Thursday Afteroon Rumor Update

1.Marc Savard and Jason Spezza available

2.15th overall is in play. Florida is willing to move the pick. Oilers among those interested.

3. Ottawa Sun Rumors


Nick Kypreos

2 top centres being shopped hard, Marc Savard and Jason Spezza . Remember any contract is moveable as long as its “money in, money out”


15th overall is in play. Florida is willing to move the pick. Oilers among those interested.

Tim Thomas’s agent, Bill Zito granted permission to speak to teams about trade. The Bruins approached Zito. Thomas also has a no-move.

Ottawa Sun Rumors

The Flyers are believed to be shopping C Jeff Carter. He played on the wing with Mike Richards and Simon Gagne in the playoffs, but Carter could be better off in his natural position. The Flyers might use Carter to get a goalie … An NHL executive on the trade market: “Right now, everybody is talking to everybody. You can’t say anybody is going to any certain place because every team is involved.” … San Jose GM Doug Wilson is studying the NHL’s goalie market. Evgeni Nabokov won’t be back. Florida G Tomas Vokoun is a possible target … Expect to see Boston G Tim Thomas moved as well … If the Sens deal UFA D Anton Volchenkov’s negotiating rights before July 1, they’ll get a conditional pick for the 2011 draft. There has been mild interest from a couple of teams. GM Bryan Murray will be working the phones.


The Toronto Maple Leafs have at least five offers on the table for defenceman, Tomas Kaberle.

At this point, none of the existing proposals is considered strong enough to close on a deal, however, that’s not to say the Leafs wouldn’t accept one of the offers with some tweaking as the day unfolds.

Sources say the offers range from roster players to draft picks.

Toronto has time on its side as well, as Kaberle’s no-trade clause, which lifts on Friday, won’t be reapplied until mid-August.

One team familiar with the trade discussions says the Leafs have asked for a first round draft pick, however Leafs management maintains, a first round pick in return for Kaberle is not a priority.

21 Responses to Thursday Afteroon Rumor Update

  1. LeafsLegacy says:

    If Toronto is able to trade Kaberle for Anaheims first, I'd be happy.
    If it does happen or if it happens with any other team, the Kessel trade could look completely different.

  2. Mapleleaves says:

    I dont really think it changes the look of the kessel trade at all. If T.O never traded for kessel we would have those picks plus the picks we got for kaberle (Rebuild extreme).

    That being said, i still like having kessel on the team and hope somehow the 1sts we gave up are busts. Buuut they wont be and boston is one lucky team.

  3. Kramer says:

    Did you hear about the Canadian earthquake? Quebec is separating. Haha

  4. cam7777 says:

    That's a horrid return for Kaberle if you ask me.  One of the best offensive defensemen in the league for what could essentially amount to Jiri Tlusty?  There's waayyyy too much risk involved in that trade from a Leafs point of view.  I just can't see Burke trading Kaberle for so little.  It has to be an NHL player.

  5. Boston_Bruins says:

    I'm hoping for Thomas to the Sharks for Vlasic. The Sharks really need goaltending. No way they go with Greiss.


    tomorrow is going to be an interesting day!!!

  7. cam7777 says:

    Then their defense would look like this:

    Boyle – _______
    Murray – _______
    Huskins – ________


    Pretty sad.  It's more likely they go for Mason on July 1st.  Teams will probably only turn to Thomas once Mason is off the table, unless some GM really has their heart set on Thomas, which is entirely possible.  I think we as fans sometimes underestimate the human aspect of management.  It's possible that some GMs really like certain players, and have much higher opinions of them than others, or than what we generally perceive to be the case.


    The big question is: will Thomas ever waive that NTC he has, plus a 5 million, I dont think SJ will bite… I think the guy to snap up is Dan Ellis, or maybe even a guy like Biron..

  9. 93killer93 says:

    Since the Kaberle trade is a hot topic right now it got me wondering, what could the islanders get for Mark Streit.  Since the lockout it looks like this,

    Streit        361 games   215pts   -12   0.60%
    Kaberle     377 games   285pts   -33   0.68%

    If you don't look at the 2005/2006 season, which was Streit's rookie season it's alot closer.

    Streit        313 games   203pts   -6   0.648%
    Kaberle     295 games   181pts  -33  0.647%

    Streit is signed for the next 3 years at 4.100 mil while Kaberle is signed 1 more year at 4.250mil.

  10. cam7777 says:

    Well, he's been given permissiong to seek a trade, so my guess is yes.

  11. reinjosh says:

    See, everyone seems to forget that Kessel is an NHL experienced sniper with 50 goal potential. Its about as much as your going to get from either Hall or Seguin and even then I can't see (I will fully eat my words if they turn out the same or better than Kessel) it happening. Next years first rounder is more the decider that this years

  12. nordiques100 says:

    with blake retired, there is no way they give up Vlasic.

    with that contract, a real albatross, there is no way any team gives up very much for Thomas.

    is that fair? no. but, he's 36, he is thus in that 35+ category and has 3 years left. those negatives far outweigh any positives of getting Thomas.

    no way the sharks or any team gives up a under 25 very good blueliner for this contract.

  13. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    I'm also hoping for Gomez to the Pens for Crosby, but i don't see that happening either.


    thats not enough for Gomez.. since Gomez is a potential 100 point player… he'll probably never achieve it, but that potential is worth every thing… Maybe include Staal, and Habs throw in Hamrlik and it would work.


    MTL should have never let this guy walk.

  16. inurface says:

    i disagree tht seguin or hall are not better or could be better then kessel

    as for the trade its a bad one. now however when burke made the deal it was a 1st rounder not a top 2 pick and even if he had to the deal again…he said i would do it again..i personally agree. keeping in mind the only chg would be it would be top 5 protected .

  17. nordiques100 says:

    Or at least traded him to get something. They did move Huet and Rivet, but have no one to show for Kovalev, Koivu, Streit, Souray, Ryder, Komisarek and Tanguay to name a few.

    And now they didnt qualify Pouliot. I thought he did ok but i guess he was seeking a fat raise too. He is replaceable.

    But they've missed streit badly.

  18. Boston_Bruins says:

    For this trade I meant something involving these two guys as the main pieces. The Bruins have a ton of picks and prospects and could move a d-man back if need be. Vlasic's cap hit isn't exactly small so it would make some sense for cap reasons.

    That being said I read a quote that the SJS GM doesn't think he'll go for a goalie making $5-6 million.


    SJ probably learned their lesson about being too top heavy in salary… I wonder if the Bruins could fit Souray into the Cap… big shot, tough big guy..




    Does this mean Pouliot is a free agent?? I actually liked Latendresse.. another dumb trade they shouldn't have made plus Pouliot disappeared in the playoffs.. I find it very strange why S.Kostitsyn is coming back.. I really hope MTL has the cap space to add Biron and Lombardi….

  21. nordiques100 says:

    yes he'd be a UFA, but could easily return to the Habs. But my guess is they rather spend that 1.5-2 mil to re-sign him on someone else.

    i would go after Steve Bernier. A bigger forward who is more willing to go to the net. Not sure if he has the greatest hands but he can pot 20 plus goals and at least add size to the front line. he is only making 2 mil. 

    Torres may be a cheap signing. I could see him being targeted by Montreal for the same reason as Bernier. A net presence. I can see him going for like 2 mil. That is not much if you ask me. I think first the Habs will target Frolov and maybe those two names you mentioned, but they are running out of cap space fast.

    If they can find a sucker to take Hamrlik, that would be a huge boon for them.

    I think then, they could try and find someone who could bring something physically but not be another slow guy like Gill.

    Bottom line: Gauthier has to get his team bigger and a bit meaner to offset the smurfs.

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