Those Las Vegas Odds…….

Well, I was curious at what some of “those” thinkers out that way thought the odds of the teams that have clinched their spots would be right now. I did some digging and saw what they were.

Here they would be:(this is according to the site that pops up here on the HTR board)

Detroit: 13-5

Colorado: 4-1

Dallas: 9-2

Ottawa: 9-2

New Jersey: 5-1

Vancouver: 8-1

Philly: 10-1

St. Louis: 12-1

Toronto: 13-1

Tampa Bay: 20-1

Washington: 25-1

NY Islanders: 34-1

Anaheim: 40-1

Minnesota: 40-1

Boston: 50-1

Edomonton: 60-1

I don’t see Colorado ahead of Dallas though. One other site had Dallas & Colorado with the same odds of 5.5-1.