A lot of people forget about that trade because it happened so long ago, at last years draft I believe. I remember hearing and saying they got Stillman for so little. I like both Legace and Cujo, but I think I would like to see Cujo be the starter and win the Cup, just because of the stuff he went through this year, it would make a good story.

  14. bruinfan37 says:

    Good article. Good picks. Not much to complain about.

    You nailed it with the Leafs! You are exactly right. They needed a stay at home defenseman (Leetch is a – since joining the team, and has had countless giveaways) and a goalie. Instead they get another 4th line player, who the Habs didn’t even want, and a 41 year-old who can’t seem to retire. The last thing the Leafs needed was another old player way past his prime. Francis is not going to help this team, whether Leaf fans admit it or not

    Oh wait, lets not forget Calle Johansson(sp?) Start the parade!

  15. bruinfan37 says:

    WOW! Someone’s in denial… I won’t even get into how dumb your post is….

  16. Freeze says:

    I’m not a Toronto fan, but I like what they did. They picked up 2 Hall of Famers in Leetch and Francis. When was the last time that the Leafs had an offensive defenseman like Leetch? Are we talking Borje Salming? And then to pick up a character guy like Francis was pretty awesome. WOW.

    Toronto doesn’t need another stay at home defenseman. Thay have this guy named Brian Marchment, who’s not only a stay at home guy, but he’s the most feared player in the NHL (well, maybe after Todd Bertuzzi). Marchment is sitting in the press box waiting for a chance to play!!

    Ed Belfour will play and be fine. He’s a hell of a goalie in the playoffs.

    The Leafs will be fine – and fun to watch for a change!!

  17. Lynchmob450 says:

    So you mean you didn’t pull a COPY & PASTE here? (kidding!!)

    This is a GREAT article and excellant topic! I also appreciate your lack of BIAS in your opinions. Good job!!

    BTW…what do you guys make of the Candian-bashing coming from ESPN because of the Bertuzzi incident? I say, Americans are once again showing their superiority complex. Canadians are such bad, violent people….yeah…and the Americans are so eager to drop millions of bombs on 3rd world countries. Nice!!

  18. Lynchmob450 says:

    Francis will REALLY help!!! Riiiight!!!

  19. Bman says:

    The article is OK, but I’d say it’s a bit premature, you have no idea what the player will do with his new team. Also, how do you have Clarke and Holland as best Gm’s and then you have Boston and Nashville as most improved. I mean if Clarke and Holland did the best jobs then how come they are not the best improved teams. Clarke could have done a much better job getting a goalie (Kolzig or Salo). And he traded away Weinrich, a very strong D-man. I’ll admit that Zhamnov was a good move. Also on the bruins, Delmore will proboly be sent to the minors seeing that the bruins D is set and they have Moran waiting in the wings. Plus they already have 2 scoring D-men, Boyes was the key to the deal.

  20. d_only_Flames_Fan says:

    lalime is all they need. one thing that substitutes for – and in my opinion is better – is a hot goalie, and lalime can be just that in the playoffs. at worst, hes very dependable, very underrated.

  21. leafs2003champs says:

    now willis I have read MANY of your articles and you are one of the best writers here and on wow IMO HOWEVER HAVING SAID THAT to say JFJ didnt adress the Leafs needs I have to disagree I feel he did a VERY good job this year he needed a d man or 2 he got it DONE in Leetch and Johnssan not to mention signing mr. klee in september he needed a insurence center incase newy went down and he got it DONE I would take Francis as my 3rd line Center over almost ANYBODY in the NHL he has been the best for 23 years and getting him for a 4th round pick CANT be a bad thing he thing went out and aquired kilger for NOTHING and all of this without giving up 1 roster player

    I wish he had to get a backup but that wont matter because eddie will play everynight anyway overall full marks to JFJ he knows EXACTLY what he doing

  22. Lint07 says:

    Damn! I go away from the computer for 2 hours and next thing I know Brian Leetch just won the Vienza trophy 2 times!!

    I wish I could win the Vienza trophy.

  23. Lint07 says:

    “Also, how do you have Clarke and Holland as best Gm’s and then you have Boston and Nashville as most improved. I mean if Clarke and Holland did the best jobs then how come they are not the best improved teams.”

    Sometimes the best trades are those you don’t do…

    In that case, Cujo could be a good example.

  24. Lint07 says:

    Thank God, you guys picked up Kilger…..


  25. Wills says:

    I had Clarke and Holland as the best at filling their teams needs. They weren’t the most improved by teams by trades because their teams really didn’t have much more to improve at all. Detroit did all their improvement by signing Hatcher and Whitney.

  26. Lint07 says:

    Correction: 2 second rounders… my bad.

  27. wingsrock34 says:

    ok first thing wrong is ur a leaf fan the second thing is brian leech is a d-man and they win the NORRIS the guys in the nets win the VEZINA (now spelled right) and third from what i saw the leafs trade a 4th rounder in 2005 for francis not a conditional pick, and please if you dont know what your talking about look it up b4 you post…or you’ll look like a dumbass again!

  28. nocuphere says:

    Can you imagine a Cujo vs leafs final. Crazy!!!

  29. leafs2003champs says:

    hahaha come on lint he cant be THAT BAD (atleast no worse then hoglund)

  30. tr8der_info says:

    TSN first stated that it was a conditional draft pick for Francis, the same one they got with Brian Leetch. So I’m just saying the same thing TSN said. Vezina, Venza is almost the same thing…lol. And wills said that JFJ/Toronto was the team that didn’t improve what they needed too.

  31. chanman says:

    you said it.

    the leafs didnt address the real holes in the club. leetch is great,yeah, as a scoring dman. but he wouldnt go into the corners if he saw his own shadow in there. Calle Johansson was something nobody saw coming and is just extra backup help.. and francis is there mainly done as a favor to the guy by carolina to get him a shot at the cup.

    totaly right, boston improved the most. Nylander is so underrated, and giving up jillson wont hurt them a bit.

    Love the article. It is great to read something with a variety of teams from a unbias opion.

  32. Lint07 says:

    Let’s just say ”Jonas Hoglund with less offensive upside…”

    Have fun watching him skate around…!

    Again, THANK GOD! 😉

  33. nelsog says:

    The greatest story would be little Legace stepping in and winning the Cup, he’s playing like a career starter right now.

    Kovalev was a huge surprise. I woke up that morning and heard the news while still groggy. I thought it was a dream until I checked the net and found out it was oh so true. Bob Gainey’s gift to every Habs fan-he’s such a nice man.

  34. nelsog says:

    Yaaaa, the only thing he did was destroy the teams future to bring old players in. Is Sundin not doing his job? Leafs will be getting smacked around by Carolina in two years. But at least he enlisted the Ranger’s public into the Leafs cause. Any team in the Eastern Playoff picture besides the Isles could beat the Leafs without it surprising me. Great guy Belfour is going to play with a bad back huh, slow stiff play with the wickets wide open looks good to the opposition.

    Let’s Go Habs.

  35. Kashin says:

    Niinimma is on a good streak lately.

    The goaltending is the LEAST of their problems. Dipietro is a streaky goalie. He was injured so maybe thats why he gave up some questionable goals. But they never needed a guy like Kolzig. Dipietro is my #1 goalie he is a #1 goalie and that is out of question.

  36. kidhenry1 says:

    Agreed 100%. I’ve always liked Ninimaa, but the fact is that they simply can’t make him be a defensive player. Milbury should have gotten a Jason Smith or a Brendan Witt to allow Ninimaa to play his game, which he isn’t doing right now.

    And Stirling is (thankfully) showing some true faith in DiPietro by playing him last night against Anehiem after allowing 4 goals on 7 shots against San Jose. And he came through.

  37. Bman says:

    I thought this was “trade awards” not how good your team already is.

  38. chanman says:

    Just everybody shut up about the stupid leafs already.

  39. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    You’re dissing JFJ? Leetch, Kilger, Francis, Johnanson for NO PLAYERS OFF THE LEAF ROSTER.

    Get real, that’s better than almost every GM did this year. Regardless of what you *think* the Leafs needed.

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