Thrash Talk: An Early Christmas

Atlanta got an early Christmas present, seeing Dany Heatley skate for the first time on Tuesday. I know, much too early to really get excited about his return. He still has a long way to go in his rehab, most of which will take place off the ice. Even without any setbacks, his return is likely 6-10 weeks from now. But it was still a step in the right direction, albeit a brief one.
ESPN has a few articles currently on their site regarding this story. But one of them is a superb piece. Most of the comments I’ve seen about this particular story simply say “Wow!” It is very much worth the read. If you haven’t seen it already, pretty please, check it out:


– Ronald Petrovicky set a team record by scoring 8 seconds into the game against the Penguins

– The NHL has formally approved the sale of the Thrashers to an 8-man ownership group. The final details will be done after the holidays and the official change will occur sometime in January

– Atlanta has four of the top 27 scorers in the league, more than any other team


Jeff Cowan: concussion, spotted working very hard at optional Christmas Eve practice, still day-to-day likely

Ivan Majesky: placed on IR with a knee injury, seen at same practice skating well

Serge Aubin: concussion as well, but not seen as serious

Tomas Kloucek: shoulder problems, likely related to an earlier injury


Since the focus of most prospects has turned to the WJC, here are the Thrasher prospects participating in the tournament:

Tobias Enstrom Sweden

Brett Sterling USA

Braydon Coburn Canada

Trade Rumors

Nothing concrete to report. That’s not to say Don Waddell hasn’t been inquiring. I know that he has been in contact with at least 2/3 of the leagues GMs in the past month or two. Thankfully the press here doesn’t print all of the little tidbits they hear regarding trade rumors, which would ultimately end up leading to a bevy of meaningless speculation. Frankly the press here in Atlanta hasn’t followed hockey closely at all, but that is a different subject.

If you’re curious, Atlanta is more than likely looking for solid two-way Dman more than anything else (but who isn’t really?) When Hurme gets healthy, they will probably be more proactive in talks. Kloucek is good for depth but can’t be counted on too much because of his health. I think the paper-mache reference by Manta is a pretty good description.


The only extra is to sincerely wish all of you a very happy Holiday season. Please have fun, be safe and above all enjoy this time of year.

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

5 Responses to Thrash Talk: An Early Christmas

  1. rojoke says:

    Heatley skated very lightly on Tuesday, and signed autographs for some fans who attended. That means that he’s mentally prepared for the road ahead. He probably won’t see game action until mid-February at the earliest, but that would mean he’d probably just be getting his legs for the playoffs. Well just have to see what hapens on the legal end of things.

  2. MAniac29 says:

    What will the new ownership do for the finances of the Thrashers? With a new CBA likely it may not impact at all, but would they look to be a higher market team?

  3. Stuv_Dogg says:

    It’s sad how immediately after Dany Heatley steps onto the ice, all the talk is about how much of a lift it will bring to the Thrash and how he’ll just be getting his legs when it comes playoff time.

    Doesn’t anybody remember that Dan Snyder is still dead? Doesn’t anybody remember that it was Heatley behind the wheel doing tremendous speeds that cost Snyder’s life?

    Forget all that, Heatley should be back scoring goals before you know it.

    It’s a pity that sports sometimes transcends life.

  4. cwthrash says:

    Basically, all we’ve heard at this point is that the new owners are willing to spend a little more this season if necessary. If Atlanta is in the hunt by the trade deadline, they are willing to pick up some more salary. But like every other team, they don’t want to get any big long-term salary on the books. Like you said, the CBA expiring may make the impact of new owners a non-factor. Either way, they weren’t gonna increasing payroll to a high-market level.

    Interesting though how the ownership is set up. It’s an 8 man group. Two will oversee the Hawks, two will oversee the Thrashers, one or two will run Philips Arena and the rest will be consulted as needed if a major decision has to be made. I was never fond of a group owning a team like this because you know eventually someone is gonna step on someone else’s toes. But this way, that possibility is minimized and each owner is kept happy, running their favorite part of the business.

  5. cwthrash says:

    Trust me, no one here in Atlanta has forgotten about Dan Snyder. We never will, we can’t. Fans like me have spent the better part of the last few months with one thing dominating our thoughts when we think of the Thrashers, and without a doubt that has been Dan Snyder. You’re just gonna have to trust me on that.

    Like others have said in the last few days, this is part of the process. If Heatley or this team is to return to even a semblence of normality, they have to take steps forward. If you constantly live in the past, you’re not gonna have much of a future. The pain of Snyder’s loss is still very much with the team. But individually and collectively, you have to do your best to move forward. As painful as that is, it helps with the process of coping. No matter what though, Snyder won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

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