Thrash Talk: More of the Same

Another tough stretch of games for Thrashers fans to endure, not exactly new territory. It’s always been tough to be a Thrasher fan but we somehow trudge along. All we ask for is a bit of hope, and hopefully some will be coming in the next week or two.


Most of it bad. After playing three tough, defensive games with Waddell as coach to start, the Thrashers have fallen back on old habits. The past three games have been riddled with defensive mistakes, and subsequently have all been losses. One of the few positives is that Marc Savard is showing signs of life with goals in his last two games, his first tallies as a Thrasher. His spark is sorely needed if Atlanta wishes to maintain a consistent offense. Pasi Nurminen looks to be the de facto number one goalie now, even though Dafoe will get a chance again when he comes back from injury. Slava Kozlov finally shows some passion that seems to be missing from the team. Unfortunately, it cost him a three game suspension. The frustration has set in for the Thrash; hopefully a new coach will inject something more long-term into the team’s play.


Lubos Bartecko is set to return within the week. Byron Dafoe is suffering from a groin strain again; this time he will only return when it is fully healed (if that’s possible for a goalie). He’s most likely out for another few games. Uwe Krupp and Richard Smehlik are tentatively scheduled to return near the end of January.

Prospect Update:

Bit of a change here. The only info I get on the Chicago Wolves are from news reports, and without any first-hand knowledge the little notes I normally write are pretty useless. Until I can get reliable knowledge, there is little use in commenting based solely on news reports. If I can find a way, I will post updated stats for the Wolves as well as Thrasher prospects currently playing in college. (Note: D Garnet Exelby is the lone Wolf to be named to the AHL All-Star Team)


Coaching candidates dominate the rumors about Atlanta. Terry Murray seems to be the front-runner at this point, but that is mostly due to the fact that Don Waddell hasn’t interviewed his other choices yet. DW has said he wants to interview at least one other candidate, so that he can get a comparison and pick the coach that is best for the team. But he has not received permission to talk to another of his leading candidates. The other candidates include Bob Gainey, Larry Robinson and John Paddock. As for the players, nothing new or vaguely accurate has surfaced recently. But with Atlanta pretty much out of it, look for contending teams to target certain veterans in the coming weeks. McEachern, Kozlov, Hrkac, Tamer among them. Don’t know how much value they have individually, but some team is likely to make a pitch for them as the deadline nears.


It’s a real shame that I’m bringing up the Entry Draft with half a season to go, but I gotta find positives somewhere. I don’t normally like to speculate on the draft this early because the eligible players have quite a few months where their stock could rise or fall. But it looks as though the upcoming draft will be a deep one, which bodes well for Atlanta. In all likelihood, the Thrashers will get an extra pick or two at the trade deadline. Come draft time, they could possibly use those extra picks to leverage out a deal for a current NHLer to improve their roster. Or they could possibly use them in some combination and actually trade down in the draft. Considering the apparent talent of this draft, that could get them an impact player while still allowing the team to pick up an excellent young prospect. Combine that with three skilled and improving players coming over from Europe (Lehtonen, Santala, Dobryshkin), the great youth already on the team will just be that much better.

Exelby and a free agent or two should greatly improve the Atlanta defense. And the new coach will have the summer to evaluate and teach his players. I’ll give absolutely no predictions on what next season might bring, but I think that I will like the look of it.

9 Responses to Thrash Talk: More of the Same

  1. Tradedude says:

    I heard Atlanta has been talking with Scotty Bowman. What’s up with that?

  2. cwhockey says:

    They had to try at least. Wouldn’t you if the chance came up? Bowman’s daughter lives in Atlanta, so they might have been hoping he would take the job because he could be close to her. But they pretty much knew his answer would be no from the start.

    They are trying to get permission to talk to Larry Robinson, but no luck as of yet.

  3. Leaf_Expert says:

    I think instead of writing Thrash talk every week, it should be every 2 weeks or every month….

    I’m not trying to say “who cares” about the Thrashers, I’m juss sayin that maybe you could have alot more better facts to do if you didn’t have to think of something new every week….

  4. amok says:

    You’re a dedicated man to stick with the Thrashers week after week no matter how ugly things get.

    McEachern should net Atlanta something. I just hope it doesn’t come out of Vancouver, where a lot of Canuck fans seem to think he’ll end up.

  5. cwhockey says:

    It’s as much for my benefit as anyone else’s. By doing this every 10 days or so, I keep up with the entire organization and its latest happenings. It’s something I haven’t done for a while, and I’ve very happy that I decided to keep up to date once again.

    I can understand where it may seem redundant. Part of it is due to the slow-down of the league around the holidays and another part is that Atlanta constantly plays bad (a news item that never seems to change with the team).

    I have a feeling though that this is the most info about the Thrashers that many participants of this site will ever see. There are some teams that get a ton of exposure on this site that I really don’t like; Philly, Rangers, Toronto. I don’t get that hyped up about hearing every little news item or every speculation on those teams, but I accept it because I know there are many fans of those teams that come here (not just those three, other bigger and more popular teams).

    If I can survive the daily barage of news about the more popular teams, then everyone else can survive one update on Atlanta about every 10 days. Unless a big story breaks on the team, I’ll probably be the only one posting any Thrasher news.

  6. wrightstuff77 says:

    I also really like “Thrash Talk” while not a Thrashers fan myself I hear absolutely nothing about them, this is where I pick up info. Keep the posts up! I also think that Kozlov could get you something from a team like the Bruins who are deep up front but maybe aren’t positive that Samsonov is going to come back and play like he did prior to his injury.

    Dafoe may also be a tradeable asset if a teams number one guy goes down or even if they don’t have the supreme confidence in him! ie. Dafoe to Philly for Eshe and a 2nd round pick.



  7. DaAvs says:

    Again, I enjoy these much. I have a bit of a Thrasher fan ever since Odgers left the Avs. Unfortunatly I’m not able to get any games or exposure. So it’s nice to see. They have a dangerous amount of young talent. And with the right coach and maybe a D-man or two they’ll be a dangerous team. Don’t give up on this team being a contender within 3 years. They got the pieces in place.

  8. Leaf_Expert says:

    I totally agree with what you said…but,

    “It’s as much for my benefit as anyone else’s. By doing this every 10 days or so, I keep up with the entire organization and its latest happenings. It’s something I haven’t done for a while, and I’ve very happy that I decided to keep up to date once again.”

    Doesn’t that kinda make you look like you have no life at all…..

  9. cwhockey says:

    Most of the info I get by just reading the paper or visiting the websites I normally go to. Just a normal part of my day and may take 5 minutes.

    Every 10 days or so, I take about an hour and gather the additional info I need, put it with what I already know and type it up. Simple and quick.

    I keep up to date and don’t take a lot of time to do it. I hope I didn’t give the impression that this was time consuming. If you read my articles close enough, you’ll see it didn’t take much time to put them together.

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